Hogwarts Mafia Round 3 - OOC Discussion


By the way the Serial kill is coming .

Laha 17 years ago
Sons of bitches!

Ye have drawn the blood of house Slytherin!!!


PS: Thanks for clearing the way for Rorri, now she has no competition in the House!


pooka 17 years ago
Okay, well I'm thinking with the sheriff lynched we've gotten a clue that there are 6 mafiosi. Since six is not enough doses to kill all the townies left. I'm wondering if the disorganization mentioned is a theme. Maybe someone with a lot of clutter in their satchel. Don't have a lot of time right now. I will be looking extra close at people who voted for the sheriff.
Xandare 17 years ago
you dont know for sure that the last lynch was the Sheriff, sounded more like a control freak to me.
Den 17 years ago
Thanks...I was getting confused again. I hadn't seen anyone mention how they thought that person was the sheriff.
Temprah 17 years ago
the mention of they weren't sure who to trust and they were researching it sticks out in my mind as a hint that we f'd up and offed the sherriff, but there's no way to know.. i've got to dissect this today and see if i can find any clues.. but my brain is so fried i'm finding nothing *sigh*
Aniyah 17 years ago
The one thing I picked out quickly, as I'm working (heh!) is the attitude of the SK seemed to be snobbish, impatient with those of lower stature, etc. Haven't voted yet but I'm thinking --- while working --- my poor customers! :P
David Bowles 17 years ago
Who is aloof in the character descriptions? Simon comes immediately to mind. Who else?
ROzbeans 17 years ago
BAH, don't hate the cute boy! Simon just doesn't have anything to say unless it's important. But basically I'm busy at work and can't rp him as much as I'd like =/
David Bowles 17 years ago
I don't just mean your lack of rp (I don't even like to rp in Mafia), but your character's bio.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Everyone in the mafia likes to chat it up, as well as the SK. It would appear that Simon's aloofness doesn't fit with that idea.
Xandare 17 years ago
heres what I have found regarding the SK identity..

Name: Ufajamaya (aka: maya)Tonks

Age: 14

Appearance: Maya is a metamorphmagus, hear appearance can be changed at her own free will. Though she is commonly found stolling around weraing her witches robes with an obnoxious blue hair with bubble gum pink streaks

Height: 5'3"

House: Gryffindor

Year: 4th

Favorite Subject: Transfiguration

History: Maya grew up at an only child of The Ministry of Magic Auror Nymphadora Tonks. Her father, someone she has never seen in her life has been rumored to have been involved with the like of you-know-who. Her mother Tonks being an Auror, Maya didn't see much of her either. So she at a young age learned to do what she had to do on her own. While at Hogwarts she always aspired to be in the House of Ravenclaw so she could further show off her vast knowledge about the world of witchcraft and wizzardry, but was place in an equally as great house, Gryffindor purely decided on her courage to self raise herself and not fall into the grasps of the darkside being a single child in an unforgiving world.

Contents of your school satchel or backpack: Maya is never seen with out her cracked viewing glass (Mirror). Along with her wide array of gags from Fred and George's joke shop in Hogsmead. And all the bits and bobs needed for a young witch to continue her magical education at Hogwarts

Item #1 : Her appearance is mutable.

item #2 : well we can see she has a connection to Voldemort.. a tenous one but a connection none the less.

Item #3 : shes aloner / aloof.

Item #4 : shes the only one who mentioned being in Hogsmeade recently.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
I dunno about that. I was chatting up last game as an innocent little townie until my poor little waif got murdered!

It's silly to put stock in RPing anyhow, it's just a fun thing to do if you want. I like to RP also but haven't really even had a chance this game between work and xmas shopping and all that.

Anyhow, in light of recent clues I was gonna suggest that perhaps Rorri might be slipping under the radar as a mafia member.

well I don’t think Lucius Malfoy would much fancy being turned into a toad…”

Rorri has connections with the Malfoys as stated in her bio.
Rorri is one of 3 daughters born to an extremely wealthy family of wizards that had prior connections with the Malfoy house.

While the first mafia/sk hit mentions several animals and I had at first thought it might be a reference to individual characters, it seemed too obvious. Then I looked at the rest of the sentence above and realized that there's much more description to be had in the words preceding, which make it sound like the speaker is someone who personally knows the Malfoys and could offer an opinion on Lucius' likes and dislikes.

Next, there are several references to 'nicking' things and getting into rooms they shouldn't. I had thought that Leroy, with his lockpicks, was really the only one who fit the bill there, but Rorri has in her pack
a utility knife (ala swiss army).

That can also account for any number of interesting little mafia-related tidbits, such as this little bit of dialogue from the second hit.

“Where did you get that?”

“Nicked it from McGonagall’s office.”

“How’d you manage that?”

One of the students gave a mischievous wink. “Oh…I have my ways. So how do we want to do this?”

Not only does this point out someone who might have a handy gadget to help get into doors they shouldn't, but there's a subtle bit of flirtation at the end there that's easy to overlook but also fits in with Rorri's bio.

Alright, let’s do this. We can use Malfoy’s owl.”

Again, a reference to someone who has been on decent terms with the Malfoys. This is two mafia hits in a row with an allusion at this fact.

From the 3rd mafia hit, in the letter from Lucius...
I had hoped for better from a group with supposedly better goals in mind for their future.

Rorri has mentioned ambition and future goals in her bio, with fairly heavy emphasis.
her own personal aspirations made her perhaps the most ambitious member of her family as she openly covets power and favors and is not above using her own sexuality and seductive skills to get them. Indeed, her vast experience with charms has only furthered these goals and she secretly covets the power and position of school headmistress and thus groomed herself for such a lifelong challenge.

These all seem to strike me as consistent clues pointing to one person, while there are a jumble of other clues pointing at 4 or 5 others. I think that might be the trick in a game this big, since all of us have a lot in common. Considering how many players we have, it's still early in the game and I don't think the clues are going to be horribly easy to find, but that's what I've got so far.

David Bowles 17 years ago
Hrm... I'm not convinced, but it is food for thought.

About the rping— everyone knows, right, that clues aren't taken from there... only from the bios.
Aniyah 17 years ago
I didn't think about Simon. I kept returning to the bios of Namilah and Rorri.
Temprah 17 years ago
from what I could tell from the set up scenario ALL of the mafia know Malfoy at least some.. so that makes those bio bits not so important IMO
David Bowles 17 years ago
I'll admit that it looks bad for Rorri, even discounting the Malfoy connection.
pooka 17 years ago
Having a connection to the dark side in your bio is not necessarily a clue unless it is played up in a scene. The clues in the scenes come from the bios. I don't think the selection of roles does. And I see a lot of aloofness in the death scene, where we are actually given a view of the student while not under the influence of Voldemort. It's hard to tell whether the cleaning stuff is characterization of the victim or the killer, though the killer was disturbed by the dirty state of the necklace. Could the mention of rust be a clue? Maybe we are looking for a redhead?
Just Erin 17 years ago
I think the rust was actually dried blood. The studend wasn't currently posessed by LV while carrying the necklace with gloves on, but nonetheless felt a bit of influence anyhow. I think the statement about rust was the student's own conscience in denial that the substance on the necklace was INDEED blood.

The theory on Rorri is interesting. I don't have time to do more digging right now, I've gotta head out the door to work. I'll be back later tonight around 8-ish and I'll vote after that.

Tor 17 years ago
Looking at the body of clues that are available from all rounds, I'm leaning toward Emeraude as a possibility. Clumsiness has been a recurring theme, and as Dexter pointed out yesterday she fits the bill. She also fits the metamorph profile from day 1. Finally, she is the only remaining Prefect.

As a side note, the Student Services trophy was awarded to Riddle...while he was Prefect.
pooka 17 years ago
Hmm, we have an interesting habit of lynching people who are scarcely around to defend themselves thus far. *thinks*

Another question is whether the mafia were trying to hit the SK or whether they double-crossed one of their own who had been compromised. Though the votes for Alison were votes against the SK, so that theory probably isn't so good.