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Tor 18 years ago
So...Briare...you want us to look at what the SERIAL KILLER wanted done? I also agree - most of that was pretty far fetched stuff. The best she could level at me was that I was standing over a cauldron (something anyone with two legs and over 3 feet tall can do)...even she admits it is weak in the thread.

The OWL / owl thing is just nonsense, first off. Two entirely different things, and I don't think the mods who are skillfully crafting an immersion into the world would make a slip like that.

He was hit in the head, yes. By a Student Sevices Trophy. Now...look CAREFULLY at the sentence.

Judging by the figure that approached him, student services trophy in hand, he had only made his death a little quicker.

It isn't *A* student services trophy. Just student services. That indicates posession. Student services trophies are given to prefects for outstanding service to Hogwarts. Emaraude is a Prefect, has the prefect MANUAL in her bag. She is also clumsy, which has figured into BOTH mafia round three and four hints.

The evidence against Thaddeus isn't...that great. Mostly circumstantial, except the music thing. That is a valid point, but also weak. There is very little else pointing to him at all, except for the possibility of his skill in Charms.

Next, she, the Serial Killer, villifies Dexter for coming after her. HOW IS THAT A BAD THING FOR TOWNIES? We'll look at the clues just the same.

The getting Alex cleaned up bit is...mothering. I don't see the Hogwart's Playboy *mothering* someone. That screams female to me, and someone used to being in charge of younger kiddies. Like Emaraude again.

Other than that erroneous fact, everything hinges on the fact that Dexter wanted the Serial Killer dead. I ask, once again, how is that a bad thing?

She then used evidence that Dexter had to implicate Tonks. Nonsense and hearsay. Not an actual clue, and it is hearsay coming from the Serial Killer. Last I checked, Serial Killers aren't known for their trustworthiness.

Finally we get to Egon. Me. This is what she had to say.

Though admittedly weak, from round 3;

Admittedly weak suspicion on the grounds that people are standing around a cauldron. Oh, and I am dark and brooding. Oh, and that I actually study for classes.

Come now. These were all very well formatted ideas, but she was both the Serial Killer and reaching. Her work in other games has been MUCH more airtight. This is mostly grasping at straws to keep folks from giving her the noose.
Tor 18 years ago
So...looking at this, let's get back to Emaraude.

A spunky adolescent from Ireland

The mafia hits abound with "spunky" and lashing commentary.

She’s tall for her age with a tendency toward clumsiness.

The tendency toward clumsiness is pretty damning. In both Mafia Round Three and Mafia Round Four, there are allusions to clumsiness - knocking over the cauldron and shoving a wand accidentally up the Serial Killer's nose. I threw the tall bit in just for fun...seems to be the best hint that folks have against both me and Simon, and we were in a voting war yesterday.

Em is a metamormagus but only shows off this unusual talent to her closest friends.

She also sports a

a mischievous crooked smile

These two cross support as the mischievous thief role that the Mafia has at their disposal. She nicks things and has one of the earlier listed skills that would allow her to do so.

A small pamphlet titled “Being a Hogwarts Prefect – How to lead by example.”

Student Services trophy. Also fits the Godfather profile.

So...I do hope everyone considers this. These aren't minor clues that add up to a niggling suspicion. The clumsiness has been a recurring theme. The theft has been a recurring theme. The other evidence is a bit more solid than "he pointed his finger at me" or "he's tall". Let's get some serious fact analysis rolling here.
Temprah 18 years ago
All of Rae's points were very good. I say we get a rope around Egon's neck and lynch him good then we can focus on some of the others listed there. We have to focus our votes you guys, unless we can manage a tie on two mafia and get two with one stone...

Going over what I have for Egon : Day 2 in the hit on Alex is specifically mentions his Arithmancy grades were high. The only other student with arithmancy as a fave subject is Egon. There have been multiple references to the mafia as looming and tall or having to crouch down to look at someone. Egon is now the tallest one left since you people killed Simon. In the mafia dialog we see one of the students is usually serious, this fits Egon's bio.

To strengthen the arguments I've copied this from Rae's post from yesterday :

From Egon Locke's bio:

Dark, brooding, serious

Never one to volunteer information, he always guides folks to understanding, rather than providing answers

occlumency (and some murmur legilimency)

he never has a shortage of people willing to study with him. Of course, he is very selective

though none seem to see a pattern in whom he studies with - sometimes his rivals for the head of the class, other times the least likely students in a course

Though admittedly weak, from round 3;

standing over a cauldron

From Egon's bio;

The whispers around the cauldron

Anybody else see a godfather here?

Egon Locke is most likely mafia
Tor 18 years ago
Ok, I feel that I've done a really good job of disarming all of those points, but I've not addressed the Arithmancy bit. Thanks for reminding me. Here comes the final debunk of the last bit that people can actually point to.

The text of that section of Round Two reads as follows.

Several faces, he quickly discovered, were peering down at him with curious expressions.

“Who’s this?”

“Some Hufflepuff.”

“Well he’s not supposed to be here. What happened to Lucius?”

The group looked to the small Hufflepuff as though he could provide Lucius from his back pocket before one of them spoke again.

“Oh, good job, now he knows our plan.”

“Well it’s not like it worked or anything. Besides, who’s he going to tell?”

Alex considered mentioning that he could hear them just fine, but then another in the party leaned forward, speaking almost kindly. “See? You’re not going to tell anyone you were here, are you?”

Alex shook his head, his eyes wide and magnified behind his thick glasses. He had heard of Lucius before and while he didn’t know everything about the man, he did know that the Malfoys didn’t like muggleborns like him. Maybe if he just cooperated he would be left alone.

The group member seemed pleased by this response, and crouched down to eye level with the still sitting Alex. “Now let’s get you cleaned up and on your way. You’re a mess!”

Alex smiled, somewhat uneasily, and pushed himself to his feet, dusting off his robes with his hands.

The next moment he was sprawled out over the floor again with a sharp pain in his head.

“What’d you do that for! He wasn’t going to tell, we could have talked him down!”

“Yeah, right. Look, I’m not playing around here. He knows too much, and he needs to die. End of story.”

Arithmancy isn't exactly the most common discipline. As one of the likely very, very few Arithmancy students, Egon would have *known* Alex. That right there is the largest flaw in the logic. So line one and two can't be Egon. Line three couldn't be Egon either, as he wouldn't be foolish enough to blurt out a plan...also, he's not talkative outside of academic environments. From my own bio

He spends little time socializing - he'd rather read, study or practice than most anything else, though he will also enter debates or conversations that have academic merit.

This doesn't fit any of the parameters listed in his bio as this conversation certainly does not have academic merit.

The next speaker has been accused by me of being Emaraude. By the Serial Killer as being Dexter. Either way, it certainly isn't Egon, as he isn't concerned over appearance and certainly wouldn't act in a mothering fashion.

Finally, we have the person who has whacked poor Alex on the noggin...once again Emaraude. Others have also been suggested.

By deductive reasoning, we see that Egon could *NOT* be one of the speakers. It also does not fit the characteristics of his bio. Egon could have been a candidate for the serial killer as he is a quiet loner, but the Mafia are social creatures, non-academic in nature. He simply would not fall in with them.

Finally, the Sneakoscope. In no Mafia thread does the Sneakoscope's alarm go off. It would have been activated by any untrustworthy individual person in proximity to him. Everyone in the Mafia is untrustworthy - they are allowing subversive elements into Hogwarts. Even if you look past that, it did not go off when the Mafia were near Voldemort. Or Malfoy. Or Filch.

If Egon had been among the Mafia, there would have been alarms going off everywhere. Not a good item to be carried around while scheming.

Egon could not be Mafia. Egon is not Mafia. Best to take a close look at the folks that are stating that he is. Huge piles of evidence are pointing to Emaraude, and there is next to no evidence supporting Egon's guilt.
Briare 18 years ago
Thank you I agree Temprah!

In my opinion you are reaching Egon. Some of your points may be valid but you failed to dispel the strongest clues remember the Arithmacy clue which is extremely solid along with everything else in Rae's post in my point of view. And her 'weak' comment was only directed to the cauldron clue and you seem to be latching on to it.

It looks to me like you are trying to defend some of your 'mafia pals'. I had a huge long post but Temprah beat me to it so I will not repost all of that. What I will say is the one mafia member that seems to be very strong minded and forceful competitive (the glaring in the last scene when they wasn't believed).

Shortening his name before entry into Hogwarts, Egon wanted nothing more than to progress past the entitled aspirations of his mother and escape the name of his supposed father, standing on his own two feet in the Wizarding world. Dark, brooding, serious, studious Egon...never much of a hit with anyone, let alone the ladies...but fiercely competed for in any study groups. Never one to volunteer information, he always guides folks to understanding, rather than providing answers.

As for her being a serial killer..... She wants the mafia dead JUST as much as we (Townies) do. Why not get the townies to do half her work for her?
Briare 18 years ago
I for one don't want you to stop posting Vulash. Nothing I say do post AIM ect (which I haven’t AIMed anyone yet lol to make it clear) is meant to be rude I hope you don’t take it that way.

I am just expressing my point of view. I voted Egan because of the clues pointing at him combined with how many people who have already voted for him. Don't let anyone discourage you. Your just making it challenging for them hehe.
Temprah 18 years ago
Yeah Vul don't stop posting, you bring up good points even if I choose to ignore some of them..
Xandare 18 years ago
I dunno, just because you say thats not true don't make it so.. were playing a guessing game.. so just flatly saying "Thats not something I / he would say" isn't enough of a reason to ignore a possible connection..
So line one and two can't be Egon. Line three couldn't be Egon either, as he wouldn't be foolish enough to blurt out a plan...also, he's not talkative outside of academic environments. From my own bio

Technically the Mafia and the SK and anyone else could SAY thats not something they would do.. doesnt make it true...

and so far the thing that *I* feel is the best clue to your role in the mafia is the least mentioned one..

standing over a cauldron

From Egon's bio;

The whispers around the cauldron

if you ask me, thats a perfect mafia clue, its subtle and easily dismissable, but provides a link.
pooka 18 years ago
Well, first off let me say I'm really sorry about what happened to Simon. I guess the paranoia was a result of trying to conceal his role (and I do now believe he was the doctor because of his trying to save the natural causes victims).

The good thing is we have two days of confirmed voting against innocent people. Surely there will be some voting patterns that together with clues can help us out here. We are far enough into the game that the voting should tell us something.

What happened to the TOAD clues? I don't have time to dig them up, unfortunately.
Tor 18 years ago
Dante and company...

Then don't look at the statements I make saying I am innocent. Look at the compilation of information that I have against Emaraude. Kill me next round if you like, fine. Right now people are levelling one round of guilt against three rounds of guilt.

I'm not sold on the toad clues, but I've got time today. I'll pull them up for you, Eq.

*edit* Actually, could someone else look up that info for Equala? I wouldn't want to look like I am helping her - then she'd get lynched tomorrow. If no one else compiles them, I'll do it, though. *end edit*
Temprah 18 years ago
I have further evidence on several more mafia, but I don;t want to go posting everything and split the vote so much the mafia can overwhelm us and knock off a townie. Looking at the vote patterns Egon there are a couple I am *certain* are mafia who did vote for you. However if it was to cover their tracks or not is debateable.

I do find it interesting no one has jumped to your defense.
pooka 18 years ago
I went wrong on Simon also because he voted for Angelica, but we should consider that they took Alison out the next day believing she was SK. Now we are all glad the SK is gone, but mafia will often be more interested in offing the SK, if we notice people who were looking for the SK. I mean, I know that includes most of us at some point or other.

Interesting as in he's not part of a clique or interesting some other way?
Vulash 18 years ago
I'm pretty certain Egon is not mafia, and will not vote for him.
Den 18 years ago
The only one I found having anything to do with toads in her bio was Elise, though I could have sworn there was someone else...going back to read again. (You'd think I'd have these bios memorized by now!)

I don't think Egon is mafia, but I'm going all on gut instinct, so I'm not much help to him.
Pulvani 18 years ago
I do find it interesting no one has jumped to your defense.

I dunno, I wouldn't say *nobody*... http://theangrycrayon.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6441&page=5
Although really, I was just trying to clarify the sneakoscope thing. I really don't think that's strong evidence against Egon. Like he said, it would've been going off and there should have been SOME mention of something like that in a mafia hit...which I haven't seen.

Course...I miss clues all the time so that's not saying much
Tor 18 years ago
It tends to indicate that I've played like my character suggests, as a lone wolf, or that everyone in my support network has already been killed.

Votewise...I'd wager that everyone lynched so far has been a Townie. Unless people wise up and really look at the clues themselves, we're going to be four-for-four here.
Tor 18 years ago
Whee! Always nice to see a couple of people *not* actively sizing me for a coffin! Thanks!
Temprah 18 years ago
i say it's interesting since if Egon was mafia you'd think at least one of them would try to defend him, unless either 1) he's not or 2) he's being sacrificed to keep the rest of them hidden

I think my clues are very valid... but there *are* those things that make you doubt
Den 18 years ago
Oh - the other 'toad' reference was in Vudu's bio...btw

(thx )
Cobert 18 years ago
Whats killing me is that if Egon was mafia, his buddies are eager to let him hang.