My office was broken into today.

And all they took were my chicken burgers for lunch.

I shit you not. They took my lunch. They violated me, touched my shit, rummaged through my desks, broke open my lab cabinets and only took my lunch. I feel disgusted, dirty and shook up - and I have no lunch.

Temprah 17 years ago
holy crap.. *hugs*
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
oh Roz!!! it's bad enough having that happen but to have it happen by the most idiotic of idiots!!! I sorry!!!

I'd give you half of my quesidilla, but I don't think I could get it through the dataline....
Lolanae 17 years ago
They only took your lunch? I love criminals sometimes. So damn confusing as to their motivation. lol.

I'm sorry you are lunchless though =/
Eve 17 years ago
Egads woman! Guess they could have taken something else, but yeah that's kinda personal I guess. Want me to cut a bitch?!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I have fingerprint dust on my hands. Everything smells different.
Den 17 years ago
Having your space violated like that is freaky. I've had my apartment broken into before, and along with my tv/stereo/etc. they also took frozen food from my freezer, AND a half full bottle of wine! :P At least the next time I got robbed, they took good gold jewelry

Is your office accessible from outside the building? If anyone got into my office it would have to be cleaning staff, or someone who worked here...unless the entire building was also robbed.

Guess they were just hungry...:P
Lessa 17 years ago
prolly a couple of kids/teens *nod* theyre always hungry and dont have the means to sell things ( like computers or whatever ) much less carry it all off.

i remember when I was a kid, some guys broke into my house.. I had had one of those giant gallon sized pickle jars full of pennies.. they took that and my dad's wallet.. thats it.

after I had my first kid our jeep was stolen, they found it across town driven through the front window of some store.
Lolanae 17 years ago
My grandmother's house was broken into one time. I can't remember if anything was taken, but they did do one wierd thing. She collects wheat pennies (Old pennies with wheat and one cent printed on the back.). She kept these in socks. The kids that broke in dump the socks on to the carpet and left them. My grandmother said they were picking up pennies for awhile because they spread them around.
Beli 17 years ago
Damn, Roz. What's in your office that they'd want? Order some pizza and bill the company for it, /nod.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
My office building is actually an old two story house in the heart of downtown Anchorage. So they broke a window at the back door arctic entry and touched every single thing in the house. We have a main floor, upstairs (my office, snack room and supplies) and a creepy basement. They took nothing but food. So weird. They broke open the cabinets in our converted kitchen lab, poked around in there, poked around in my assistant's desk, then raided the snack room.

I started to cry when i noticed my hands were dirty from the fingerprinting dust. It's not my house or anything, but this has been a good job, therefore work doesn't stress me out. If they had wrecked the place, I think I'd be more upset - but right now I'm just weirded out. It'll for sure be a funny story to tell at parties - 'Hey I got my office broken into and all they took was my lunch' but...still it's weird. =/
Mileron 17 years ago
Damn, Roz. What's in your office that they'd want? Order some pizza and bill the company for it, /nod.

Maybe that's it... there -wasn't- anything in her office... But everyone eats chicken.

Sorry Roz *hug* I'd offer you some of my salad, but alas it'd be all mushy by the time it got to you.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
OH we're a paramedical company, we do life insurance exams. They probably thought that we had drugs or something here - which we don't carry at all, but they didn't take any of the needles or anything like that.
Den 17 years ago
Maybe they were just really hungry, and had no other options they could see. I dunno...but the fact that only food was taken, and that they didn't destroy the place, makes me feel a tad bit sympathetic :S
ROzbeans 17 years ago
OMG they took my POPCORN, too. They took my left over tuna packs, popcorn, chicken burgers...they didn't even take the 2k EKG machines or centrifuges...or the computers. Jesus.
Lolanae 17 years ago
*comforts Roz*

Not the popcorn!
Adiene 17 years ago
damn thats crazy shit ~!
Sounds like someone had some serious munchies
You guys should take more precautions in the future, like leave your leftovers out everyday to prevent this for happening again ..
Lunna 17 years ago
That's just wierd. It's so unsettling when your space is violated like that and even more so when they take things that don't really make sence.

We'd all get together and take you to lunch if we could. A good lunch with friends and a beer or three might help *nod*
Sabby 17 years ago
Could be runaway kids, who were hungry?? That is the only thing I can think of...
Kindal 17 years ago
Fucking stoners....
Kindal 17 years ago
I'm sorry roz