It's open!!! Have at it people!!!! Turn in your fucking fairies!

Janthin 17 years ago
I had MistressPoisonGirl's character, Yaaz Tiram. Yaaz has no wings, and is only slightly smaller than a human. She lives in a desert world, and was raised as a slave. She killed her master one night as he slept, and his blood seeped into her hands, marking them forever.

I thought desert....bugs....BIG bugs....and PoisonGirl wanted NC17+++....and I wound up with this image. It is Aiko, with Precious morph, mat modified by me, 3dream egypt hair, RNDA cockroach, vandra necklace, 2 cute heart dress.

Figure was posed and rendered in Poser 7. Background was created and rendered in VUE 6 Infinite. Transpond castle construction set used for the stone buildings.

Postwork done in Photoshop CS to bring it all together.

I'm posting links to 2 sizes of the artwork.




This was fun. Hope you like the picture.
Sangre 17 years ago
I got DawnStar and her wonderful character Alyrra. I ended up actually doing two different images - one of her in the kitchen and one of her in the forest. I do hope you like them.



wallpaper --> http://xb6.xanga.com/b47d4b57d0233120957342/w87139915.jpg

Your siggy

I had great fun with this one. She is a great character!
Shaelynn 17 years ago
Holy smokes, the art so far is AWESOME!

I had

Here is Milo the Phouka with Clara

Click to see the DESKTOP

EDIT: brush credit (I forgot!) trisste-brushes

Quelin 17 years ago
I had Patslash!

As far as I could tell looking at what you wrote and looking through your DA site you didn't seem to be the evil destruction kind of faerie so I did a little more typical composition.

I'm hosting the big ones on DA because I don't have a good spot to host large files. Click on download for a larger version then teh full view, I hope you enjoy!



And one Av (other oen looked funny as a headshot only)

I'm never really good with text effects and to top it off I'm using Gimp (unfamiliar with it), so you will have to forgive me for the so so text.
Sabby 17 years ago
I had Sartori~

This is what I came up with for your fairy girl. I spent days on her but seemed to never be able to get into the "Fairy" mood.

Sartori 17 years ago
I had FyreGarnett's pretty Pukka!

I had a lot of fun with this, but for some reason I've been really nervous about it. Hope you like it, Fyre!



And here's the desktop.
Vex 17 years ago
OMG I am out of town, i thought it was opening friday, not thursday!

I had BELI.

haha weeee i told roz "omg i need to do beli" so yay she granted my fairy wish.

I wish now i had done more of this fat fucking fairy after seeing the gifts you gave me, beli. they are absolutely amazing. i love your style. so so so sexy ;D

Mai 17 years ago
My exchange was for Tori B

Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2

ROzbeans 17 years ago

base credit - http://thehword.eclectic-blue.com/
Jetamio 17 years ago
Hope I'm not late...time differences. lol

I had laney's Carrina, and I thought I'd try the 3d stuff... Can't find grey skin though, and changing it manually lost the textures! >.<
I drew the horse in the background, but I can't draw dogs lol, I tried numerously lol. So, here we go!


and sig:

Tori B 17 years ago
Ooosh... bringing up the rear. Sorry I'm so late. I got carried away with yard work.

I got Quelin. :-)

Well.. you wanted a hyper version of yourself, but I don't know you, which made it a little difficult .... so.. I went with a bit of a cutesey with a bit of sex appeal and spunk. I hope you like.

An avatar

One sig with her face featured

And this sig below is the same as the WALLPAPER I did for you.

Hope you enjoy.

Oh.. p.s. If you need anything resized, let me know.
Kittystavern 17 years ago
I had


Lacy Ann

I made an avatar http://kittystavern.com/05042007_TAC_EX01_Avatar.jpg
a sig http://kittystavern.com/05042007_TAC_EX01_Sig.jpg
a background http://kittystavern.com/05042007_TAC_EX01_Bkgd.jpg (please let me know if you need it in a different size!)
and a big pic http://kittystavern.com/05042007_TAC_Exchange_01A.jpg

Hope you enjoy her! She was so much fun to make!
tamaelia 17 years ago
Sorry I wasn't as timely as everyone else, Lunna, I am sure you are waiting anxiously for Gealach to appear. I tried to imagine a whimsical pale fairy lighting the night with a stolen moonbeam held in a gleaming orb. Well something like that anyway

Here is the link to the desktop, I forgot to ask Roz to ask you your resolution, so if you need it bigger or in a different aspect ratio just say so and I can fix it up for you.

Linkage to desktop

I will have your sig and av finished right after I take my daughter to netball. I am really sorry you are waiting extra and I totally understand if you are stabbing me with a spoon. I promise to update this in a couple of hours when I get back from netball. *huggles* I had lots of fun with this!

Here is the sig...more after netball!

Ok, back from netball... here is the avatar as well. Oh, and if you want a more worksafe edition of the sig without the fucking, np I can do that too.

Laney 17 years ago
No, no. I'm bringing up the rear.

I had Rixster's fairy, Shea. Rixster, I have on more image for you but I manage to corrupt the file last night, I'm hoping to get it fixed shortly. I wanted to post your gifts all at once but I don't think it's going to happen. I apologize for having you wait thru the day.

I'm no 3d artist but I hope you enjoy pixels.
Guest 17 years ago
I had ROzbeans!

I hope you like, I attempted tattoos and piercings but they looked awful so I did my best to make Bebe badass without them. I also thought about adding words or your name but couldn't decide on fonts and such so I decided to let you play with that. All three images have links to the full pictures.

Rae 17 years ago
I had Verity

I hope you like it.
Guest 17 years ago
My Character was Aillin, it was a little hard to come up with a composition for this one i dont really have alot of male content

Sorry for being 45mins late

here is the link to the full size version, enjoy-----


and the da page