Day Three /ooc chat

Lincoln died of a splitting headache....DISCUSS

FyreGarnett 17 years ago
geez, i'm out for a few days with a temp of 103 and we lose 4 peeps??? yikes! will reread all this later when i'm feeling less fuzzy...
Tor 17 years ago
Feel bettah!
Temprah 17 years ago
OK.. quotes today.. each describing a mafia member perhaps? The first is so glaringly obvious it's almost suspicious, the other I will do some reading and see what I can find.. I have someone that comes to mind but I want facts. We need to start tying these threads together people. Someone help me see the commonalities between these days!
Slipnish 17 years ago
I agree...

Not sure about today, cause I need to hit the Bio thread again. I think I have a couple of them IDed though...

Will look more closely this afternoon. Have a Dr.s appt. early on, but should be home around 2-3PM CST.
Slipnish 17 years ago
Okay, I've put together some stuff, but to be honest, I don't see much in the second Mafia hit. If Lincoln was the SK then we won't have any further SK hits. If not, then I'm gonna have to rethink this.

I'm a bit leary of posting a lot ATM, for fear of joining the Ghost Thread. The company may be wonderful, but I'd prefer to do it from this side of the veiled curtain...

Some of you folk post some stuff and I'll see if we agree.

I smell a lynching coming on!
Den 17 years ago
Lots of 'logging' references in last the song, and the fact that they stopped at a logging camp. Any connection to Parnell's walking stick?
Rae 17 years ago
Someone, we will affectionately call him the SK, complained that I was not posting enough on my Mafia findings. Honestly I have not found as much in the Mafia hits. I have found some things to think about though.

From the first hit, there is mention of the sweet stench. This could point to Temperance and her cigarillos.

Also from the first hit are the "Omens of insanity". They say one of the first signs you are going crazy is when you start talking to yourself. According to his bio, Hank talks to himself. He also sees a therapist. From the second hit, blood came out of Emerald's nose. Hank has a nose bleed in his bio.

From the second hit as well there is the use of the syringe. That could point to a nurse, but as someone already said it could also point to a drug user. Or perhaps someone who is at least familiar with it. From his bio, Estaban's assistant left to score some coke. His bio also has him rumaging around the different rooms before he left the hotel. The quote in the third hit talks about vanity which could apply to an underwear model. I also forgot that in the second hit the was the reference to a "False bravado" Estaban uses a fake accent and personna to pretend to be something he is not.
Vulash 17 years ago
I think I'mg etting whatever you had Fyre - just got up from a 3 hour nap and not helping - fun stuff and midterms coming up

I'll clue search later I feel like a donkey's vagina
Den 17 years ago
I also picked up on the bloody noses, and the Esteban's vanity, but since most people don't shoot up coke, I didn't get the syringe connection to him.
lemmy101 17 years ago
this'll prob get me into a load of trouble, but nickenstein's being awfully suspicious, and with the "wee" thing sounding like a scot I'm going with him. trying to play mind games it seems which doesn't seem to fit the townie's goals... something not right.

Of course since pointing out this evidence I'm now an axe weilding clown maniac, but hey ho to be expected I guess!

EDIT: Oop, no, apparently now I'm the SK! I've been busy!

Clowns can be sarcastic too...
nickenstien 17 years ago

I know why Lemmy "see's" me as suspicious! He points the finger at me, stating the "wee" clue as an indication of the mafia hit being from someone scottish. And blatantly disregards the other Scottish folk, without a mention. What is Lemmy's agenda? (does he want the other scottish contender to go under the radar, as he believes them to be mafia ? would that benefit his cause ? well, yes it would). I firmly believe him to be the serial killer now. The first serial killer act was to wander out onto the procarious safety webbing of the space needle (full of man sized holes, as the kill-text stated), and push a full grown man off it
!! From the BIO's, the only person who could achieve such a feat, would be someone skilled in thight-rope walking, someone with circus-entertainer training, someone like a CLOWN TRAINER!!!!!!!!! LEMMY IS THE SK!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Sorry; when I say Lemmy, I of course mean his character Dirk The clown Trainer

EDIT2 : Of course I change my posts Lemmy! It was full of typos! And you try to make it seem insidious!! You realy ARE hiding something!
lemmy101 17 years ago
You're too kind McNickenstein, however who says I've had a discussion with Jet? You wouldn't be trying to off both me (your accusor) and Jet (the only other person who is scottish and therefore your only scapegoat) in one fell swoop would you?

EDIT: AND Changing his posts after I expose his BS. Shocking! Is this the behaviour of an innocent man?
nickenstien 17 years ago
Nobody said that you had discussions you hell-bent Crazy-Killer!!! I only said you avaded incriminating her, not that you had talked! I think one doth protest to much! YOU PSYCHO!
Tor 17 years ago
Angus isn't the only Scot - don't forget Jet.

Anyway, from today's clues here's the stuff I spotted.

Vanity points toward Esteban and Dirk - but noctournal working could point squarely toward our gigolo Esteban, teh looover uf wimins.

To counterpoint the Esteban only clue, though, we have laughter again. Carly mentions laughter, but what about Dirk, the Clown Consultant? Mr. Dirk REALLY fits with the "Wicked Grin That Was A Parody of Actual Joy".

Popping back to love, we have the "special brand of love." On first examination, we have Mr. Esteban, but we can't forget that the dirty boy Angus has SOILED PICTURES OF DAVID HASSELHOFF! For shame, son...but nice shot.

Let's list them up and see how they look across each round, shall we? Sicne the wee clue of "wee" seems to be the biggest, let's start with the Scots.

Angus - round 1 - match on insanity and red. Round 2 matches lack of control, clueless about personal boundaries, moving away.

Jet - round 1 - Matches on two overarching themes - size and quiet. Round one matches on gray, red, pedestrian. Round two matches on moving away, smart.

Really we have to decide if the overarching themes outbalance the other evidence.

That leaves Esteban, Dirk and Carly.

Esteban's clues are red scarf from round 1. Round two - idle, moving away, false bravado, lack of control, drug use.

Dirk matches round one on the grim smile, laughter, madness. Round 2 - moving away, prescence both alien and familiar,.

Carly matches size, laughter, cleanliness. I think we can safely cross her off the suspect list for mafia.

I'll post more, but I think I've already made enough of a target of myself. Cheers!
Tor 17 years ago
Holy crap - there was a lot going on while I typed! *duck and cover*
lemmy101 17 years ago
Angus isn't the only Scot - don't forget Jet.

Yes that's true, but then why all the cloak and dagger changing his posts? And him grimetonguing in PMs to keep my vote (successfully) away from Henry before?


To counterpoint the Esteban only clue, though, we have laughter again. Carly mentions laughter, but what about Dirk, the Clown Consultant? Mr. Dirk REALLY fits with the "Wicked Grin That Was A Parody of Actual Joy".

For the record, I never got the chance to don the clown's makeup, it is my clients who wear the make-up and practice the clown smiles. I gave up that dream long ago.
Tor 17 years ago
Ah yes, the unfortunate washing machine accident, wasn't it? Sorry to bring up the painful memories. Have a cookie. You'll feel better.
Den 17 years ago
Dude! What is this thing you have for size? The last person to get hit was a giant next to Carly, and was killed with an ax...if anything she's too small to pull that off. And cleanliness? She cleaned her house and had a packet of wipes in her purse, amoung a million other things.

The laughter I'll give you, but there are so many other things working against her being suspect, I don't think that adds up to anything.
Jetamio 17 years ago
Or maybe! someone is trying to imitate a Scottish accent! Don't tell me none of you has ever tried it!

Scots accent seems to obvious a clue really.
Den 17 years ago
Ok -- using some of your own clues, lets look at Kassidy again.

Size? She's tall, but thin (5'9" - 125lbs)
Vain? She carries around beauty products
Clean? She states the move north was a clean start...a REALLY CLEAN START.
Gardening? She used potting soil and flower seeds when planting her folks.

I still say the references to logs means something, and she carries a wooden bat...

Finally, though she may not be short, she's only 15, which can also make her appear 'wee' to some of the older people...wee lass :P