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Round 3 Kills

Mafia - Kal Mando
Lynch - nadiya

Vulash 13 years ago
Well we killed a mafia. So for the doubters of my plan - why in the hell would I frame a mafia in a game THE MAFIA WAS WINNING to run a plan if I was mafia? Sure - its something I would do if I needed to to win the game, but the mafia was already winning this game.

Also - ShutUpSara - I sure hope you skidded me instead of running and "forgetting" or just refusing too after I clearly laid out the scenarios if you were really sheriff or mafia. You had nothing to lose if you were really sheriff. You couldn't do it if you were mafia - I'll repost all of that if I need too. I made it clear to you. So if you don't skid me, or offer some previous skids or something - I can only make one assumption. There is no reason for the sheriff to reveal himself or herself and then refuse to help at all and just type random nonsensical phrases about how good you were at other games while having no clue what is going on in this one. The act isn't working.

Ok I'm going fishing - I'll be around later.
Gongaa 13 years ago
Mozart wasn't deaf, Beethoven was in his later years. Is this a clue?
Verileah 13 years ago
Dag, yo. Do not tempt the lord your god!
pharren 13 years ago
They were no longer a problem, but the stairway door hitting her ankle, throwing her off balance proved to be a mightier foe, but not any more so than gravity.

Who else do we know with a bad ankle? HMM, SPIRTIS?
pharren 13 years ago
Not sure why there would be clues in the lynch scene pointing at anyone other than the person being lynched, but I saw a bunch in the previous lynch, so who knows.
Kilandra 13 years ago
Something was brought to my attention as I was reading this ... why are the lynch mobs all targeting women?

A few interesting things at the end concerning Luc and Alex, and the reference of : ‘A consuming fire - A just and terrible God, who, notwithstanding his special relation to thee, will severely punish thee, if thou provoke him.’ (Deuteronomy 4: 24, which reads: For the Lord thy God is a consuming afire, even a bjealous God.)
You say she is mafia.. yet God wouldn't touch her. Luc did. Earlier references to this indicate that one side either wouldn't, or COULDN'T touch the other. So if she was mafia, and therefore on God's side aka an Angel, why didn't he touch her? And Luc did? Was it only after she was dead that he *could* touch her, or was she actually a demon? Luc's comments at the end to her could be a little chirp about like: tsk tsk, you know how he gets when he's pissed off, little girl kinda deal.
The scriptural quote also has links to Romans 2:16, and a few other places that talk about how the wicked will be judged, punished because of the things they do before Him, etc. So again, why was she mafia?
Kilandra 13 years ago
In fact, it seems like Luc had some sort of relationship with Nadiya, given that others have been killed and there was never that closeness as there was in this one. I think you shot the sheriff :P
pharren 13 years ago
why are the lynch mobs all targeting women?

We are all closet misogynists.

So again, why was she mafia?

Cause Vulash said so!
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Mozart wasn't deaf, Beethoven was in his later years. Is this a clue?

SHIT! That's my mistake!!!!
Kilandra 13 years ago
well crap. kal mando just got killed off, and I thought he was mafia. boo.OR.. .maybe he was, since he was expecting the group, and they just sacrificed one of their own to throw us off!
Verileah 13 years ago
Hey, I'm all about killing some mens!

Also Spirtis. Clue finding after lessons and shopping, see you all later!
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
The Joker from the first Batman film quote was intriguing ("Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight"). The Joker famously has a Chelsea smile in the new film and a disfigured face in the Tim Burton original.

Only two bios reference facial scars, Ella:

Scars on throat that are barely noticeable until you are extremely close.

...although not quite in the correct place and barely noticeable (plus I find it unlikely that you'd make a Joker connection to a woman), and Boris:

He has several notable scars on his face and hands

...who we already had pegged as Mafia.

Boris also has 62 dollars in his wallet - at least he did until he stuffed them into the mouth of poor Kal Mando

(on that note, Jayden Donovan has a few dollar bills too)
Greywood 13 years ago
Ok.....BORIS needs to die now...if for no other reason than we can stop attributing clues to him and focus on someone else!
Ksagag 13 years ago
The lynch mob stood at the top of the stairs, quiet and sullen at what they had caused. Remorse, however, did not cross any of their faces, but she did notice one shrug with a half grin.

The first thing that popped into my head was that the one that shrugged and smiled has to be Vulash lol. Like saying "huh, look what I did" and being proud :P

Any way, just read the lynch and hit... I'll try to gather some clues soon.
Vudu 13 years ago
So here is what i find interesting... this is going on lastnight in the last OOC thread

so i find it interesting im being claimed as mafia... it says i saw and knew the agents gun... why would i need the agents gun when i have my own on my back....

Because Vulash is really the GF and we are all going to burn in hell for following him!

Originally Posted by Spirtis
Because Vulash is really the GF and we are all going to burn in hell for following him!
^ that.

I'm finding it very interesting that the people who were suspect for the "Planet Earth" and extinction reference are following the vote proposal set forth by Vulash. If in fact 1 of them is mafia and Nadiya is as well, why are they voting for her? I guess there is time to change their vote but that seems to me that it would point fingers at them even more than not voting as Vulash suggests. Of course, the mafia could also have decided to sacrifice someone in order to make everyone else think Vulash is right and then the rest on the list are indeed townies to be slaughtered without a second thought. All hail the GF!!!!

Notice that the three of us Spiritis, Greywood, and I were talking about Vulash being the GF and now look who is dead in the vault Kal Mando/Spiritis... this is why you are pointing a finger at me because you only see me for 2 clues that don't even really hold up to your playing cards.... Yes I noticed the agent's gun but why would i need his gun when i am packing my own 38 pistol on my back... and 2 your blaming me for saying the bible verses when no where in my bio does is say im churchified...
Ksagag 13 years ago
He was laying on his back, propped up across one of the teller stalls, his face sliced from one ear to the other. Dollar bills had been shoved into his mouth, pushing his cheeks out like a chipmunk.

This would require a knife again or some other sharp cutting utensil.

People still alive with knives, etc
Ella - switchblade
Boris - pocketknife
Victor - tactical knife
Danielle - a multi tool
Sammy - pocket knife - very minimal except for the bottle opener attachment (not sure if it still has the knife on it or not)
Spencer - 4 inch lock-blade pocketknife

I still feel very strongly towards Boris so I'm going to comb his bio first...
pharren 13 years ago

A lot of the clues today seem to come in groups, spaced out throughout the kill. Or maybe my brain is just working differently today.

His fingers were stained with a dirty residue

With a resigned sigh, he looked back down at his fingers, smearing the residue with a thoughtful expression.

What's up with this? I really don't feel like combing bios again, but I will.

with a thoughtful expression

‘I’ve been having these…thoughts.’

Again with the "deep thoughts" motif. I'm actually starting to think Kal was Mafia. That would explain why the "deep thoughts" kept showing up, **IF** the next kill does not contain them.

His kind always bore the same distinct mark -- Lots of tattooed people in this bank.

Kal Mando walked quietly back to the lobby -- Again, the quiet steps. Kal has a bad leg, so maybe it causes him to walk carefully.

looking for something shiny -- Something shiny? In a bank? This isn't a jewelry store. Everything worth taking is going to be paper. Apparent clue, but what does it mean?

The others were no doubt upstairs trying to kill themselves, why, he wasn’t sure – it seemed pointless to dwindle their numbers when what they should be doing is isolating the direct threat and then neutralizing it. He had done that time and time again, but it wouldn’t be like anyone would listen.

‘Was wondering when you all would be by.’ Kal said not bothering to look up and moved to the next till.

Still, he had separated himself from the herd and now he would pay for it.

‘What I’m trying to figure out is why?’
‘Why the lock down? Why us? Why you?’

‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.’

All of the above quotes say to me "Kal was Mafia".

- The others were no doubt upstairs trying to kill themselves
- it seemed pointless to dwindle their numbers
- ‘Was wondering when you all would be by.’ Kal said not bothering to look up
- Still, he had separated himself from the herd

First one seems obvious.
Second one reinforces the first.
Third one; why wouldn't he bother to look up? Just a fatalist? Or because he already knows who's coming? Actually, that could mean he was the Sheriff, too.
Fourth one, I'm not so sure of. Maybe he was going against the Mafia plan (assuming he was indeed Mafia), or maybe it's just prose. But the herd reference is biblical. "The Lord is my Shepherd" and all that...

For the others, wondering why me why you why us, I took as him asking why they were selected to be God's Angels of Death. The "why you" part I don't understand. Talking to the GF?

The Bible quote again reinforces the Mafia connection; he "died in the Lord", doing the Lord's work? And now can rest in his labours.

Each was still filled with bills, small denominations; counting them out he grabbed handfuls of the green currency. -- Several people carrying small change... or could be a reference to nothing. Same with "green currency". Maybe a clue, maybe more prose.

’40…60…100…’ He counted out loud to no one in particular when he felt the tingle of being watched on the back of his neck. -- This also is probably nothing. He's counting $20 bills, and he counts 2, 3, 5... ? Probably nothing. Back of his neck, I'll need to look at bios again.

His eyes darted over to one of them, smiling at the memory it reminded him of. ‘Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?’

He was laying on his back, propped up across one of the teller stalls, his face sliced from one ear to the other.

Weird Batman/Joker references. Why did looking at one of the killers spark a memory? A memory of Batman, of all things?

Mr. Green was not surprised to hear the shot. -- More guns; I guess Agent Deadguy's gun finally got put to use. This kind of shoots down (har har!) all my thoughts - I didn't post them here, I don't think, but in PMs/IMs/chat channels/telephone - on why the killers didn't use the gun to kill John Smith.

It had only been about three hours being locked up with what appeared to be the dregs of society -- The number three again. And the dregs of society? I thought Kal was the only "dregs of society" type person... maybe Greywood/Spencer, but it sounds as if he is talking about more than one person. Or maybe he's just dissing us all. Can we lynch Mr. Green for talking trash?

Dollar bills had been shoved into his mouth, pushing his cheeks out like a chipmunk. -- OR LIKE A HAMSTER??? WTF.

It's going to take some serious review of bios, OOC posts, and voting history to figure out if this whole "Kal was Mafia" thing is BS or not, and what it means if it's true. I think I'll wait for Vulash to come back and do all that, cause I'm feeling lazy. de
pharren 13 years ago
Well, shit, the Batman/Joker reference and the fact that he seemed to know who was coming to kill him points to him being Sheriff. Which means SOME VERY INTERESTING THINGS CONCERNING LAST ROUND'S OOC POSTS.
Gongaa 13 years ago
2, 3, and 5 are prime numbers and Fibonacci numbers. The prime thing could point to mathematician as the leader of the mafia, but that doesn't work at all with the way he's acting imo. And 40, 60, and 100 are neither Fibonacci nor prime.

The numbers could also be connected to the total # of mafia people? Maybe 2 down, 3 to go, 5 total?
Wystro 13 years ago
I'm out frolicking today! I'll look at the hit and the clues and post sometime this evening...until then, I leave you in the hands of the Brain Trust!