Combined Threads - Formerly Officially A BOY!! + Water Broke!

I'm sure Mike's going to realllly appreciate this. So he and I are officially trying for our kiddo #2. We had unprotected sex last night, which marks the only other time we've EVER had unprotected sex. We grew up freaking out about unplanned pregnancies so we feel good about being able to plan our two. Don't get me wrong, surprises are good too - but I kinda don't like being surprised hehe. Especially since I'm diabetic so I have to come off a lot of medication. So I'm checking my blood pressure everyday and sugar. Anyway - if it's anything like Catherine, I'll be pregnant by next week O_o

Cross your fingers!

ROzbeans 15 years ago

10 months

Den 15 years ago
OMG!! MiniROz!!
He is getting more darling every time I see him!
Laschae 15 years ago
Wow that is the cutest! Little under desk lurker!
Lillaanya 15 years ago
Hehe...when Katie was about that age I had to ditch the wireless mouse and go back to a wired one because she kept stealing it anytime my back was turned lol.
ROzbeans 15 years ago

Laschae 15 years ago
Awww YAY DAVID Gogogo! That's awesome for you and him!
Eve 15 years ago
Look at those curls! Such a cutie pie, and ya just know he's gonna be in -everything- now LoL
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Yeah he suddenly developed a white boy's afro, much to our amusement. Under all that flat top and skin, Mike has curly hair, too. And what do you mean he's GOING to be into everything, he's into everything NOW. Speaking of which, he just pulled Mike's keyboard off his desk. I should stop him. Probably.

ROzbeans 15 years ago

1 year

My big...very messy...boy!
Kelefane 15 years ago
You have a good looking boy there Roz.

congrats again.
Lolanae 15 years ago
Oh's been a year already???

I totally LOVE his hair.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Eve 15 years ago
Look at those curls and big brown eyes! He's growin' so fast!
ROzbeans 15 years ago

White boy fro

Big sister, baby brother
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
Those curly hairs are just so frickin adorable!
ROzbeans 14 years ago

16 months with his awesome white boy afro. Mike brushed it out and David turned around to look at me with this perfect expression.
ROzbeans 14 years ago

David with his deep philosophical expression.

'What we have here is a failure to communicate, Mommy."
ROzbeans 14 years ago
2 years old today: (he's had a haircut since these pictures, but they're still uploading)

klooless 14 years ago
What a cutie!
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Catherine 10
David 2