Hogwarts Mafia Round 4 OOC Discussion

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Tor 18 years ago
Emeraude...since our secret is out...

Elise...you had plenty of warning. From my bio...

Dark, brooding, serious, studious Egon...

I'm a scary kinda guy. Especially if you stand between me and my beeswax!
Vudu 18 years ago
you guys are creeping me out
ROzbeans 18 years ago
you guys are creeping me out

Roger that!!!
pooka 18 years ago
I would change my vote to Poppy at this point, but I don't have a functional edit button on this computer. My accusation of Dexter was based on someone else's mention of 4 students working together in the scene. But I can't find it, I figure they have some weird quantitative definition of the word "several".

As to Mafia loving the SK, I guess that's why they tried to kill Alison, who was suspected of being the SK, and Namilah who turned out to be the SK. Newbies, the mafia and SK are generally against each other. The SK is also against the townies. But don't buy the "mafia loves the SK" line.
pooka 18 years ago
Sorry to tack this on, I'm not able to edit. I posted this on a separate thread but I thought I should repost here to be safe.

I've done some focused reading, looking at just these two characters and the death scenes.

"Now let's clean you up" in scene 2 (she carries wet ones in her satchel)
Mentions of flowers: The flower pin in scene 3 and pushing up daisies in scene 4
Potions: Particular expertise with potions and ingredients in scene 3
She is a marvelous cook, and there is that odd ending to scene 4 with the hungry giant.
Someone protested that the mafia didn't cook, but they were cooking up a potion in scene 3.
It's possible she has the most cluttered satchel (getting back to the disoranization note from Malfoy). Along these lines, she is not into "abstract" magic, and the fourth scene talked about them not using magic. But these are a bit weaker.

Egon: In addition to the other reasons people voted for him, the fourth killing utilized 2 wands. Sure they were from different students. Saying one student provided both wands would be a little unsubtle.

Well, since I am more sure Poppy is mafia, I think I have a pretty high probability of getting hit. Which would be just since I lead off the voting against the doctor. But I hope I am around tomorrow. Ta ta for now.
Just Erin 18 years ago
The OTHER ooc thread!