Hogwarts Mafia Round 4 OOC Discussion

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pooka 18 years ago
I'll work up a voting sumary, I have a few minutes.
pooka 18 years ago
Day 1 (dummy hit)
Duexe - Blake
Droggen - Simon
Vulash - Leroy
Rozbeans - Leroy
Rae - Leroy
Blackrabbit - Leroy
Int_Prime - Blake
Pulvani - Blake
Ashmore - Leroy
Vudu - Leroy
zorgoz - Blake
Ryala - Leroy
Rasberry - Leroy
Briare - Leroy
Tor - Leroy
Alexandra - Leroy
Hiejinx - Equala
Jinheim - Dexter
pooka - Blake
Xandare - Blake
Temprah - Leroy

Day 2
Elvaiz - Angelina
Shay - Equala
pooka - equala
Vudu - Angelina
Rae - Angelina
Rozbeans - Angelina
Int_Prime - Angelina
Pulvani - Angelina
duexe - Alison
Just Erin - Angelina
Vulash - Namilah
Xandare - Alison
Laha - Angelina
Droggen - Angelina
Temprah - Alison
Hiejinx - Elise
Ryala - Alison
Blackrabbit - Dexter

Day 3
pooka - Simon
David B - Simon
Ashmore - Simon
Xandare - Egon
Rozbeans - Egon
Temprah - Egon
Tor - Simon
Vudu - Egon
Droggen - Simon
Zorgoz - Rorri
Shay - Simon
Laha - Simon
Pulvani - Simon
Elvaiz - Egon
Vulash - Simon
Blackrabbit - Simon
Hiejinx - Egon
Just Erin - Egon
Briare - Egon
Rae - Egon

I don't know, the only thing that jumps out to me is zorgoz doing one of those safe unaligned votes on day three.
Temprah 18 years ago
voting summary from my spreadsheet, easier to see people's patterns:

Elise Meyr Leroy Dexter Simon
Poppy Cochrane X Equala Simon
Ufajamaya 'Maya' Tonks Simon Angelina Simon
Raven - ME Leroy Alison Egon
Simon Huntington Leroy Angelina Egon
Marc Jackson Blake Angelina
Nova Nelson Equala Elise Egon
Equala Weir Blake Equala Simon
Raveleigh Greenvault X X X
Steven Hiss Leroy Angelina Egon
Alex Park Dexter
Yseult Quinn X X X
Emeraude Kinaley X Angelina Egon
Angelina Atherton Leroy Alison
Egon Locke Leroy X Simon
Illard 'Ardy' Greenwall X Angelina Egon
Dexter Greenman Leroy Namilah Simon
Michel Hasley X
Dante Duville - B Blake Alison Egon
Leroy Mrsic
Moctezuma Quesada X X Simon
Jerele Evanston Blake X Rorri
Karina Goshawk Blake Angelina Simon
Alison MacAlister Leroy X
Rori Rosethorne X Angelina Simon
Namilah Narayan Leroy Angelina Egon
Briare 'Ria' Blackwood Leroy X Egon
Alexandra Kendrick Leroy X X
Aniyah Maya X X
Blake MacGregor Leroy X Simon
Thaddeus Hendershot Blake Alison X
Vudu 18 years ago
Well well well whos the smart one now...... i told you simon wasn't guilty..... but nooooo had to do simon in for the hanging....
Tor 18 years ago
That doesn't mean that I am guilty, either. Let's look to the clues, folks.
Vudu 18 years ago
ok well im not in the mafia about the toad thing if you read carfully it says my Mom would turn me into a toad its if i remember my bio it says if i went home my mom would see my grades and turn me into a toad i would rather hear a howler rather than being turned into a toad
Vudu 18 years ago
looking at stuff that who rae posted against was BR and Vulash and i think a little of Egon
Tor 18 years ago
Looking at the vote patterns, these seem to stand out.

Zorgoz - Blake and Rorri. Indicates independent thinking. Obviously a dangerous fellow. :P

Aniyah - Maya only. But might suicide tonight.

Nova - Equala, Elise, Egon. Nova CLEARLY has something against the letter "E". :P

Maya - Simon, Angelina, Simon - Voted to kill the (possible) Doctor, Sheriff and Doctor.

I'm not coming up with much from voting patterns yet, though Maya Tonks seems to have her hate on for some upstanding citizenry.
Laha 18 years ago
which do you fall under Laha?

oh and

Bad Ven!!!

Just Erin 18 years ago
Wow, Tor. Bitter because I voted you out yesterday and you barely escaped getting lynched?

Let me bring up the point again that 'owl' was metioned in Simon's lynching ... one of several references to owls in one form or another. From Egon's bio:
The whispers around the cauldron are that the Department of Mysteries has been courting him since he took his OWLs, though no one seems to know his scores.

Apparition was mentioned in the hit dialog, and Egon is one of the few students old enough to apparate, and you can't ignore the continued bloody references to height, such as the phrase 'looked down.' Reference to age in the mafia hit fits with Egon, who is ALSO 17.
Specializing in the more obscure or less practical classes...arithmancy, ancient runes, occlumency (and some murmur legilimency) and the History of Magic, he never has a shortage of people willing to study with him. Of course, he is very selective, though none seem to see a pattern in whom he studies with - sometimes his rivals for the head of the class, other times the least likely students in a course.

'Very selective' which fits in with the description of a 'small group.'

The word 'theatrics' is used which could be reference to Egon's could-be father Gilderoy Lockkheart, who was well know for being dramatic and theatrical.

Egon wanted nothing more than to progress past the entitled aspirations of his mother and escape the name of his supposed father, standing on his own two feet in the wizarding world . Dark, brooding, serious, studious Egon...never much of a hit with anyone.....Never one to volunteer information, he always guides folks to understanding, rather than providing answers.

Hmmm, just like the Dark Lord, eh? Egon some amazing things in common with him. Spent most of his life unaware of who his real father is, Egon's a bit of a loner, dark, brooding, serious, studious ...

If the shoe fits, wear it.
Den 18 years ago

im voting against Elise Meyr A) becuase Rae was trying to get her lynched B) becuase shes totally trying to point the arrows the other way

Just an observation, but aren't those under suspicion supposed to try and 'point the arrows the other way'?
Tor 18 years ago
I see you pointing back at me, Emaraude, but you haven't defended yourself. Interesting.

Besides, if I were bitter against everyone who voted for me yesterday, there'd be no one left to side with other than Jerele since he's the only one that hasn't voted against the doctor or me.

I am not bitter, I'm simply certain. I welcome the opportunity to see you defend against my claims of your Mafiahood.
Tor 18 years ago
Now...to dispel the musings of Emaraude...

OWLs, once again, refer to 5th year test scores. I am also not the only individual with OWLs in their bio, and OWLs are implied for anyone 5th year or beyond. No dice.

For your reference to apparition

The blonde haired Slytherin made her way towards the edge of the school's boundaries with far more stealth than the small group of conspirators. All it would take is getting off this blasted piece of land and then "he" would be free to apparate where ever in the world he wished.

This clearly states that Voldemort would be able to apparate once off of school grounds. Voldemort / Serial Killer. It is an internalized reference within the sentence.

Once again the height issue, which has already gotten townies killed. Irrelevant, as the major height commentary comes from RAT CAM(tm).

Very selective also means that he keeps a sneakoscope on him to let him know who to stay the hell away from.

Theatrics...very big reach, somewhat hearsay, points to an extent to Thaddeus as well, but I can concede that one to you.

As far as your final parallel...hearsay. Also applies to Harry Potter. And I wasn't the Serial Killer, so irrelevant. Plus, no sirens from the sneakoscope.
Just Erin 18 years ago
Trying to make a connection between being a prefect and the student services trophy is weak. Show me something from somewhere that says student services trophys go only to prefects? They're for SERVICES to the school of any sort. Tom Riddle received the award for pointing a finger at Hagrid and his pet spider Aragog when the Chamber of Secrets was opened. It had nothing to do with him being a prefect.

Your thoughts on the phamplet ... weak. Em is a 5th year student. Did it ever occur to you that she has the phamplet in her bag because she's only JUST been made a prefect?

The getting Alex cleaned up bit is...mothering. I don't see the Hogwart's Playboy *mothering* someone. That screams female to me, and someone used to being in charge of younger kiddies. Like Emaraude again.

Again, weak. If you'd like me to point out how many other female characters are still alive, I'm happy to do it, but I'm sure you're capable of at least counting to ... say, TEN?

In any case, Emeraude isn't exactly the mothering type, is she? Nor is she by any means a girly-girl. She's being raised by her single father because her MOTHER was MURDERED by DEATH EATERS ..... *sarcasm on* because Everyone wants to join up with the lot that killed their mother, right? *sarcasm off*

The mafia hits abound with "spunky" and lashing commentary.

Shall I get out the dictionary for you? Spunk means spirited and feisty. It doesn't mean sarcastic and snotty.

And yes, she is a metamorgus ... you'll find that tidbit in at least 2 other character profiles.

To sum it up ... WEAK, WEAK, WEAK.
David Bowles 18 years ago
RE: the RAT CAM(tm) defense— the mods didn't HAVE to describe the rat's POV this way. The insistent and pervasive description of things and people looming isn't just rhetorical flourish (they're not writing a bloody novel), but selected on purpose to either guide or distract us. So let's not pretend it's just a function of becoming a rat.
zorgoz 18 years ago
I don't know, the only thing that jumps out to me is zorgoz doing one of those safe unaligned votes on day three.

Zorgoz - Blake and Rorri. Indicates independent thinking. Obviously a dangerous fellow. :P

I don't think I fit any of the evidence so far, but I will defend myself anyway.
Day 1: I voted Blake because at the time, he seemed like the obvious choice. I'm new at this game, so now that I look back, neither him nor Leroy seem to be mafia or SK.
Day 2: No one seemed suspicious at all, though I pointed out that Rorri seemed suspicious, though no evidence pointed to her.
Day 3:Blackrabbit found some evidence that pointed to Rorri, and I explained in that thread why I was voting for Rorri.

And if you look at the current voting thread, it seems other people are now listening to Blackrabbit and me. =)
Tor 18 years ago
Emaraude. I notice that you avoided clumsy.

How about that?
Tor 18 years ago
Incidentally, I was joking, Zorg. Just saying that you're the only one who hasn't follower voted yet and that therefore your ideas might have merit.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Folks the toad reference on Vudu is because I, his real life mother did in fact kiddingly tell him I would do just that in real life for the reason mentioned.

His bio says he tranfigures into a cobra not a toad. You can use that toad reference if you like but it is pretty weak since I know how it got in his bio.....
Temprah 18 years ago
OK... looking at *today's* mafia hit for a few NEW clues.. does anyone else think that there only being 4 Death Eater's mentioned specifically means that some of the mafia is dead since the potion scene with 6? Specifically then it would be the two suicides...?