Combined Threads - Formerly Officially A BOY!! + Water Broke!

I'm sure Mike's going to realllly appreciate this. So he and I are officially trying for our kiddo #2. We had unprotected sex last night, which marks the only other time we've EVER had unprotected sex. We grew up freaking out about unplanned pregnancies so we feel good about being able to plan our two. Don't get me wrong, surprises are good too - but I kinda don't like being surprised hehe. Especially since I'm diabetic so I have to come off a lot of medication. So I'm checking my blood pressure everyday and sugar. Anyway - if it's anything like Catherine, I'll be pregnant by next week O_o

Cross your fingers!

Mylec 16 years ago
Grats to the whole family! Very cut kid.
LillianaSapphire 16 years ago
Aww congrats!!! Sorry I'm late replying been uba busy lately!

Mizen 16 years ago
Congrats =)

Poor Veb is never gonna get any sleep now!
Lolanae 16 years ago
How's the little bean doing, Roz? How you healing up?
patslash 16 years ago
sorry i'm late!! gratz roz! he looks soooooooooooooo cute!! *hugs
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Thanks again everyone =D The little ham bone is sleeping pretty good, still I'm up at 1am, sometimes 3am and 5/6am. =x He's breast feeding really well but I've discovered that I have no desire to bf in public. We went to Fridays on Saturday and Mike suggested we just get a booth in the back and I can feed him inside.


'Are you crazy?' Right, I'm gonna pop a boob out in Fridays - even with a blanket it's awkward.

He still sleeps a lot during the day and seems to have gotten his days flipped back to normal - he was waking up at 12:30am and staying away most of the night and sleeping all day =/ Still it's getting rough to get up in the middle of the night a couple times. =x
Laschae 16 years ago
I don't think men know how uncomfortable it is to breastfeed in public. Even with a blanket you still feel like your tits are hanging out. David sounds like he's a good sleeper hopefully it will stay that way so you can heal up.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Speaking of healing up - jesus h christ. I thought I was feeling better and I felt bad for Mike doing every single thing without question (i love he!) so I went out and picked up a few things at the store. I was on my feet maybe a half hour and by the time I got back in the jeep (which I couldn't find for a good 5 mins) I could barely stand or walk. =(
Lolanae 16 years ago
I remember that "Oh I feel better let me go do something..." feeling. I ended up knocking myself on my ass real good with exhaustion, ect. Ryan threatened to tie me to the couch if I didn't rest.

Take it easy, Roz =)
Rikr 16 years ago
Just release the hounds. It's a natural thing.
Laschae 16 years ago
I bounced back really quick from both of my c-sections but you really do have to be careful. Both incisions
ended up getting infected but not too badly. Post more pictures, babies change so quickly!
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Aww he's so sweet!! Congrats!!

/fights the baby bug...
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I just received a little snuggly-do thing for David's car seat from 'Brandie'. For the life of me, I can't remember who's real name that is lol. Who are you?!?! Thank you!!!
Lolanae 16 years ago

That would be me =) Glad to know it arrived safely =)
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Boy I'm ready to stop breast feeding, it's so different than formula and it's totally wearing me down =/
Lolanae 16 years ago
Is he hitting his first growth spurt? I had a rough time the first couple of weeks.

Can you pump and let the hubby feed him a bottle to give you a break?

Good luck and you'll do whatever is best for you guys.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I've been pumping for when we go out since bf'ing in public is not happening. Last night was the first night I thought I was going to lose my mind though. He'd cry like he was hungry but once I started to breast feed, he'd immediately fall asleep. He's so spoiled already =x He likes to nurse to sleep, but it's hard to tell if he's just fussy or hungry so BOOM - first bad habit formed lol.

He's only 2 1/2 weeks right now and he's put back on the weight he lost for the most part. It took so long for my milk to come in that he lost a pound, but at his 2 week appt he weighed 7.4 lbs and measured 20 inches (minus the cone head). He's in the 25th percentile for height and 30th for weight so the doctor was pleased. BF'ing is totally new to me and after 8 years, it feels like it did with Catherine - I'm completely lost lol. I'm functioning on sporadic sleep now and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it up =/ I do want to bf as long as I can though.

I don't go back to work until 3/21 and at first I thought I'd be able to go back early march - screw that, there's no way I can be on my feet for more than an hour or even make it into work on time. I'll only work for about 2 weeks but I think it's going to be extremely difficult for me =( He's worth it - his little expressions are hilarious and he's such a good baby - I love on both my kids constantly now and omg Catherine seems so big and grown up now =(
Lolanae 16 years ago
He might be going thru the first growth spurt. Alison hit her's between 2-3 weeks of age. I lived off fumes of sleep. So I know what you are talking about. One thing you might try is to see if he'll take a pacifier (If you are doing those.). It's a good way to see if they are hungry or just want to suck on something. I rarely use ours, but sometimes it has been my life saver.

Alison lost a lb. at birth too. Good to know your little man got his weight back. =)

I know many nights those first weeks I ended up propping myself up on the couch and fell asleep while nursing. Aren't those cute faces SOOO worth it at 3am when they are wide awake and you are barely functioning?
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Yeah I fell asleep on the couch this morning. I sleep so deeply now that it takes an earthquake to wake me. They went to Catherine's game last night without me and I had no idea until they were walking back in the door. =( We're using a binky off and on but he seems to have found his fingers. He does like either one for comfort, but he likes being held too which of course I can't help but do because he's so friggin cute =x
Laschae 16 years ago
So where be the new pics Roz?! Breastfeeding can be a pain in the ass. Kami would fall asleep everytime she came near the boob. I did everything I could think of to keep her wash clothes, tickling her feet, only letting her wear a diaper, etc. Nothing worked! I hope it starts getting better for you though.