Combined Threads - Formerly Officially A BOY!! + Water Broke!

I'm sure Mike's going to realllly appreciate this. So he and I are officially trying for our kiddo #2. We had unprotected sex last night, which marks the only other time we've EVER had unprotected sex. We grew up freaking out about unplanned pregnancies so we feel good about being able to plan our two. Don't get me wrong, surprises are good too - but I kinda don't like being surprised hehe. Especially since I'm diabetic so I have to come off a lot of medication. So I'm checking my blood pressure everyday and sugar. Anyway - if it's anything like Catherine, I'll be pregnant by next week O_o

Cross your fingers!

Laschae 14 years ago
Aww he's so cute and he doesn't look like a baby anymore Happy birthday David!!!
Den 14 years ago
It really is amazing that something as simple as a big boy haircut can make such a difference! Happy birthday cutie!
tamaelia 14 years ago
They are both adorably gorgeous Roz You two breed good looking offspring. I can't believe K is 10. My son will be 10 in March. /cry
ROzbeans 14 years ago

The new JOker!
Aziyade 14 years ago
I see I really missed a lot! Well...congratulations! You're kids are indeed gorgeous but who would be surprised by that? I showed Blitzel the video of David laughing and he agrees that's friggin' adorable, and we're both impressed by how messy an eater he is.
ROzbeans 14 years ago

27 months

10 1/2 years old
ROzbeans 13 years ago
David almost 3
Cat 11

ROzbeans 12 years ago
4 today!!!!!

Eve 12 years ago
No wai! He can't be growing up that quick dang it! Getting to be quite the handsome lil man tho
Kelefane 12 years ago
You have some good looking kiddos Roz!
ROzbeans 11 years ago

Taken April 2012
ROzbeans 11 years ago

Taken April 2012

Catherine's 12 1/2 now.
ROzbeans 11 years ago
5 years old today

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Verileah 11 years ago
Oh goodness, you're in trouble . Those big brown eyes, how can you say no?!
Lessa 11 years ago
Happy Birthday!
ROzbeans 10 years ago
Catherine - 14 today
David - 5.7 years old
ROzbeans 9 years ago

2015 - David 7 years old (1st grade)
Catherine - 15.5 years old (Freshman in high school)