SIGN UP THREAD - Bio creation: Angels and Demons Mafia Event

The slight earthquake tremors not an hour ago has people still out in the streets, clogging traffic, but trying to maintain a sense of normalcy.

You are running late as you quickly enter the bank. There is a large group of customers waiting in line and regrettably you take your place at the end of shortest, which you figure will make you even later.

Men and women stand around you, walking by you, and occasionally bumping into you as you wait not very patiently in line. This is a state of art bank, none that you've ever seen. It is glass and steel from the floor to the ceiling, but undoubtedly bullet proof. Each bank teller's line has red, velor ropes and you reach out, touching the softness of it. There are guards posted behind the bank tellers, at the only entry into the five thousand square foot, three story building, and there are more desks to the right of the tellers, stretching behind a partial wall.

You check your watch. 4:44 p.m.

Suddenly you hear at thud. Looking up, you turn casually toward the noise and see a guard laying face down on the ground. Then another guard slumps to the ground. And another.

The people standing in line with you begin to turn around and you all watch every single guard in the bank fall, either unconscious or dead, to the ground. A man standing in front of you turns and steps out of line, rushing up to the guards, feeling a pulse.



You jump at the sound and it is followed by sliding and then more snaps. The man who stepped out of line looks at the bank entrance and runs to it. Pushing on one of the doors, he is met with firm resistance. It is locked.

People begin to scream.

“Ok, hold on, hold on!” The man at the door yells, holding his hand up and what looks like his wallet. “My name is Agent Ethan Hill. I’m from the F.B.I.”

“What is the F.B.I. doing here?? What’s going on?” Random voices from the line behind you begin to scream out questions.

“Listen. LISTEN!” Agent Hill lowered his badge and tucked it back into his pocket. The butt of his gun peeks through his dark blue blazer. “I don’t know what’s going on, but we need to remain calm.” As more of an after though, he mumbled, “I’m just here to transfer money anyway.”

Pulling his cell phone out, he dials a number and then holds it up to his ear. With a strange look, he puts his phone away.

The phones are dead, probably due to everyone calling about the earthquake. Probably.

The Bank manager steps out into the lobby and holds his hands up, calling for everyone’s attention. “Ladies and gentlmen, may I have your attention please?” The screaming and hysteria die down to a murmur as the manager continued his speech.

“The banks fail safe has been triggered. We’ve been completely locked down and will be until outside authorities have confirmed that there is no emergency.”

Agent Hill spoke first. “Why did you lock down the bank? Is it because of the guards?”

“I didn’t, the Bank did. This bank is a prototype against any type of terrorist activity. Physical, nuclear…bio.”

The screaming and hysteria began again. “You mean we’re locked in here with a bio hazard? Are we going to die? We’re all going to die!”

Well, maybe. You never can tell.

Character description:
Items in your pockets/purse:
Reason for being in the bank:
History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) :

ShutUpSara 13 years ago
Name: Ella
Character description: 5'9, 170 lbs, curvy. Golden blonde hair, long and wavy. Blue eyes. Pretty, but neutral expression looks sad. Scars on both wrists by the thumb that are very noticeable. Scars on throat that are barely noticeable until you are extremely close.
Items in your pockets/purse: Wallet with driver's license, credit cards, student IDs, BevMo! card, library card, and a bunch of receipts - Less than $3 in change. Cell phone, Zune, keys, switch blade, mace, notepad, pen, half of a bagel (The actual contents of my purse right now xD)
Occupation: Student, freelance game designer
Reason for being in the bank: Starting up a savings account, paying car payment.

SnowDragon 13 years ago
Name: Nadiya Kostkov

Description: She had light blue hair with light blonde streaks. It was usually kept up in a bun or a ponytail. She had diamond studs in her ears and her lip was pierced in a snake bite. She stood 4'11with a dancers body which she hid under black flare bottomed jeans with an orange studded belt and a t-shirt that was blackwith an orange dragon on the front with the words IFuck you I'm a dragon written below it. She wore black low top converse shoes with orange shoelaces. A black ahoulder backpack is slung across her right shoulder and chest. Strapped to her right ankle is a small throwing knife.
In her backpack: Her student visa, a picture of her family, a pair of worn ballet slippers, music sheet of Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, a bottle of water, a set of keys to her dormroom. Ipod filled with the classics and heaphones. Her parents life savings in form of a check made out to her and a paperback book titled The Gift much abused and dog eared.

Occupation: Student at Juilliard

Reason for being in bank: To open an account for school

HIstory: Her older sister was a prima ballerina and her parents thought she would be one too. She started training to be a ballerina at the age of 4. She loved ballet but it was not her first passion. The piano was and she would sneak to play it when she was not dancing. By the age of 12 they knew she would never make it as a ballerina. She was as good as her sister at that age but she was to short to be able to become a professional ballerina. At the age of 19 she left her home town of Kashira, Russia to travel to the United States and study at Juilliard. She was scared and alone and knew noone but she was living her dream.
Kilandra 13 years ago
Name: Myraan (miir ahn) Avers

Character description: 5'3" tall, slender, to some a little too thin, but not disgustingly so. Strongly colored black hair with vibrantly colored small braids of green and purple are pulled back in a sloppy pony tail. Vibrant green eyes with flecks of gold peer out nervously from behind fallen strands of her dark hair. Pale skin, the kind that makes you wonder if the girl has ever seen the light of day, with freckles that on the right person would be deemed 'cute'. She is covered up by a long black coat, hiding most of her physical features, and keeping nearly every inch of her covered. She had entered the bank with the hood up, but as people looked at her, making her feel more uneasy, she decided it was best to at least slip her hood down. She fidgets a great deal, her hands pulling from her pockets ocassionally, revealing even fingers that are tattooed, seeming like part of something much larger. (if there needs to be a description of what she is fully wearing and looks like, I can post that )

Items in your pockets/purse: She has a messenger bag slung across the front of her, the bag itself resting on her right thigh. Within the grafiti covered exterior there is held:
A cell phone, a jumble of keys, a compact with a mirror, a bottle of pills (zanax), a sketch pad, charcoals, drawing pencils, a portfolio of artwork, headphones, iPod, several Clif bars, 3 packs of gum, hand sanitizer, a small bag of hard candy, two notebooks, a small notebook, several pens, a bottle of water, a gum eraser, small travel bottle of tylenol that contains a mixture of pills, breath mints, tissues, a glass case containing a pair of glasses. Every item is in its proper place, and nothing seems a mess, even with so much contained within one bag.
A wallet with drivers liscense that is expired, student ID, social security card, two credit cards, one debit card, $3, 68cents, two pictures tucked deep into a pocket of the wallet, one of a woman, and one of a man and woman, an insurance card, a business card for an art supply store, a business card for a psychiatrist, a business card for an art dealer, a business card for a man of unknown services, and three small peices of paper with things written on them.

Occupation: starving artist college student of Freshman year

Reason for being in the bank: She has clutched within her left hand a check, folded several times, held tightly, that she hopes to get cashed. It may or may not belong to her.
Eve 13 years ago
Name: Olivia Parker
Character description: A tiny little package, topped by a curly mop of red curls. She has big, bright green eyes that seem to drink in the world around her. Today she's wearing a pair of faded black jeans and her favorite crazy paisley tank. (see picture for better description)
Items in your pockets/purse: Handful of change and her car keys in her pocket. In her purse she keeps her iPhone, wallet with a debit card and her license and a couple of pictures she had forgotten to take out of her and her ex-boyfriend, a pack of smokes and her lighter, a small taser gun that her father insisted she take with her when she left for college.
Occupation: College student and part time waitress at a small club near the campus
Reason for being in the bank: Cashing her paycheck so she can go hit the mall
History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) : Olivia is a free spirit, going to school far away from the small town she grew up in. She was always the "good" girl, and never gave her parents any reason to distrust her. Two years away, her major still undecided, and Olivia has learned that being a lil bit "bad" can feel oh so good.

Click for full sized pic
Slipnish 13 years ago
Name: Boris Sevnik

Character description: Boris is Russian. Boris is an old school Leninist and completely convinced that Capitalism is a tool of the devil. He stands just short of six feet tall, is bald headed, thin as a rail, and is completely compulsive about eating breath mints and smoking menthol cigarettes. He dresses only in formal or semi-formal attire, and prefers bowlers to any other sort of head adornment. He has several notable scars on his face and hands, not from any terrible life style or mob like activities, but because he's an ardent chef AND suffers from narcolepsy. Today he is wearing a dark gray suit, blue tie, and matching blue gators. He wears no jewelry as he considers it effeminate.

Boris is a man's man, and thinks that anyone who goes to the hospital for anything less than an organ replacement is a wuss. He drinks only Russian Vodka, and is firm in his belief that all Americans are soft.

Items in your pockets/purse: Wallet, keys, pocket knife, flask of Premier Russian Vodka, pack of Marlboro Menthols, silver lighter, cigar cutter, wallet with 62 dollars in cash, and various receipts and ID.

Occupation: Chef and Restauranteur He currently owns the Happy Wok Chinese Restaurant and Jewish Deli.

Reason for being in the bank: Trying to get a loan to upgrade his restaurant. He is convinced that the bourgeoisie bankers will NOT give it to him, despite his excellent credit score and success of his restaurant.
Vulash 13 years ago
Name: Reginald Fleischer

Character description: 5'6 160 lbs. Reginald is a small man in his mid 50s. He has glasses, ears and a nose slightly too large for his head, and some balding. He is dressed in nice, but out of fashion, business casual - slacks, nice shoes, an off color green shirt with a tie and a very nice watch. He is carrying a briefcase with various pads, notes, pens, post its, a day planner, 2 calculators, paper clips (of multiple varieties), a ruler, protractor, graph paper, and a folded up crudely drawn and colored picture of a stick man, a little stick girl, and a dog.

Items in your pockets/purse: A wallet with 206$, credit cards, drivers license, various business cards. He also has car keys, a cell phone, and chewing gum. In his shirt pocket is another pen.

Occupation: Mathematician for Gore Inc. He does mathematical modeling for new materials used in the medical industry (and has signed nondisclosure for much of it).

Reason for being in the bank: He was double charged on his banking fee for the month, and after multiple attempts to correct this on the phone, came in in person.

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) : Reginald was born in Connecticut, and spent most of his life there. He received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Connecticut, and left the New England area for the first time to complete a post doc in Germany. He has been working for Gore since, and is quite happy with his job. Not known as an adventurous person, he likes everything to go according to plan (a touch, or more, of OCD), and doesn't often travel out of the city. Most of Reginald's life is spent in his own mind working through his medium, math. Obviously he interacts with the rest of the world, but he rarely takes the time to "see" it - solving complex problems is his passion. The one exception to this is his family, of course. He has a loving wife, Beth, (a school teacher) and a little girl, Sarah, who just turned 11.

NOTE: I almost played as Lady Gaga
quiarrah 13 years ago


Shahara Duncan

Character description:

5'7, Medium build, medium weight. Not skinny but not fat either. Shoulder length Red hair. Wears glasses.

Items in your pockets/purse:

Purse is a Shoulder duffle bag with a wolf on it. Inside is a wallet which has her ID, bank card, store cards : CVS, Kohls, Boarders Books and a Starbucks card. Other items in her bag, a hat, gloves, scarf, sweater, bottle of water, cell phone and a leftover muffin from lunch.

Occupation: Housewife

Reason for being in the bank: Needs to deposit a check which belongs to her husband

Wystro 13 years ago
Name: Ernest Freeman

Character description: Male, 5'8", 210lb, 67-years-old. His solid belly is his center of gravity. His head is topped by a wispy white fringe of hair and a shiny pate. He wields a mighty Wilfred Brimley 'stache. A pair of readers is perched at the end of his nose. He wears a brown-and-rust plaid shirt over his undershirt and workman's jeans the top of which is pinned down and hidden by Mr. Freeman's prodigious belly. He may or not be wearing a belt. In his left hand he has a slightly rumply stack of envelopes, receipts, and his checkbook.

Items in your pockets/purse: Rollaids; five pens; photos of Mrs. Freeman, his kids, and his grandkids; a grocery list, a lottery ticket, $100 in cash, AARP card, Medicare card, Sam's Club card.

Occupation: Retired Amtrak Conductor

Reason for being in the bank: His bank statement does not match his checkbook ledger, and he wants an explanation!
Ksagag 13 years ago
Name: Nichole

Character description: 24 years old, white, female.
She is a petite girl, but you can't let her size fool you. She can really pack a punch and she has a temper on her that never quits. Nicole is a girl that lives in the moment and she tries to live outside the norm. Some people call her punk, others just shake their heads, but she doesn't care and doesn't label herself.

As far as physically, she has very pale skin that looks like she's never spent 10 mins in the sun (even though she has) but most of its covered in tattoos anyway. She has numerous piercings. She's actually lost count. Most of them surface piercings, but she does have her nose, eyebrow, and lip pierced as well as a few in each ear. She has also had her breast altered, which don't really look right on her too small frame. She emphasizes them by wearing tight, scandalous clothes. Her eyes are icy blue that seem to cut right to your soul when she looks at you. They are brought out by the crazy randomness that is her hair. She has dreads now ranging in colors from light blue to black with long side swept bangs that reach almost to her shoulder. She wears a lot of heavy makeup, usually very dark around the eyes.

Items in your pockets/purse: She's carrying a ratty old purse that has obviously seen better days. She can't remember, but thinks she bought it around 6 years ago. Inside she has her billfold ($14 and some change, ID, 2 credit cards that are maxed out, random receipts, an extra lip ring, and a note), 3 different types of lip-gloss, a pack of cigarettes, 2 lighters, a compact/mirror, and a few pens.

She has some more random change in her pockets and another lighter.

Occupation: Self-proclaimed model, but right now she's unemployed while looking for bookings.

Reason for being in the bank: She wants to see about getting student loans since she has been thinking about going to cosmetology school.

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) : Nichole has always been a bit on the crazy side. She started acting out at a very young age and sneaking out at all hours of the night was a regular thing. She started smoking pot and cigarettes by age 13 and has been arrested for grand theft auto twice before 15. She has calmed down a bit as she has gotten older. Plus, seeing 2 out of the 3 serious boyfriends she had as a teen get thrown in jail she decided some things might not be such a good idea. She definitely still has the wild streak and isn't afraid to show it once in a while.

References: here and a Poser render
Dia 13 years ago
Name: Vivian Scout

Character description: 27 yr old white female. 5'8ft 140lbs. Vivian is of average build with pale green eyes, a creamy complextion and hair so dark its almost black. She's dressed in skinny blue jeans a dark purple tank top and a black leather motorcycle jacket. Her boots come to mid shin and are also leather and made for riding. She carried no purse only a keychain that has a green ID holder that contains her drivers license, registration/insurance cards and one credit card. It's pretty beat up since she has stuffed so much into the two slots. Vivian has an envelope in her hands that has 700$ dollars in it. The envelope has seen better days and is filled with writting.

Items in your pockets/purse: spare change totaling 63 cents and a five dollar bill.

Occupation: auto mechanic

Reason for being in the bank: Paying on her bike loan for her midnight green 2010 Honda Stateline .
Keriath 13 years ago
Name: Victor Wes
Character description: Victor stands at 6’2”ft, 223lbs, and 32 years old. Victor is solidly built white male with piercing blue eyes and a face that looks like toughened leather from being out in the sun. Victor is wearing a pair of black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a knee length black trench coat. He also has a shoulder satchel which appears to be stuffed full

Items in your pockets/purse: In his right front pocket is a benchmark folding tactical knife. His left front pocket has a deadmans switch which is connected to the 8lbs of explosives in his bag. Hanging down on his right side is a M-4 assault rifle on a 3 point sling with an attached sightmark laser dual shot reflex sight. On his chest is a combat vest with 8 extra 30 round magazines for his M-4. On his right thigh is a drop hostler with a berretta 9mm pistol with two extra magazines.

Occupation: Former army ranger.

Reason for being in the bank: Victor is in the bank to rob it

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) : After watching the majority of his team killed while chasing several high value targets in eastern Afghanistan Victor was diagnosed with a severe case of PTSD. After being drummed out of the army Victor had a hard time readjusting to civilian life, so he turned to the army training that he had been receiving since he joined at the age of 18. Being an instructor in close quarters combat and a demo expert on his team his skill set he figured would be perfect for robbing banks. And after the amount of death that he has been surrounded with for the majority of his adult life he has no problems watching men and women die around him that he knows nothing about. Victor longed for the comrade’s he used to have in his unit and without that attachment he has slowly lost his grasp of what it was to be a decent and honorable man.
pharren 13 years ago
Name: Joel Thomas

Character description: Black male, 6' 2", 250 lbs, poor physical condition, wearing some stupid Affliction shirt, extra large frame aviator glasses, and those dumb, tight-fitting jeans that are supposed to look "comfortably worn" but instead look like some idiot took a paintbrush dipped in bleach to the legs. Joel's parents are both Canadian; his mother is a half-white, half-black woman from Quebec. He is offended by the term "African-American", because he is neither African nor American. He also hates the term "metrosexual", though his friends apply it to him so often, that he just pretends to go along with it, as if it's all a big joke. He's not metrosexual, he's fashion-conscious. Which is why he hates what he is wearing, but all the cool kids are doing it, so he must as well. SIGH.

Items in your pockets/purse: iPhone 3G, keys to his 2004 certified pre-owned BMW, a half a roll of Breath Savers, a brand new pack of Marlboro Lights, a cheap plastic lighter, one Trojan lubricated condom (ribbed for her pleasure), and a bottle of lightly scented moisturizing hand lotion. He left his wallet in his car.

Occupation: Unemployed

Reason for being in the bank: Sex

History: Joel (his name is just plain old "Joel Thomas" but he pronounces it like "Joe-ell Toe-mahs") is 29 years old and feels his time is running out. Although he is in no danger of getting married, he is convinced his bachelor status is going to come to an end very soon, and is doing everything in his power to make the most of what's left of it. That's what's brought him to this bank, on this day. He met that one fine teller over there, Christine, at the bar last night. She gave him her number, but when he called, it was a Chinese restaurant. So he's come on down to do a little sweet-talking, turn the charm on, and find out why she gave him the wrong number. Surely it was a mistake.
Verileah 13 years ago
Name: Danielle Martin
Character description: Tiny, pixie-like girl with short brown hair, tanned olive skin, and blue eyes
Items in your pockets/purse:
Dani carries an impressive Gucci purse that seems to have everything. An egg-shaped sewing kit, a first aid kit in a film canister, a shoe repair kit shaped like a tiny shoe, an extra pair of nylons, mace, a key chain with 12 keys and a key chain that says I love my Basset Hound, a meal bar, gum, mints, clear nail polish, an emery board printed with little kittens, panic button, rape whistle, tire pressure reader, a small box of crayons, pen, pad of paper in the shape of a basset hound, a small bottle opener, a multi tool, napkins, Kleenex, receipt book, coupon book, wallet with cash, credit cards, store cards, and medical cards, a blackberry, a mobile phone, a hands-free earpiece, and a bottle of water.
Dani is also carrying a take-out bag that contains a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich, a tub of coleslaw, and a bottle of coke.
She also has a phone number scrawled on a post-it in her pocket

Occupation: Personal Assistant to a powerful executive

Reason for being in the bank: Bringing her daddy some lunch

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character): Dani is a girl scout type with a huge maternal streak. Smart and capable, she is a model of efficiency and resourcefulness. Growing up the oldest of six siblings has made her both responsible and nurturing, firm and fair. She has a take-charge personality that unfortunately bleeds over beyond her responsibilities; in addition to taking care of her boss's every need, she also tends to do his job while he lives it up as a rich young playboy. Long term romance is not a part of Dani's life – what time she has to spare goes to the only man she really loves, her daddy, who works as a security guard at the bank.
CaptainBinky 13 years ago

Bernie Flump

Character description:

Bernie is medium height, balding, bespectacled, and sorely lacking in much of the way of charm or charisma. But he's eager once he's got a task to do which excites him - preferably involving elephants.

Items in your pockets/purse:

Small ball of lint
Piece of string
Used bus ticket made into a small origami mouse
Shopping receipt for magazine "Me and My Elephant"

In briefcase:

Crumpled up bit of paper
Magazine "Me and My Elephant"
Bank Statement


Aspiring writer for magazine "Me and My Elephant", otherwise unemployed

Reason for being in the bank:

Hoping to get a loan for a typewriter


Bernie was not much of a success at school. He had little in the way of friends since his only real interests were in elephants and few of his classmates shared his passion. So, keeping himself to himself, he indulged himself in writing fantasy stories where majestic elephants ruled the planet a bit like Planet of the Apes except with elephants.

He flirted with Buddhism having been impressed by their portrayal of elephants, and saved up all his money to pay for a trip to Tibet once he'd left school. However when he got there, he found it cold and lacking in any elephants so returned home sad. Many years later, the chance perusal of the magazine rack of a small independent and (judging from the ramshackle nature) struggling newspaper shop led him to discover the magazine "Me and My Elephant". Oh the joy! Bernie had found his calling! He ran home and wrote a sample article to send to the editor but it was returned, unprinted, on the grounds that they didn't accept work from freelancers written in crayon. But with no money to purchase fancy equipment, Bernie's only hope was a loan and it was this which led him to be in the bank on that fateful day...

lemmy101 13 years ago
Name: Jeremy Clarkson

Character description:

Jeremy is a British man in his early 50s who started his career as a journalist in the North of England. In the 90s he became a household name in the UK with his popular motoring show 'Top Gear', as well as presenting and appearing on many other shows and writing a column in the UK tabloid newspaper the Sun.

His opinionated and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour meant he was never too far away from controversy. Sometimes labelled as racist by those not appreciating his sense of humour and frequent jibes about the Germans and Americans, as well as gags about truckers murdering prostitutes, and of course his unapologetic climate-change scepticism, he has polarised opinion, much like a tasty/revolting yeast based spread.

In recent years, as his best known work 'Top Gear' became one of the UK's biggest exports, Clarkson and his two co-presenters the Hamster and James May began to conquer other countries with their unique car show and anarchic stunts involving destroying caravans. During regular challenges on the show they would all compete in elaborate motorist related stunts and challenges across the globe, and it was one of these challenges that brought him to the unspecified bank where the events that occured did occur at the time they occured.

Jezza, Hamster and May were competing to see who could get from the West Coast of the US to the East, driving in Mini-Coopers...driving in reverse... blindfolded, when Clarkson realised he needed to pop into the bank to withdraw some money for 'gas', a term he vehmently dislikes having to use.

Items in your pockets/purse:

His hands
Keys to a Ferrari
Keys to a Mini-Cooper
a BBC security pass
a copy of the Sun newspaper
Half a packet of Ready Salted crisps
A dictophone.

Reason for being in the bank:

Withdraw money for 'gas' / petrol
MashPotato 13 years ago
Name: "John Smith"

Character description: He's wearing a dark grey suit with a pinstripe shirt, and carrying a neat brown leather briefcase. A rather nondescript sort of man--neither tall nor short, young nor old, fair nor dark. The kind of man you would have trouble remembering, and that's the way he likes it.

Items: In his pocket, keys to his car and condo, a cellphone, a business card for a Dr. Lynn Meier. In his briefcase: 1.25 kilos of high-quality cut Brazilian cocaine, scale, $7500 in cash.

Reason for being in bank: to make his weekly "deposit" to the vice-president of the bank. And to withdraw $325 to pay for his hamster's gallstone surgery.

History: "John Smith" adopted his hamster from a his former "business associate" after he and his family went on an "extended vacation".
Merreck 13 years ago
Name: Ruth Shapiro

Character description: Ruth is a petite women in her mid 40's, with light brown hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. She has large green eyes framed by well maintained eyebrows, and a pair of black rimmed glasses. Her nose is very... prominent, and she has full lips and a pale complexion. Today Ruth is wearing a knee length gray pencil skirt, burgundy silk blouse, black pumps, and layers of gold necklaces (all of varying lengths).

Items in your pockets/purse: Inside her black leather tote one would find a black leather wallet, check book, blackberry, assorted keys, a pack of gum, and an eyeglass case.

Occupation: Paralegal

Reason for being in the bank: Balance transfer from one credit card to another.

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character): Ruth is a second generation Polish Jew in the United States. She married a "nice Jewish boy" at the ripe old age of 20, and has been relatively happily married with two children out of the house, and the third soon to follow. Although she is not religious, she still embraces her culture. L'chaim!
nickenstien 13 years ago

Professor Horatio Fwaffernagle Vanderkrumpt IV

Character description:

The professor is an average sized middle aged man, with wild white hair, a bushy white brow, a piercing glare and the expression of a mind in constant furious contemplation. He wears a monocle crafted from a rhino's kneecap.

He is blunt with everyone he meets and regards all around him with utter contempt, for continuing to hedonistically indulge in their own pointless and trivial existence.

Items in your pockets:

Slide rule.
Blob of blu-tac.
Diary containing scribbled coded notes and observations of a recent experiment.
Menu for Bianco's deli.
Wallet holding cash and bankcard.
Some Flubber.
The 'Fwaffernagle quantum de-twizzler core' prototype model 6.
Aleister Crowley's autobiography.


He is regarded as something of a polymath with a broad knowledge in many classical scientific and parascientific fields. His specific work/research is a family secret. All that is known is that he is continuing the work of his father, and grandfather before him.

Reason for being in the bank:

To place the 'Fwaffernagle quantum de-twizzler core' prototype model 6 in his family's secure lockbox.


He is a reclusive man, who rarely leaves the laboratory within the grounds of his family estate, to which he is the sole surviving heir.

He has published papers on varied scientific concepts, and is regarded by some as a genius for his insights on genetics, and by many more as an utter lunatic for his insatiable interests in the paranormal and the occult.
Gongaa 13 years ago
Name: Sammy "Fink" Clarke

Description: 5'9", 157lb, 43 years old. Sinewy and sun-wrinkled with red hair threatening to advance to an entry-level mullet sooner than later. He picked up his nickname his first week in college from his alcoholic roommate. Though cordial enough to those around him, Fink is rather misanthropic in his heart of hearts. He views humanity as a waste of space and resources that rightfully belong to animals that adapt to their environment, not the other way around. He prides himself on the citations his zoo has received for the good treatment and health of its inhabitants.

He is wearing jeans with a plain white dress shirt and gray blazer and sneakers.

Items in pockets: Wallet, keys, an unused latex glove, and a pocket knife - very minimal except for the bottle opener attachment. In the pocket of his blazer he is carrying a steel spatula.

Occupation: Zookeeper

Reason for being in the bank: Fink is going on vacation for 2 weeks to the Serengeti - his first real vacation in years. He was using this last day at home to run some errands, one of which was to visit the bank to get a new debit / credit card and retrieve an item from his safe deposit box.
Spirtis 13 years ago

Name: Kal Mando

Character description: A short man, he is in his mid 50s, with a portly belly to show his latest indulgence in life. He walks with a limp from harsh days of his youth. A constant look of contempt is worn into his wrinkled face and a slight grimmace spread across his lips. He brings a foul stench into the room when he walks in, wearing tattered clothes stained with urine and grime from countless nights spent on the cold, dirty streets.

Items in your pockets/purse: Fifty eight cents in change rattles in his pockets (1 quarter, 3 dimes and 3 pennies), a pocket knife, a convenient store receipt from the previous night and a handkerchief.

Occupation: Unemployed

Reason for being in the bank: To beg for spare change.

History (indulge me with a little storytelling about your character) : Kal grew up in a small, close knit town, where everyone knew everyone and their business. Counting the days he would able to move away, he hadn't a clue how he would do it or where he would go. He decided that the military was his best option. He joined the Army's Elite Special Forces, and was soon deployed off to remote parts of the world, undertaking classified missions, doing things that no man should ever have to do in their life. He soon became numb to the things he had to do, pushing the acts out of his mind, so he could do what had to be done to accomplish the mission. Serving in the military until an he was medically discharged for an accident that left his ankle shattered and walking with a limp, he returned to the states, with nowhere to go, he soon found himself a vagabond. His past coming back to haunt him for the atrocities he committed.