Just wanted wanted to wish you a ! Hope you have lots of hot around for your b-day. Have lots of fun and definately do all the things that are on the naughty list.

Laschae 16 years ago
Have an awesome day Eve
Darsa 16 years ago
WOOHOOO!!! Happy birthday dear Eve-y!

Lessa 16 years ago
Den 16 years ago
Eve 16 years ago
Thanks guys If nothing else, the big 3-5 will be unforgettable, thanks to the hubby... and not in a good way lol So not his fault poor guy, but all the same I'll always remember this one
Lunna 16 years ago
Happy Birthday Eve-e!
Rikr 16 years ago
WOOT!! Happy Birthday Eve!!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
happy happy!!!
Adiene 16 years ago

Happy th Birthday!!! I hope your th birthday is a good one!!

Sabby 16 years ago
LOL Adiene...

HAPPY Birthday Eve!!!
Temprah 16 years ago
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day gets better hun! *hug*
Merreck 16 years ago
Happy Birthday!!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
le Happy birthday, Eve-e!
Mileron 16 years ago
Happy Happy!
Eve 16 years ago
Thanks gang Had some cake and dinner with a couple friends while sitting around poking at my hubby. It's okay tho, he's got vicodin so he just said to hell with us and went to pass out again lol
MoonLily 16 years ago
Happy birthday Eve!
Asha 16 years ago
Happy B'day Eve arty2
Trakhina 16 years ago
patslash 16 years ago
happy belated birthday!! sorry if i come out only now
Shaelynn 16 years ago
Happy late birthday, Eve!