What & where do you play?

Sorry if there's already a thread for this... but I'm curious. What game and server are you on, primarily?


City of Villains - Virtue server (@Sartori)
World of Warcraft - Sentinels


Eve 17 years ago
Finally back on EQ2 again, for the moment anyway, but I tend to bounce around
EQ2- Blackburrow
CoH/V- Champion
WoW- Azuremyst I think (moved from Kilrogg last time they did the server moves)
Den 17 years ago
WOW-Argent Dawn

also now playing horde on Moon Guard, and alliance on Steamwheedle Cartel
Lessa 17 years ago
EQ1 - Firiona Vie
Mai 17 years ago
EQ2- Befallen
Vanguard - Shidreth
Anarchy Online - Rubika1
Jetamio 17 years ago
EQ1 - Antonius Bayle for raids and uberness :P

Firiona Vie to chill out and explore my creative stuff I will quite literally sit for hours roleplaying and do little else hehe.
Merreck 17 years ago
EQ1: Cazic-Thule
ROzbeans 17 years ago
LotR - A-something
shiyla 17 years ago
eq1 bristlebane(formerly cazicthule) shiyla, audreea, kiyla and michaylie
Shaelynn 17 years ago
EQ1 - Prexus (Diabolica)
EQ2 - Blackburrow (Shaelynn)
WoW - Argent Dawn (Shaelynn...but haven't played in a while)
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
EQ2 - Befallen
Kelefane 17 years ago
EQ1 - Bristlebane
Keriath 17 years ago
Wow Hyjal Horde
BF2 pretty much server depends on which map i want to play
BF2142 ^^ same as above

I hear Keriath still plays eq1 but its a imposter i say!
Wystro 17 years ago
I'm thinking of starting EQ2 again, but I'm not sure.

Currently I play Diablo 2 and Call of Cthulhu.
Lunna 17 years ago
EQ2 - Najena
BF2 occasionally with the Hubby
CoH when it's free

Wish SOE would give some free time to EQ1 so I could log in and say hi to all my old friends on Bristlebane.
Lessa 17 years ago
I thought it gave a free month or so every six months inactive?
no idea if they stopped it though.. but they were doing that up til about 3 months ago for sure
Verity 17 years ago
I'm thinking of starting EQ2 again, but I'm not sure.

WOOHOO! Come to befallen if you do

Eq2 - Befallen (Main is Beansidhe)
FyreGarnett 17 years ago

(main is Fyregarnett)
Shinra 17 years ago
I play warcraft 3 as shinraeq and sometimes eq2 as shihn on befallen.Not really getting into eq2 a whole lot but i do dabble.
Laschae 17 years ago
EQ1- Druzzil Ro- Caris, the dead cleric. I don't log on very much because I'm so far behind on flags/quests/crap I don't care to waste my time on.
Sarah 17 years ago
Ooooh I get to post in this forum..

WoW- Argent Dawn. You'll find me on the Alliance side as Braitha or Delna.