Round 4 /OOC

Thou Shalt Discuss the Kill!

pooka 16 years ago
I think this is the third lunch/eating scene. Though I'm not sure what that means or if there is an alternate explanation.

And, er, yeah. Not so much with the SK being gone, is it. We also still have at least two mafia operating, though I suspect more than that.

Wouldn't it be funny if both twins were in the mafia?
Den 16 years ago
We wouldn't find out if the SK was gone until AFTER their kill is missed. At least I don't see how else we would find out.
pooka 16 years ago
I don't think the mods would wait until tomorrow morning to not post the SK thread (by posting a vote thread). I could see them waiting until later today. But face it, Zeke was innocent.
P.S. The Lynch thread reiterates that this is a godless society and the bible clues were an overreach. Though Dimak talks about us getting to the truth, he only means insofar as there are deaths rather than early graduations and they are not accidents. Dimak doesn't know the truth in order for us to be getting it as far as he is concerned.
pooka 16 years ago
Well, here I go again with the accusations.

Splaz's bio:
Splazmonnotroid's continual cunning escapes from a high security broom cupboard that caught the attention of the visiting Battle-School recruitment officers. His keen use of donated broken-toys and household sanitisation products to effect his miraculous escapes

And from the kill:
“How'd you manage to get in the storeroom?”

“Never you mind.” The member of Dragon Army smiled and tapped appreciatively on the box of granulated cleaning solution
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Meh. I really did think we'd gotten the SK... but if we had, I am assuming we'd see a vote thread up for today because we'd be at one lynch per day.

I still think the pattern recognition thing is an SK clue, but there's only one person left with that in their bio.

In addition, I see some interesting Mafia clues in this hit and the last one, but will have to post those in a bit as I am working and stuff atm. :P
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
But face it, Zeke was innocent.

nickenstien 16 years ago
It was very obvious that it was Zeke, it still is obvious!

I dunno how these things work with regard to working out if the SK lives because we are not doing a Lynch yet. Surely we still have to wait the correct amount of time for last nights skids to go through. As it would not be fair to start a lynch pre-maturely until the results of a sheriff's ID came back at the usual times etc...

Also, wasn't this an exceptionally large game in terms of players ? And under these circumstances, would it be crazy for the mods to start the game with TWO S.K's because of that ? Just a thought.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
There is only one SK. If the mods were going to change the fundamental rules they'd have mentioned so.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Ah... I smell somebody who's desperate to imply that he really believes Ezekiel was SK to cover up the fact that he's really just been a rotter and has helped get a townie killed just because they (correctly?) had laid suspicions onto Splaz.

/retracts that bit if it turns out Ezekial was SK, obviously
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
In addition, this game wasn't exactly exceptionally large. It's about average. I think exceptionally large was Hogwarts Mafia, which started with 36 i believe, 34 after 2 were inactive and didn't vote.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
in order for the mods to post the mafia hit, all skids would have to be in - otherwise, they wouldn't know who the mafia was taking out and whether or not the doc had saved anyone, assuming we haven't lost the doctor.

but damn if that wasn't the messiest death yet. they should post a warning - one should not be eating while reading that!!!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
i may just lose my mind before this game is over. seriously.

just reread all the SK hits... and reread the remaining bios... and felt rather dumb for overlooking this little gem (and i ask pardon if I also missed that someone else caught this - with all the accusations flying, it gets hard to keep track of who put forth what as a clue after a few days!!)

when Michael was killed, the SK says "A solo artist" - this could be tied to Splaz having been found by an "entertainer". add that to the lock-picking abilities (and yes, i agree completely that having lock-picking skills has nothing to do with airlocks - it's the use of the word lock that stands out) and I have to admit that it don't look good...

on the flip side, the repeated references to cleaning stuff in the Mafia hits could also relate to Willie - whose last name is Cleene...
pooka 16 years ago
Willie is also the remaining pattern matcher, and Graff was whining about how we don't clean up after ourselves.

Though even in a game I'm PC-prudish about pegging the albino as evil. And isn't 9 rather young to be snogging with a 12 year old? He is tall-ish. Oh well.

P.S. Not that he was tall as a clue in itself, I think that was the lamest reason people were voting for Zeke. Besides that I'm also big, but the whole point of Ender's Game is that little people can hurt. I mean he was tall for being a 9 year old, in terms of finding girls of interest.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
run that one by me a bit slower - "girls of interest" and "rather young to be snogging"... i have no idea what you mean???
pooka 16 years ago
The second kill had an air of seduction about it. "Turning to the side the figure zeroed in on the soft feminine breathing that had become their obsession."

"The figure quietly slid off their bunk and padded barefoot past the rows of bunks. With a slight tickle of fingers, the figure woke the chosen soldier. Covering her mouth softly, the figure whispered in her ear.

'I know. Come with me.'

Waiting for her to stand and follow, she accepted the offered hand and the two slipped silently out of the Dragon Army barracks. Both clad in only their underwear, they moved undetected through the tunnels, dropping levels to a secure destination."

I mean, maybe I just have a dirty mind.

P.S. I shouldn't say "rather young." I know kids are interested by age 10 nowadays. Thinking back to 5th grade, I guess I was starting to have crushes.
nickenstien 16 years ago
OK, It is starting to look like I may have been a bit wrong with my "Zeke is the SK" thinking :/

Roll-Up, Roll-Up for my next crazy theory : -

Willie is EVIL!!

Firstly, because of all the cleaning references that people have mentioned.


Name: Willie "Pinky" Cleene

In a previous mafia-hit, the person was killed with a computer. The exact word used was "Brained"........ PINKY AND THE BRAIN!!!!!!!! DUNN DUNN DERR!!!!!

Specialty: Visual geometry and vectoring, pattern recognition, spatial savant

I dunno why never thought of this before. These skills could describe an architect, or more specifically an architect of virtual worlds. Like the Virtual VECTOR world in which a mafia-hit occurred AND like the virtual VECTOR world of the flight-simulator on which somebody else was killed. (sorry, I have forgot the names and I can't find the old kill threads )

AND THE SMOKING GUN.....................

Former Armies: Hawk
Errrm, a bird, like the Swallow as in "Tough to Swallow"

Errrrm, I'l get my coat
Den 16 years ago
Tough to swallow is a mafia clue
I believe the cleaning references are too
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
I believe they are all mafia clues.

I think Splaz will have a bit of a hard time finding SK clues for other people
nickenstien 16 years ago
Hehe, thanks for the support

But trust me, I will be looking hard for S.K clues (if somebody can tell me how I view the previous SK texts, they have dissapeared from the forum as far as I can see)
pooka 16 years ago
I know I've got a rep for being soft on the SK, but we lynch 1 SK, we are safe from one kill a day. We have to lynch 3 or 4 mafia to get safe from the other kill. I mean, I guess it depends on if you're a Dave Ramsey/pay off the smallest balance first, or Suzie Orman/pay off the highest interest rate first type of thinker.

Oh, yeah, I needed to look at the Day 2 vote thread again.