Begging the Question (for post slutting)

Since post count is apparently important (/smirk) I shall start the ultimate post whore thread . This one was, once again, shamelessly ganked from hatrack.

This is a game. Here's how it works. I'll start us off with an answer. For example:

"Just pour some club soda on it and it'll come right out."

The next poster posts the question that prompted that answer. For example:

"I chopped off my hand, there's blood everywhere, dear GOD what do I do?"

Then, the poster posts an answer of their own to keep the game going. Remember, you're not so much answering questions in this game, you are providing questions to already exsisting answers, and then writing answers to prompt new questions. Creativity is a plus, as always.


Good, I'll start.

"Well it depends on how big they are, really."

Guest 19 years ago
Can a guy hurt his nuts while getting out of a chair? (HA!)

A: Just be sure not to squirt it in your eye.
Sarah 19 years ago
Do you think I should add lemon to this?

As long as it went all the way up, your fine.
blazyn 19 years ago

Add more lubrication
Mileron 19 years ago
Q. This taco's awfully dry, any suggestions?

A. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try try again.
Vulash 19 years ago
Edit mileron beat me
Rikr 19 years ago
Q: I'm trying to poop, really, but it wont come out. What now?

A: Just spread it on toast and you'll be fine.
Guest 19 years ago
Q: What the hell do you do with strawberry flavored lubricant anyway?

A: I know this Plastic surgeon that can fix that right up for you, no worries.
Mai 19 years ago
Some of the guys in the goober forum broke their plastic doll friend, how can we fix it?

A: Just move a little to the left.
Xandare 19 years ago
Q: MY knee hurts, so I cant jump! how am I supposed to do the time warp now?

A: Yeah It will be fine, it was designed to stretch..
immy 19 years ago
This leotard is damn tight! Think I can still do my workout while wearing it?

Yeah, but only if you have two down there at the same time.
Prosecution 19 years ago
Do you think 699 is a good name for my home video?

A: I think its stuck.
Draegloth 19 years ago
the demons won't leave me alone! the demons won't leave me alone! the demons won't leave me alone! the demons won't leave me alone! the demons won't leave me alone! the demons won't leave me alone!

A: strap it in, attatch the rollerskates, and kick it in the back.
Geeii 19 years ago
How the hell are we going to launch the school macot ONTO the football field using a human sized slingshot (I know that was really lame)

A: It's too dry, you have to warm it up before you stick it in there.
Rasberry 19 years ago
Okay, we finally found a condom small enough, now what?

A. Well, the money is good, and you get used to working on your back.
Guest 19 years ago
Q) what possessed you to become a chiropractor anyway?

a) Sure it smells bad now, but with a good scrubbing you can do all kinds of things with it.
Xandare 19 years ago
Q: Why would someone buy a used enema nozzle anyway?

A: Wow I guess Piercing them Really does make them more sensitive
Draegloth 19 years ago
Why do people always curse at me when I stick them with this needle?

A: Why not, I like the idea of radiation poisoning.
Zhavric 19 years ago
Q: Can a nuclear reactor control rod be used as walking stick?

A: Make sure he doesn't squirt any on your lips or you know what may happen.
Mileron 19 years ago
Bah, beat me to it.

Q. Did you know you're not supposed to put your mouth on those sports bottles?

A. I didn't expect it to be that wiggly.
Nards 19 years ago
Q: Did you think after a night of drinking Jack Daniels that you would actually be able to have sex with your girlfriend?

A: The doctor said he was a professional and had done it hundreds of times.