It's open!!! Have at it people!!!! Turn in your fucking fairies!

Verileah 17 years ago
I had Diabolica's Aeval!




Mistresspoisongirl 17 years ago
Tamaelia, beautiful girlie...

Darsa 17 years ago
Awright, here we go! My person was:

vwinsect AKA Lady Geneva Bug!

So here we go! Here is a sig for you, that I did **right** after getting my assignment

(I have a version of this without the profanity as well if you'd like)

And here's an avatar, which I just did last night!

Aaaand, here was the scariest part! I was in the process of working on this one, and suddenly my stupid Poser program started being a bitch. I was getting all kinds of error messages and it would only render part of the way through, blue screen of death, whole nine yards But! After frigging with it for what seemed like forever it finally decided to cooperate again. Still getting errors, but at least it let me render! So, here's your desktop image, linked for bigness:


I sure hope you like 'em as much as I enjoyed making them!

Edit: Awright Roz, ya pest, here's my credits
A3-Jenna & River morphs- Cleo MAT
Lucrezia Hair
Elfdance enchanted outfit&wings, Enchanted Glade tex recolored by me
RDNA Ladybug
Perching Tree
1010 Background

Lessa 17 years ago
My Fucking Fairy was


Omg, how nerve wracking is that!?

Heres your little Jinx hun, I hope you like her!


I uh.. had alot of time.. well til the end when i thought of more to fix hehe..then it just crashed.
freyals 17 years ago
I had
Rae's Zhanna
. She was great fun! XD

Here I have made a standard picture, a 1280X1024 desktop, a signature and an avatar, and I realised that I am no good at designing sigs and avatars - so PLEASE dont feel forced to use them if you dont want! ;p
ROzbeans 17 years ago
From Lacy to Kittystavern!


Ok there's 1 more piece, another desktop portrait dealio, but honestly I can't upload it because it's friggin huge.


There's the zip that has all the pieces for you, dear!!!
ROzbeans 17 years ago

Unfortunately I spelled the name right on the sig but didn't notice I spelled it wrong on the desktop and by then it was too late =x

Beli 17 years ago




was Vex

This is based on Sese, a punk fairy who's only into tribal tattoos, piercings, evil, mayhem, and all that jazz.

1920 x 1200 wallpaper size for Vex's insane desktop!

Full size

Adiene 17 years ago
yay! I had LESSA~!

Hope ya like! MY wrist hurt for 2 days after all the repainting and shib LOL

Some siggys, couldn't make up my mind which I liked bestest so made two lol

and a desktop! *huggers~!!!!*
Den 17 years ago
I had Janthin/Sartinette

Link to desktop: http://www.denelou.com/TAC/fuckingfairies/FuckingFairies.png

Fae, et all my creations. Flower was line art I made from some stickers, years ago, and the border on the sig was a brush I also obtained years ago...sorry, no clue from where.
Lunna 17 years ago
I got Sangre. My piece is freehand using a reference photo of course. I made use of some brushes for the background. I hope you like her! 'Cause if you don't Eve's gonna pluck her wings and eat them O.o



Full sized portrait is thumbnailed for size. I didn't even think about fitting it to your desktop. Sorry... Let me know if I need to edit for you.
patslash 17 years ago
OMG what great entries so far!!!
ok so i got

i tried to recreate a setting in which your fairy would fit, hope you like it! excuse the large sizes, i thought it was better so you can resize everything!

here's what i came up with:

Eve 17 years ago
I had Wystro!


And a wallpaper : http://www.designsbyeve.com/myimages/xannu_wp_dbe.jpg
Edit with an avatar! I had to do it with the lil turtle since he was my fav part of the piece. When I realized what I wanted to do with him and the bug, the rest fell into place
Hope you like him, cuz he was a ball to play with Let me know if you want the wallpaper without the text since it's not exactly work safe *giggles*

And Lunna, you gotta tell them it's because I love her wings and they look so nummy! /bonks her
joannastar 17 years ago
I had nmastudios

I totally forgot to check what size you'd want for wallpaper, so I did a couple:
1280x1024, 1280x960 & 1024x768
but let me know if none of those fit - I can easily make another size!

Large version: [x]


And finally, signature:

Hope you like them
Wystro 17 years ago
Wow... I had Eve!

I loved the idea of Mira and the idea of her innocence with a threat of destruction. I may update this later, but this is what I have, and I loved every minute of making it. I wanted to do something special after Eve came in and saved me from giftlessness in the Beam Me Up exchange. I hope you like it, Eve!

The Desktop Version

FyreGarnett 17 years ago
omg - these are just incredible!

Well, I got
... which darn near gave me kttens to even think about!

and then you can


for one that can be used as a desktop....

and the credits (was a widdle excited this morning...*grin*)

Vayne hair
Clothes/wings - Elfland: Enchanted, tex Charmed
rixster 17 years ago
Everything here is superb...
Anyway, I had Twilightfenix - first ever fae image from me - hope its OK

Original sized version HERE

And Desktop version (1280x1024) HERE

Let me know if you would like different sizing on the desktop!!
Twilightfenix 17 years ago
I had


I hope you like it ^_^



And your Piciture which contains nudity

Credits: Victoria 3
Folkvangar's Fantasy Backgrounds
Butterfly Hair
Fairytale Grass
LB Agapanthus
thorn works U Wings
Verity 17 years ago
I had

Clickey for Larger:

I made ya 2 siggy's. 1 Work safe, & 1 not so work safe y

And an Avatar:

I didn't make a desktop sized, however, if you PM me with your desktop size, I will make a desktop for you.

Evey Face morph (I think)
Valkyrie dress from daz, recolored & transmap by me
Background from Background pack purchased from Rendo (dreams Vs. Reality) Recolored by me
DawnStar 17 years ago
Wow ~ there are some awesome graphics up there! So, for my first ever exchange I was given joannastar's Tasiel. Hope you like her sweetie!