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Character Name:

Character description:
-Hair color
-Eye color
-Body type

Desktop size:

You are NOT required to include a story, but you are welcomed to talk a little about your character to help the person who receives your name. The opening story in this post was just for me to sit down and write something...winter Anyway, the theme is Winter Solstice - whatever your interpretation is.

Verity 15 years ago
Character Name: Verity

Character description: Eq2 Half elf Troubadour (will grab a few screenshots & link em)
-Hair color very long wavy Deep Red with a few purple streaks going through.
-Eye color Cornflower blue, almost violet
-Body type Slim, but curvy

Desktop size: 1680 x 1050

I have no story.... I slack.

shiyla 15 years ago
Character Name: Michaylie

Character description:
-Hair color- golden long blonde
-Eye color- cateyes jade
-Body type-elven tanned skin curvy

Desktop size: 1200x1024

from Kerranium, the former cat planet that became such a metropolis that humans and elves traveled there and never seamed to what is left is a highbreed of kerraelves. the only physical characteristic of the cat people left are the eyes, however once you see them in combat their reflexes are amazingly cat-like.

Michaylie left home when she was 15(she is 23 BTW). the former leader of kerranium had been in hiding for over 10 years with the few pureblood kerra left. They have been plotting to take back their planet and wipe out the highbreeds.their head scientist had created an amazingly life like but deathly robot that looks like an everyday kerra.

she started traveling with 2 humans and another kerraelf. They were trying to find a peaceful planet for their race to exist in. They got word from home that the kerrabots were starting to make their move and rushed home. once they arrived they found that all they highbreeds were grouped into these large tents highly guarded by the kerrabots.

they began searching the tents. most where starving and dehydrated. they knew that they had to get them out of here. then Michaylie's father stands up and shouts for her, the guards come rushing in and right before he gets to her to embrace her he's shot. she hears what sounds like a million bullets flying at her and falls under the weight of her father's body.

once she regained consciousness she quietly got to her knees and look around. all she can see are bodies. to her left her 3 companions lying there lifelessly. she runs to where her mother was and finds her gasping for air. her mother hands her a backpack and whispers "your father made these for you" before she takes her last breath and slips away.

Covered in the blood of her companions and parents Michaylie's eyes gleam with anger. she kneels down to inspect the backpack. It contained two swords and a small knife. giggling to herself she thought "Daddy knows me too well". You see before she left home he had been training her since she could walk for this kind of thing. Him, being a general of the highbreed peace army, knew that there were still kerra out there and that they would strike.

Michaylie thought, "ok, if i take out these guards and run to the forest where we left our ship i can get out of here". She gathered all her strength and charged towards the doors of the tent screaming, taking out the guards before they could pull the trigger. then she ran, her kerra ancestors had blessed her very well with the speed.

She gets to the ship and takes off leaving her home planet forever. She travels for 2 days to the outer rim when her ship runs out of fuel and crashes down into an icy planet.

After climbing out of the wreckage she shivered. "its so cold here" she thought.

She smirked and said "home sweet home!"

michaylie by ~shiyla on deviantART
tamaelia 15 years ago
Character Name: Tamaelia

Character description: WoW Night Elf Rogue
-Hair color Blueish/white
-Eye color Purple with night elf glow
-Body type Lithe/athletic


Character Name: Tahmal

Character description: WoW Orcish Rogue
-Hair color Purple ponytail
-Eye color Bloodshot black
-Body type Muscular tall

Desktop size:
freyals 15 years ago
Character Name: Isadora

Character description:
-Hair color: Long white hair
-Eye color: Light ice blue
-Body type: Thin and sexy with really pale, almost grey skin

Desktop size: 1200x1024

There was once a land that had two seasons in the year, summer and winter. To keep the seasons always changing from one to the next throughout the years, the spirits appointed a beautiful young girl to be the bearer of the winter. The local people called her the winter witch. Her name was Isadora.

It was a great task to keep the seasons changing, Isadora would look out across the land, her cold breath signaling the changing of the air, her cold feet would cool the soil. She would then start her journey across to the other side of the land, the cold and snow following her as she went. Once her journey was complete, she would stay where she was, living in the caves that scatter the boundary of the land, and the winter season would slowly subside into a bright summer. She was always attentive, and always ready for when it would be time to start her journey back to the other side for the next years winter.

And so it was this way for many many years.

Because Isadora's task was so great, she was cursed never to be loved, for if a mortal man was to get too close, his heart would become frozen solid, and his love for her would die.

One year, a handsome young man watched Isadora make her journey across the land, bringing with her the winter change. He fell in love, as did she with him, and he followed behind her across the land, followed her for many years. One year he could contain himself no longer, he stopped Isadora and proclaimed that he could bear it no longer, for even but one moment close to her would be worth whatever the cruel and cold consequences. Isadora could not stop him, even if she had wanted to. He embraced her passionately, and she felt a love and closeness like she had never experienced. She embraced him back, and it seemed as if an eternity has passed. The man slowly pulled away, a cold, cruel look on his face. He spat at her, and said how dare she touch him, the ugly witch she was. His heart was ice, and his love for her was gone. He struck her to the ground and told her he never wanted to look upon her again. Isadora wept and wept, that winter lasted much longer than normal, and the wind was as cold as the mans heart, and the snow was as bitter as Isadora's tears.

The people of the land became tired of the cold and wet, and the man with the heart of ice suggested they rally together, and banish Isadora forever so that winter may never again come, and they could bask in the sun and warmth for all time. The angry mob followed him, and together they outcast Isadora and trapped her in the caves on the edge of the land.

Winter did not touch the land, and the people celebrated and rejoiced in the warmth of the strong summer sun. It wasn't for many years until they began to realise their mistake.

The animals of the land were growing vicious, angry and hungry, for they had not been able to hibernate and there was not enough food for them to eat all year round. The land was becoming dry like clay, the crops were failing and drying up, they too had no winter relief. The people, who were getting too hot and could barely stand to be outside at all anymore, realised their error - how much they had depended on the cooled season for the benefit of all.

They ran to the caves where Isadora had been banished, and they pleaded with her to forgive them, and make the winter come again. Isadora had had nothing but her own thoughts and the blackness for company for all those years, and she had become bitter and twisted by the cruelness of the people. She angrily cast them aside, and told them that if they wanted winter, they would have it. She stormed across the land, freezing everything in her path, until no life was left.

The spirits came back to the land, aware that something was wrong. They saw that all life had been lost. They found Isadora, and realised her heart had also been frozen. They melted it for her and she saw what she had done, and was immediately sorry. The spirits decided that Isadora's burden was too great for just one person, and as a gift they created for her a beautiful man, who would journey the opposite way and bring the sun with him once it was time for winter to be over. They fell in love immediately, and the spirits decided that when their journeys crossed paths in the middle of the land, they would be allowed to stay with each other for a length of time, and love each other, and the people would have the benefits of both seasons. And so spring and autumn were born, and Isadora and her man lived and loved for the rest of time.

TAC Exchange: Kiss of Winter by *freyals on deviantART
Darsa 15 years ago
Character Name: Darsa (of course, /blush)

Character description: Her looks might remind an earthling of a good Irish girl, if they could ignore the fact that she's just a bit under 7' tall, with broad, muscular shoulders and a body built by a nomadic life of manual labor. She is quick to smile, and her eyes twinkle warmly. Her whole life has been moving from campsite to campsite in the cold, arctic tundra, hunting wooly mammoths and dodging sabertooth tigers. Her clan's clothing consisted of the furs and leathers that they hunted, and they seemed not to feel the cold as sharply as others might.

-Hair color: Strawberry Blonde
-Eye color: leaf green

-Body type: Muscular, freckled, sweet-faced
ROzbeans 15 years ago
I'm gonna play, too!

Character Name: Haytee

Character description: Pale green Infernae female (imagine a night elf from wow)

-Hair color: Light blue
-Eye color: watery green
-Body type: lithe and atheltic, slender as is the nature of Infernaeians

You are NOT required to include a story, but you are welcomed to talk a little about your character to help the person who receives your name. The opening story in this post was just for me to sit down and write something...winter Anyway, the theme is Winter Solstice - whatever your interpretation is.

Haytee stood in the archway of the balcony watching the night skies shimmer in the darkness. So rare, the aurora borealis, the northern lights that lit the sky of the northern hemisphere of their world. Not so rare now as the ever-winter effectively changed the magnetic polarity of the planet, killing it swiftly and without menace. The shivering cold blanketed Infernae and the lights could been seen as far south as the planet's equator. She felt the presence behind her, urgent and impatient.

'Did you know that the aurora borealis was named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas?'

'Yes ma'am, I did.'

Haytee Duban turned and looked back at the uniformed patrolman who was standing in the center of her bedroom, holding her suitcase. He was pale, but not like any other Infernae. Dusty brown hair with warm brown eyes, the picture perfect alien.

'That's human lore, of course you'd know,' Haytee replied with a small smile.

The Infernae Exodus had reached Earth's solar system within the first year of their exploration. Their home solar system a mere neighbor of Infernae's, but on the edge of the known universe for the humans. The Earth had opened its world to the Infernae's as part of the new Outer Rim trade agreement and the earthlings outnumbered the Infernaeiams five to one now. They were ambassadors for the remaining inhabitants, preparing the last of them for the planet exodus.

'Ma'am, the last groupings are leaving within the hour.'

'Earth is beautiful, your people are very lucky. Infernae was lush and green once. Are your winters as harsh as ours?'

'Not near as harsh, ma'am. Negative sixty at best, I believe.' The human furrowed his eyebrow thinking for a moment. 'That would be negative three...hundred your kelvin.'

Haytee smiled. 'Not quite, but I understand.' She stepped away from the balcony of what she referred now to as her Ice Palace and grabbed her ever-coat off her bed. She slipped it on, waving away the help of the human male and then they walked out of her palace toward the waiting vehicle out front.

The human opened her door and held his hand out to help her. 'You'll like Earth, ma'am.'

'Probably,' she said. Haytee took a step in and just before the human closed the door she wondered out loud.

'If you Earthlings are lucky, we won't kill your planet, too.'

Desktop size: 1440 x 900
SnowDragon 15 years ago
Character Name: Caitri Ambrai-Greystone

Character description:
-Hair color Long deep red with streaks of orange like a sunset
-Eye color bright emerald
-Body type
Lithe slightly muscular she keeps in shape

Desktop size:
1024 by 1024

Caitri is a true Irish wench milky white skin but no freckles. She is a vampire/angel with black wings turned at age 21. She wears a black leather corset, black leather pants and matching boots that are calf length. She has been known to have to dress up for a masquerade to kill a hit. Her eyes turn red when she is pissed which doesn't take much with her Irish temper. She always has daggers hidden in each boot strapped to her calves and her wrist or forearms. She is an assassin for hire. She can be very seductive (how she gets most of her meals) but cruel and cold hearted.
Lillaanya 15 years ago
Sigining up in the right thread now lol

Character Name: Aleena

Character description: She's a rainbow fairy what else!
-Hair color Long blonde
-Eye color She has the rainbow in her eyes
-Body type Slender, like you would expect a fairy to be

Aleena sat in her small acorn home and looked out across the frozen fields covered with snow. She longed for the warmth of the sun again and to feel the grass beneath her feet and see the flowers bloom. Aleena was a rainbow fairy, and her world had been plunged into 12 years of winter. But, the 12th winter solstice was coming, and soon it would be time to create the first rainbow of spring again....

(disclaimer: This story is TOTALLY RIPPED OFF from a Barbie movie, with the help of my 5 year old )

Jetamio 15 years ago
Rofl Lillaanya!

Well I'm gonna have a go.

Character Name: Xar'zith Maral

Character description: Xar'zith is a Dark Elf (blue skinned), but after an incident in her childhood when her older brother thought it would be fun to try out his freezing spells on her, she has had an aversion to heat. She much prefers the cold and relishes the winter months, even travelling to the Northern Tribes to hunt with them during the winter. Sometimes a fine aura of frost can be seen around her, this is a random side affect of her brothers spell and can occur anytime.

She is by trade an Assassin, but can often be found on the battle field using her skill with her blades. Her icey demanour as well as her battle prowess earned her her name, which translates as 'Ice Storm' in the Common tongue. She uses two blades of ice, a rapier she has named Icedancer, and a sword of Glacial Fury. She wears chainmail usually, sometimes trimmed with fur, but more for the look than any need for their warmth. She wears no jewellry but for a wolf fang neckalce and earrings, which were a gift from her northern friends.

-Hair color - Long and silky, almost straight with just a soft wave to the ends. Her hair is pure white, like snow.
-Eye color - A crisp, pale glaciar blue.
-Body type
- She is around 5'5, slender but well toned from her active lifestyle.

Desktop size: Er...1280 x 760 I think.

Eve 15 years ago
Character Name: Brizna'ae Baenlyl

Character description:
-Hair color - Silver/white
-Eye color - Silver
-Body type - Lithe and lean, dark elf

Desktop size:
1920x1200 but doesn't have to be that big

She's a Bruiser (evil side's monk) in EQ2 now, but she was an SK in old school EQ. She started way back when on AOL as a pen & paper char, who was a smuggler and jack of all trades. Through all of her incarnations, she's a fiesty and mouthy lil bitch who doesn't take shit from anyone.
MoonLily 15 years ago
Character Name: Lily the Frost Mistress
Character description: Regardless of the time of year, she exudes cold. In winter she is at her peak however, and thrives on making things as close to zero below as she can! Pale skintones with hints of blue at the lips and nails. A feisty little frost flower, she is not exactly mean... infact you might like her before you freeze to death! Attire is the artist's option... I think she's capable of wearing anything.
-Hair color Silvery pale, almost white and wintry
-Eye color Very pale, softly glowing clear violet
-Body type
Slim to curvy

Desktop size: 1024*768
Shaelynn 15 years ago

Character Name: Daniela the Ice Maiden (Sometimes Danii for short)

Character description: She's a character from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series.

Blurb about her from KC's website - Daniela the Ice Maiden: Beautiful, elven Danii, with her tears that immediately freeze, was born of the ice Fey fifteen hundred years ago. Her freezing skin can only be touched by one of her kind, but because her mother assassinated their king, Danii was exiled and has no contact with the ice fey. She has been untouched for centuries.

Daniela is one of the Valkyrie - a group of fierce female warriors. The Valkyrie look small and delicate, but they have preternatural strength and speed - and are immortal. All the Valkyrie are very beautiful. They are frozen into immortality around age 25.

-Hair color - very pale blonde
-Eye color - icey light silvery/blue
-Body type
- small of statue but curvy and slightly muscled

Desktop size: 1440 x 900

The Ice Maiden by *Shaelynn on deviantART

McAfee2000 15 years ago
Angelus Moonhaven

Character Name: Angelus Moonhaven
Character description:
-Race: Elven
-Hair color - White
-Eye color - Green
-Body type
- 6'5" Tall, Lean, 2% Body fat, gymnastic body type.
Desktop size: 1280 x 1024

Angelus is a Caretaker of his people some would say enforcer. Earthlings associate a Caretaker with a police officer, but they are so much more. They are healers, law givers, law enforcers, and most important of all they protect the A'shi from the Ancient Demons that walk the shadows and the dark.
He and his brothers and sisters of the order were to gurard the priest who conducted the Changing of the seasons. Not expecting an attack from any normal being in the universe, the patrol was lack when the real attack occured. The shadows appeared and slaughterd the preists and half his order before they knew what was happening. The remaining Caretakers drove the shadows back, but not with out the loss of the priests who would bring the light to the world. He knows that the current solstice of ice and smow was not an accident. The demons of old brought it about. They are returning. According to legend, there is one who can bring the Solstice again and it is his journy to find that one soul.
Angelus appears to be about 36, but is really several hundred years old.
His choice of weapons are his Caretaker sword, or his banishment sidearm (gun).
His armor is soft. A "Rangers" armor is probably the closest we will every get.
He also known to wear flowing robes - oriental robes fit the bill. (More ornate and high quality materials.) All his clothing is adorne with symbols of light, healing, and love.

Reference Image on its way
Kels 15 years ago
With a note of trepidation, I too am in. I'll fill out once I give it some thought <3

Character Name: Lillya Aluviel

Character description:
-Hair color brown
-Eye color fawn brown
-Body type short, and still skinny

Lillya is an empath, first and foremost. She is the adopted human daughter of an elven wizardess. She wears her hair in pigtails usually, and the tails are curly. Her eyes are a little too big for her face, as are her lips. Her ears have a slight point to them as she has a little elven blood. She is about 17 years old and acts more like 13 or 14. Once a slave, she no longer is and enjoys her freedom. She is very emotional, giggly and mischievous. She is not beautiful, merely pretty and content to be so. She is kind-heared, and naive. Class-wise she is an eq2 coercer, so she wears mage armor. (cloth)

She is part of the religious cult Bloodthorn, having been found by their mysterious leader a young lost girl, skipping class and daydreaming on the docks. She is naive about the Bloodthorn's true purpose, feeling that they are her true family. Her favorite color is shades of blue.

Lessa 15 years ago
Character Name: Merodda

Character description: My draenei death knight from wow.. kinda like a satyr or something hooves for feet, tail and horns. Her cold breath is like mist, even in warm weather, her skin cool to the touch.
-Attitude: Sexy, mischevious.. lil bit dangerous
-Hair color: Black, long and straight
-Eye color: Glowing teal
-Skin olor: Pale blue
-Body type: Curvy but fit
-Clothing: .. anything.. doesnt need to look like the game though would prolly not use bright colors or patterns
Desktop size: 1280 x 1024

some screenshots
link 1
link 2
link 3
Temprah 15 years ago
Character Name: Crymsyn

Character description: A strikingly beautiful dark elf, with soft blue skin and long pointed ears (not WoW long but like EQ2 )
-Hair color : Shining thick and rich, a shade of vibrant purple. Intricate gold clips pull it back from her face, and the ends curl up slightly
-Eye color : Lavender
-Body type : Curvaceous but lean, she is womanly and soft but well toned. Aproximately 5'6" in height

Desktop size: 1900 x 1200

I was born with the spirits whispering in my ear. Lying in my crib their whispy forms bent over me, speaking to me of a world long gone from us, before the Time of Ice. None in my family were like I, they could not see nor hear them. Sometimes I am not sure if they thought me mad, simple or far too powerful... but I was alone even among them. Everyone knew I was different, but no one knew how. No one knew why.

I did.

Secrets long forgotten by our people were given to me as pearls of wisdom, ancient texts lost to time were recited by memory to me, tales of those long dead and faded from history filled my ears and showed me the way. We had fallen to the depths of snow and cold because we lost our path. Greed, avarice and destruction had overtaken us. The Balance was lost. And with it the warmth of light and love faded from our world.. yes, we destroyed the world.. leaving us to survive hidden under its barren and desolate surface. Fallen from the light and grace, banished to the dark depths below.

Struggling for survival our people became angry, hate filled and bitter so we turned on each other in pettyness. What remained within us of the Light slipped away. Forgotten. The Time of Ice gripped us tighter, its mocking laughter within the howl of arctic winds that cut deeply into the caverns we now call home. Decades, centuries, millenia.. as each passed our people have dwindled, now only a few of us live here in this prison of ice and stone.

But now I bring the old ways, the things forgotten and lost. To some I am a Priestess, a Prophet and the mouth of the very gods themselves. But to me I know I am the Way, I am the Light. I am the one to show us what we have lost, and guide us back onto the path to reclaim the Balance we need if we are to have any chance of not fading away to nothingness and being lost forever to this snow covered Hell we have fallen to.

Notes :
Based off of my EQ2 defiler. Would love to see her wolf Midnyte with her if it's possible. Crym wears a mixture of chains, leathers and such with a shamanic flare. But always fashionable and flattering.
Wystro 15 years ago
Character Name: Wystro

Character description:
-Hair color **** auburn/red
-Eye color **** china blue
-Body type **** medium-light, palest skin, six-feet tall

Desktop size: 1280 x 1024

Formerly well-connected, but banished shortly before the exodus...

Lightly attired in silken layers of tunic and robes that gather a powdered-diamond dusting of snow...

Encased in subtle secrets and clever technologies that he carries with him from his past life...

He offers assistance and pleasant company to those he meets on this frozen world, but will not disclose the crime that led to his expulsion.
Den 15 years ago
Character Name: Nyx

Character description:

-Hair color: Black as a winter's night, shot through with a few tendrils of silver, framing her face the way the stars frame the moon.

-Eye color: Her eyes are ethereal, yet dark as coal, and an iridescence covers them, allowing their color to appear to constantly change. But that is just another elusive part of her being.

-Body type: Lithe, long, and a spider's web caught on a breeze, Nyx is so light that she is nearly blown away by a human's breath. If it wasn't for the dark coloring in her waist long hair, her almost luminous body might not be visible at all.

Desktop size: 1280 x 1024

Nyx's purpose on earth is to stir a person's dreams. If she is in a mischievous mood, she might add a bit of night fright to a young child's dream, or exacerbate a nightmare of a young maid. If she is feeling whimsical, a young man might find his thoughts leading him into wayward waters, within which he might also awaken.

She is not a mean fairy, but can be moved to do occasional foolish deeds by boredom. All in all, for the most part, she lives to serve, and is usually responsible for those wonderful night time illusions we want to bring with us when we waken to join the day.
Sabby 15 years ago
I was beat over the head and told to enter this... So, here is my character info - I don't have a story.. Sorry. I don't play EQ anymore, but I don't have nearly enough Sabby art.

Character Name: Sabreyn

Character description: (copied from my site)

Commonly being called by Sabby amongst her friends; she is beautiful and embraces her regal heratige. On the exterior, Sabby has very delicate features; pale smoothe skin, her hair is spun of silver and her eyes glisten with the sheen of diamonds. Truly, a High Elf, with extraordinary taste and expectations. Sabby will not settle. She demands the best, from herself and those who choose to be around her.

Some images:

These show her most as I see her:

-Hair color - Silver
-Eye color - Silver
-Body type - Tall and Slender (no she doesn't have big boobs)

Desktop size: 1440 x 900
Lorelei 15 years ago
Signing up......

Character: Cillainea
Game: World of Warcraft
Class: Priest
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Body type: Slender
Race: Human
Desktop size: 1680 x 1050