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Feel free to turn in!

Verileah 16 years ago
Advance Turn Ins:

From Laire to Jetamio:

From Dawn Star to Adiene:


Liana for Aiko3 (http://www.renderosity.com/)
Madelyne Hair in violet (http://www.daz3d.com/)
Faerie Dreams Star Earrings (http://www.faerie-dreams.com/)
Evil Innocence's Baby-T (http://www.evilinnocence.com/)
Daybreak Studio's Fetish T Pants (http://www.daybreak-studio.net/)
Lotus Boots (http://www.daz3d.com/)
Anton's FX - i don't remember where these came from...
Summerwood (Millennium Environment) (http://www.daz3d.com/)

created in D/S 1.8
frame/text added in PSP7

From Meeeee to Darker Musings:

I really enjoyed this character. I wasn’t familiar with the series, so I checked out The Vampire Armand from the library and tried to get a good feel for him. That particular book focused a lot on his early life – his later, older vampiric adventures were much more summarized and quickly done – so I suppose it was only natural that I was drawn to the idea of what Armand would look like before he was turned.

A young Armand

Of course, he went on to live several centuries as a powerful, sexy, but very tragic vampire. I wanted to try to capture both his sensuality and his sadness in a clean bishonen style.

There are so many facets to this character and I had a lot of ideas to work with – in the end I had to just stick with a couple, as there are only so many hours in the day. I hope I did him justice .
Wystro 16 years ago
I had MistressWit, and I must say that I had a lot of fun working on Sholto! A big thank you goes to Eve who gave me feedback =)

..and a little sig:

I may change the sig later -- I completely forgot about making one until tonight! I hope you like it as much as I liked making it, MistressWit =)

EDIT: I also posted it on DeviantArt and it can be downloaded at it's full working size: http://wystro.deviantart.com/art/Sholto-71548995
Eve 16 years ago
Looking great so far! For my exchange, I got LacyAnn. I wasn't familiar with her book of choice, so I did what she said and went with it from her description. It seemed to take me a couple weeks to get into the right mindset. I couldn't wrap my head around doing the whole gossamer gown without showing nudity! Finally I settled on just the right material for the dress and wings and had her strike a pose. The rest, as they say, is history I decided to turn my portrait into a book cover. The blurb on the front is the same as the one used on the real book. I pilfered it from Amazon

And of course, a siggy!

Bah I forgot to write my credits down when I sent my links to myself *muttermutter* I'll try from memory! *hmmphs cuz she just woke up*

Credits: Girl is a mix of vamp chars and my own tweaks for the morph, the skin is from IgnisSerpentis' Alchemy 2 girl at RDNA; hair is Lucrezia locks from Goldtassel and SWAM; dress is the Evening Star from Daz; I think I used Hooterbelle's wings, also from Iggy at RDNA; and the background is from RDNA; oh and the dangly bits you see sparkling all over are from CristelB. Think that's everything lol

And a special thanks right back to John, who kept asking me if I was done yet
patslash 16 years ago
mine was Claire Fraser for Diabolica! I made a desktop, a portrait and a siggy, hope you like!!!gy
it was a bit hard for me to depict people in "real" clothes so i listened to Diabolica's sugestion and concentrated more on her face features than the dress, although i hope it quite resembles what she got in mind.

Vex 16 years ago
I had Lessa.

I know she's not really a boyish type here, but I don't do boyish types well so you get a pinup.

and sig:

Lillaanya 16 years ago
I got Maeya!! I was so excited, cause, well red hair and green eyes are right up my ally. She gave so many wonderful details in her description and I had a whole huge scene laid out including most of them....and then my muse whacked me in the head a few days ago and made me do this portrait instead. I hope you like her!!

Click for full size

And 2 sigs for you to choose which you would prefer...your name or hers

Credits: Gaia by VAMP, Vanessa hair, Vanessa morph tweaked a little by me, Morphing cloak and cape, Hooded Cloak, Vandra with my textures, Background by Eve
MoonLily 16 years ago

I got Nox, incarnation of night..

I painted a portrait, did a wall paper, and not sure if she'd like my painting style I also did a render. I have credits written down somewhere, but I can't find the paper due to my toddler walking off with anything I actually need these days. Will fix when paper's found.
Maeya 16 years ago
Place holder

I have a few more finishing touches I had planned to work on tonight (I actually thought turn-ins were tomorrow O.o). I'll post my person this evening, but I didn't want Rox getting antsy thinking that people were skipping out on the turn-ins

Edit: I updated the thread with my turn-in. I decided to make a new post rather than add it in here so Verileah would be sure to see it.
darkermusings 16 years ago
I have never red these books, actually never heard of them, lol. But I skimmed everything I could find out about them. I gathered this was a dark and moody fantasy world, so a dark and moody image seemed in order, albeit with a touch of tragic romance. There are two images sizes, several avatar sizes and two sig tags. I hope you like, and I sent you a PM with the link to the zip file for all the images.

Happy Holidays!!!

Mel aka darkermusings
M. C. Krauss

Brushes/image files for tattoo from http://gothika-brush.deviantart.com/
The rest is Poser, EOTM background from DidiMc, and lots of postwork in PS7.

tamaelia 16 years ago
Mai, I hope you can live with having drawn me as your exchange buddy again! I /squeed when I saw who you chose for your character because it meant I got to re-read Dune for 'research' purposes

I really should have asked you what size desktop you prefer, or if you would just rather a portrait style pic. If you want me to resize it or send you the photoshop files I can, though I think its scarily huge LOL I will have a forum sig for ya soon, just wanted to get this up as early as possible so you didn't have to wait for ages *hugs*

Here is my version of Alia, Abomination, Anti-mentat.... and condemned to her fate before birth. (click for linkage to dA)

Laschae 16 years ago
I had Eve's Cherry. I don't know if it's the season or being exhausted but it took me along time to get to this point. There were alot of inspiring scenes in the book and I had wanted to do one with her hugging Anita's leg since I thought that scene captured Cherry and the other were-leopards best....but It didn't work out =\ I wanted to use V4..didn't work out..then I found the outfit and it started to slowly come together. Enough rambling, more art and coffee =D

I hope you enjoy Eve!!!

Big pic:


Credits as best as I can recall atm: V3, Paris hair, Dirty Diana outfit/skin texture, Serena morphs, Background from Resurgere, cloud brushes from http://blademarth.deviantart.com/ . Whew got em all =P

Hope you like. Big thanks to TAC for another great exchange idea!!!
katlienc 16 years ago
I had Darsa, whose "Once Upon a Crayon" request was Titania, Queen of the Sidhe from a novel by Mercedes Lackey. I pictured her and beautiful and regal. Darsa, I hope you like what I have done, let me know if you want anything changed.

These are housed on photobucket, I generally use imageshack, but it wasn't being cooperative this morning. I haven't used Photobucket before so I don't know if the desktop is available in its full size, so I also loaded it to DA. http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs23/f/2007/341/8/2/Once_Upon_A_Crayon_by_katlienc.jpg




Ophelia Hair (RMP)
Nyte Elf Textures
Daz MFD massively re-textured by me in the Poser Material Room
Svuka Ears created for me (Shuacat over there) by Adiene on StudioMMO boards
Background by Wrenstormbringer on DA
Background props by DM on RMP
Lessa 16 years ago
first of all, I am very sorry I didnt make midnigh t turn in, I always try to if I can...

I had Vex! I had two visions in mind for this turn in and one slightly different from the second, but it wont be posted today

This is a huge image.. 1920x1200, I know its not the size of the desktop n your post and I will resize it if needed..

Edited linky - http://www.lessa.eccentricallymine.com/Sonjabluedesk.jpg
another giant image

I went out and got the book, the first one, and read it. I know everything is not as written in the book, but I tried to get it close as I could.

Her hair was shoulder length and black as goddamn, as his grandpa used to say: styled in the bristling fashion made popular by music videos, it rose like the crest of an exotic jungle bird. She wore a battered black leather jacket a size too big for her over a sleeveless French-cut T-shirt of the same color. The jacket was going out at the elbows, and in an attempt had been made to repair it with electrician's tape. The legs of her tight fitting black leather pants were tucked into a pair of scuffed low healed engineer boots. Her hands were encased in fingerless black leather gloves. And, of course, there were the mirror shades.

will try to remember all the credits
First Image:
Sanity from RDNA
Flexy hair - oot
Nite Elves - VAMP
Lilith - Rebelmommy

Image 2:
Lilith- Rebelmommy
Freebie glasses - Renderosity
Flexy Hair
Bg - Renderosity ( forget who atm)
V3 Jacket ( forget which set atm) - Daz
SnowDragon 16 years ago
I had KittysTavern. I have never read this book but I know so many people have and I was terrified how I was going to do this. I hope everyone likes my rendition of Anita Blake. I have posted the desktop at DA so that it is the actual size since photobucket scrunches the size down.

I also did 2 sigs 1 with the plushie and one without.

And an Avatar

I will post all credits tonight when I have the list in front of me. I really hope you like this and no one else lynches me for messing up what Anita looks like.
Sangre 16 years ago
I got Dawnstar - again lol! And her character was a challenge! This is the description: "Jaenelle from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels fantasy series. The description is from 'Daughter of the Blood':

"She was medium height, slender, and fair-skinned. Her gold mane--not quite hair and not quite fur--was brushed up and back from her exotic face and didn't hide the delicately pointed ears. In the center of her forehead was a tiny, spiral horn. A narrow strip of gold fur traced her spine, ending in a small gold and white fawn tail that flicked over her bare buttocks. The legs were human and shapely but changed below the calf. Instead of feet, she had daintily horse's hooves. Her human hands had sheathed claws like a cat's. As she shifted position to slip another shard into place, he saw the small, round breasts, the feminine curve of waist and hips, the dark-gold triangle of hair between her legs."

I did the very best I could with her. I do hope you like her. I tried to make her hands very big & cat like.

By redsangre at 2007-12-06

By redsangre at 2007-12-06

By redsangre at 2007-12-06

By redsangre at 2007-12-07

I hope you like her hon!
Shaelynn 16 years ago

I had


She gave me a choice of two characters, and I picked Natalya from

Dark Demon. I had never read that book, but I'm partially through it now. She's a great character! I really enjoyed this exchange



Small portrait

Link to desktop

Link to larger portrait

I hope you like them!

- Dia


credits: v4, Jamie, Stomper boots, pants are from DAZ Vampire outfit, top is from Domino outfit, Hybrid hair, guns and props from Hi Fantasy/Treasure Hunter set, leather shaders from Magic Skins collection, background is Didi MC

Kittystavern 16 years ago
Okay, so I had


and the character was Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor

Here's the desktop size scene


Here's the desktop size pin-up

Here's the signature

And finally, the avatar

I hope you like her, hon.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
To Brierlea:

MistressWit had you but due to unfortunate internet suckage with her satellite provider, she was unable to complete her end of the project. Fear not - one of staff (/COUGHVEXITWASVEX) stepped up and made you something in exchange! =D

Darsa 16 years ago
Alright! I'm slow, I admit it!! My exchange person is KATLIENC!!

Oh, and before I post, I want to let you know I made a HUGE effort to get the pieces I was working on together. Alas, it was all in vain! One piece, the sig, is here at work, and the other piece is at home. SO!! You get the sig now, and the desktop when I get home

I was SOOO excited to get Polgara; I *loved* that series and read it quite a while ago. Here's what I've done for your sig:

Oookay, and here's the desktop image!!

And as soon as I get home I'll post the desktop as well. I hope you like them!
LacyAnn 16 years ago
I had Laire and her character Pandora. I read the book a LONG time ago lol so I pretty much went on the wikipedia she linked too. I tried to make her strong and powerful but sad and contemplative. Daz render PS postwork. How you like it hun.

Click for Wallpaper http://loading.lacyclagg.com/tac/wallpaper4.png

Click for full Image http://loading.lacyclagg.com/tac/pandora.png