TAC Presents - Fucking Fairies! SIGN UPS


We all love them. Little...fucking cute things. Their colorful wings and their adorable angel like faces. In any case =D The Angry Crayon decided to dedicate our next exchange to those really...cute things but we thought we'd do it up with a twist.

Eye color:
Hair color:
Body type:
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!)

In your bio we'd like to see what kind of world your fairy comes from. Is it a beautiful tea time, frog kissing fairy tale full of pink shit or does your fairy walk the dark side. Yes your fairy can be succubus like - in fact your fairy is anything WITH WINGS and ELF EARS. Mind you we're not doing angels, but these are descended from elves, hobbit pimping, tea leaf smoking elves.

Be creative with your fairy - is it happy, sad, dark or bright? All types of fairies are welcomed - nonsmokers, smokers, gun or just even just wand wielding. Male or female - we want to see them ALL.

Turn in date is FRIDAY MAY 4TH. All day friday, starting from the crack of dawn to Saturday morning. We ask that if you cannot turn in anytime on that friday, you make arrangements with me, the mod, to turn in early.

Email me at [EMAIL="rozbeans@theangrycrayon.com"]rozbeans@theangrycrayon.com[/EMAIL] - if you CANNOT TURN IN ON TIME. If you sign up, we would really appreciate it if you are able to complete by the deadline. Failure to do so will result in banishment from future exchanges. That's 5 weeks - use your time efficiently or at least be courteous and let me know so I can make arrangements to ensure that your person is not empty handed.

tamaelia 17 years ago
Name: Tamaelia
Eye color: Pale Purple
Hair color: Silver/purple
Body type: Lithe/slender
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) I have no idea what NC17 is, but feel free to make Tam as modest or raunchy as your heart desires.
Bio: Once a dark elf, Tamaelia is transfigured as a fae thanks to a spell gone wrong at a drunken guild party in the Lesser Faydark. Her skin is still the deep blueish hue of her original kind and her wings are chameleon-like... they can change according to mood and situation. (OOC feel free to do what ever you want with her wings, I have no preference! ) Her elvish armor has been transformed into shimmery lacy garments that flatter her girlish frame. She is rather bemused at the whole experience and very much hopes the enchanters soon figure out how to reverse the peculiar spell.
Den 17 years ago
Name: Calliope
Eye color: Shimmering silver irises
Hair color: Iridescent ebony
Body type: Long and lithe, bordering on anorexic, but not bony
Rating: PG - NC17 - Doesn't matter to me
Bio: Calliope, or Calli to her closest friends, is as iridescent in personality as she is in her appearance, which includes skin that shifts pastel colors of the rainbow as she flits from spot to spot.

She is the queen of the mists, who nightly blesses the forest flowers and plants with the moisture that gives them life each morning. She does most of her work in the hours just before dawn, but can occasionally be seen when the sun's first rays break the horizon. While she is fun loving, her job she takes most seriously. She must never delay too long in completing her task, or the heat from the sun will cause her to evaporate, as it does the dew she delivers.

Then after sleeping through the daylight hours, tucked into mossy hollow logs, she wakens to meet with friends, playing, feasting, and enjoying life. There is a romance blooming for her and the local Elven King, but Calli hasn't moved from the flirting stages yet, and most of the contact between the two is limited to catching glimpses of each other, and sending messages with their eyes. She is teased mercilessly by her closest sisters, but just giggles in response.
Sangre 17 years ago
s: I am really excited about this one. It is going to be fun!

Name: Sebille Rozalia

Eye color: Silver

Hair color:
Black with silver highlights

Body type:
Slender but athletic


Sebille comes from a line of forest royalty. Her Clan of fay, The Aelfdene, was ruled over by Oberon, the King of Faeries himself (who was also happened to be her great Uncle.) There were great wars between the Fae Clans during Sebille's youth and the woods were left bloody and ravaged in their wake. It was decided then, that Sebille should marry the half elf son of The


Clan to make peace. Never one to conform, Sebille was horrified by this prospect. Immediately she took the road and became a rogue. She is a wandering fay now, taking her life as it comes. Her wings, a glorious black, unfurl from her back like that of a butterfly and she is quite lovely to behold. She has covered herself with tattoos and markings, like the gypsy tribes, to hide from the Fae Seekers and she shades herself with the shine of midnight.

Verity 17 years ago
Name: Beansidhe
Eye color: Deep Purple
Hair Color: Deep Purple, with Black streaks
Body Type: Small, slender, yet curvey
Rating: pg-13
Beansidhe (pronounced Banshee), usually known as Beans by her friends (pronounced Beans), is a very outgoing, usually friendly little Fae.
Beans has specialized in the Dark arts of Destruction Via pestilence and poison, despite her family's wishes. She loves death and destruction, and is often seen giggling at many gruesome scenes.
Beans is more often than not seen in the company of her Life mate Iakhovas, and currently, the pair are exiled from their homeland, due to a prank gone horribly wrong. Rather than going back to their homeland, the pair have decided to go Explore the World together, and find a new home.

Sorry the Bio is so lame... I'll try to work on it some more before sign up's end. This is mostly based on my adorable EQ2 Fae

Smallish Image: Will post a larger one later.
Shaelynn 17 years ago
Name: Aeval

Eye color:

Hair color:
Black and long

Body type:
tall for a fairy, slender but curvy

Aeval is regal and sensuous. She isn't evil but there is definitely a dark quality to her. Her skin is moonlight pale with an iridescent glow. Her wings are black and purple.

Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) anything goes


(based on Irish Mythology, gleaned from several sources)

Aeval is a Fairy Queen of Munster (a province of Ireland). Her name literally means "burning fire."

She presides over a midnight court that she calls on moonlit nights. Here, married Irish women can air their grievances (often of a sexual nature) against their husbands. She is referred to as the Celtic fairy of love and sexuality.

Aeval possesses a magical harp which will play whatever she tells it to play. Its music is deadly to humans though, for any mortal who hears it playing will soon die.

Aeval is associated with Craig Laity (gray rock), near Killalow, Ireland. Leaves, stones, and harp music can be used to invoke her. Call upon Aeval for music, ecology, love spells, fairy magic, protection, lust, temptation, sex magic, wise judgment, earth magic, and sexual satisfaction.

reference pic from efairies.com - http://efairies.com/BUN1013.htm
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
Name: Pukka
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Copper Red w/blond streaks
Body type: Curvy
Rating: PG - NC17: oh, whatever strikes yer fancy

Bio: Until recently, Pukka's clan has been at peace with those clans that border them for centuries. Now, there are raids occurring on the borders of their forest and their Lord has selected a group of clansmen to investigate these changes. Pukka was selected for this task because of her prized healing ability, both herbal and magical. This task is fraught with danger and she just hopes that they can find the information they need and get back in one piece.

As she is a healer, she prefers not to fight, but is sensible enough to know that sometimes you have to defend those in your care, so is perfectly capable of using the staff she carries as a weapon.
Jetamio 17 years ago
Name: Neelu
Eye color: Deep gold
Hair color: coppery reddish goldy colour. Short and untidy, cos she rarely brushes it.
Body type: Slender, almost boyish figure
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Whatever, not bothered.
Neelu is an Autumn fairy, she loves playing in the fallen leaves, dancing through the little dustdevils that whip them all up through the air. Her wings are formed like leaves, golden and coppery. Her favourite tree is the Japanese Maple, because of the fiery red it goes before the leaves fall, and red is her favourite colour. Her slightly see through dress is made of spiderling silk, and decorated with tiny maple leaves.

She's a bit of a loner, often dancing alone among the leaves. She has a very curious nature, and humans fascinate her. Neelu carries no weapon or wand, merely weiding a fire based magic should she need to defend herself.
Merreck 17 years ago
Name: Laoghaire (pronounced L’heery)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Body type: Petite
Rating: Anything goes
Selkies are able to transform to human form by shedding their seal skins and can revert to seal form by putting their selkie skin back on.

Laoghaire lives around the Orkney Islands (Scotland) and appears most of the time to be a seal, but unlike most selkies who are able to become human, Laoghaire is a fairy underneath her selkie skin.

For the most part Laoghaire leads a peaceful and carefree existence in and out of the water. She spends most of her time in the guise of a seal, and only chooses to shed her selkie skin in the safety of the night. The last thing she would ever want is to be discovered by a (non-selkie) human or worse, have her skin stolen from her by a wandering fisherman, and be forced to become his wife.

When Laoghaire is in her true form she has a delicate appearance, mainly do to her slight frame. However, her strength and endurance should not be underestimated. Her skin is a pale tan color, similar to the sand; and her eyes are as blue as the ocean water. Her hair is the jet black color of a seals skin, and always appears wet. Her hair is kept very short in the back; but she keeps her bangs just below chin length so she can tuck her hair behind her ears. Her wings have a very fluid almost see-through appearance, and are a watery blue that matches her eyes.

Laoghaire not only feels at home near the ocean but also that she is a part of the ocean. She cherishes her independence and very strongly believes that she would not be able to survive if she was not able to be near the ocean. That is why she takes great pains to not get caught without her skin on.

Reference Image: http://www.merreck.com/stuff/Laoghaire_portrait.jpg
vwinsect 17 years ago
Name: Lady Geneva Bug
Eye color: Various green tones
Hair color: Black
Body type: slender and willowy
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you do

The only child born to Lord El Der Bug and Lady Li Ning Bug, Geneva isn't of high rank. In fact,
Lady lace>Genevalace> Bug is the least of the insect fairies, but she has the hearts of all. She is a bit of a flirt, but is always there when one of the insect world needs a helping hand.

She likes to leave secret gifts here and there just to watch the smiles spread across another’s face. She isn’t very old by fairy standards, and the older ones figure she will grow out of her overly generous nature someday soon.

She wears black most of the time with a red cape sporting delightful black dots over the outside portion. She has been courted by several of the Lords of fairydom but is having too much fun to settle down with just one of them. She keeps them hanging and torments them with slinky black gowns that reveal just enough to set their mouths to watering.

She doesn't leave the realm of the fairies at all, as she is afraid of humans.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Name: Bebe S'lee
Eye Color: bright blue
Hair Color: deep red
Body Type: tanned Scottish fairy, shapely but short
Rating: NR - feel free to show boobies

Slaugh: The name of the Unseelie Court or the evil fairies in the folklore of Scotland. The name means the Host, which is a euphemism to avoid invoking them with the mention of their name and deter them from inflicting harm. They are believed to be the Fallen Angels that roam the midnight skies of the earth searching for lost souls. The Slaugh are also believed to be responsible for causing sickness and death among domestic animals and to lead humans astray.

Bebe is a Scottish fairy with a penchant for destruction and mischievousness. Part of the Slaugh she rebels even against her family, the S'lee's and wrecks havoc where ever she can. She dislikes elves and humans alike but has adopted the latter's addiction for nicotine. Bebe drinks large amounts of mead and chain smokes her favorite brand of cigarettes, Pall Malls.

Although descended from evil fairies, she has turned her back on their mythological background and has given new meaning to being 'medieval'. She has embraced the violent era of the 21st century and is a gun toting, cigarette smoking, foul mouthed cutie patootie fairy.

Bebe enjoys wearing see thru flirty dresses or tight latex leaving little to nothing to the imagination. She enjoys cute barrettes, dark lipstick and sports several tattoos, one being an angry looking little red crayon on her hip. Much to her mother's dismay, she had dyed her wings multiple bright colors and has them pierced. She alternates between primary colors but favors the color red.

Personally responsible for mad cow disease and had a hand in the bird flu, she is clearly the fairy with whom not to fuck.
Vex 17 years ago
Name: SeSe S'lee
Eye Color: emerald green
Hair Color: dyed purple with black stripes
Body Type: tanned and shapely
Rating: you pick.
sisters with BeBe ... hehe!

Sese is a very competitive fae, always trying to one-up Bebe. She thrives off creating havoc and mayhem. She was born of evil, after all.

She spends an overwhelming amount of her time with her partner-in-crime sister. They are like two peas in a pod, sporting pierced wings, Sese also got them tattood, tribal designs, before the tribal designs became overplayed. She's also got her lip (labret) and nostril pierced. She likes pain, vinyl, rubber, black, platforms, fishnets, chains, and her wardrobe reflects that. Sese keeps a small jack knife tucked in a hidden pocket in her boots, always prepared to cause a ruckus somewhere.
Adiene 17 years ago

Name: Jinx
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Black
Body type: average
Rating: no pref

Jinx is a half-breed of Fir Darrig* & Brownie*. She has a thirst for knowledge and mischief. Being part brownie she has somewhat attached herself to a dark sorceress, Morya, that lives with the wood near her birth place. She has often times completed potions that were left finshed by the Morya. All the studies and unfinished work has made Jinx a master of potions and is often sought out by many magical creatures among the woodlands.

Being intuned with the magic world Morya is aware of Jinx yet ignores her as if she where not seen. Often times she will catch Jinx planning some type of prank, yet always acts surprised when it happens just to amuse Jinx. She always leaves Fig Cake around for Jinx however, and on special occasions Butter Pudding because its Jinx's favorite.

*Fir Darrig - (Fear deang) Are practical jokers of a gruesome nature. They can assume any visage they wish.

*Brownies - Have traditionally attached themselves to humans and human households. Traditionally friendly and genuinely helpful.
However, if offended they became malignant and mischievous, creating poltergeist activity and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Laney 17 years ago
Name: Carrina Lacel
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Jet Black
Body type: Petite but volumptous, in other words heavy on the T&A.
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) NC17, baby!

Carrina is a bi-product of a Vaetter Maiden* and The Sluagh*. Her eyes are a direct reflection of her soul...empty. She rarely shows emotion and if she does it may be a slight smirk, as she quenches her thirst for death. She is notorious for turning brother against brother. She is usually causing havoc on a battlefield somewhere.

Her armor and wings are black, dull, and frayed in some places, as she has seen many a battle. Her skin is grey, almost clammy. She's is a creature of the night. Although she is battleworn, she is still quite beautiful in an exotic way.

Carrina's mount is Stryder. He is a large black steed with grey eyes, mane, tail and hooves. He is normally in full battle attire.

Also traveling with Carrina, is her hunting companion, Bones, an undead doberman with glowing red eyes and a vicious set of fangs on him. He sometimes feasts on the bodies of fallen soldiers.

*Vaetter Maiden - aka Valkeries, or Erinyes. They are battle maidens who fly wildly over the battlefield. They are sometimes on faery horses. M.O: They inspire soldiers by evoking a blood lust, therfore swaying the tide of a battle.

*The Sluagh - aka, The Host, or The Host of the Unforgiven Dead. A wrathful faery warrior, that rides fierce otherworld horse. Often accompanied by hounds. M.O: They are known for The Wild Hunt. They travel thru the night sky slaying animals and mortals in their wake. They should be avoided at all cost as they are very deadly.
Lessa 17 years ago
Name: Cyhira
Eye color: red
Hair color: Dark, black (or possibly tinted)
Body type: lithe, slender
Rating: PG - NC17 ( anything goes)
Bio ( borrowed from myth and lore)

The Bean Sidhe has long streaming hair and is dressed in a gray cloak over a green dress. Her eyes are fiery red from the constant weeping. She is a banshee.. a fairy who fortells death with her mournful cries.

Cyhira is cursed in life, her soul tied to the soul of another through all of his lives. Over the decades she had grown to both love and hate the spirit she was bound to. She would follow him through life, drawn to him unwillingly and craving his attention..though she knew he would never see her until it was too late. As time would pass the ache in her heart would grow more painful with each beat, and she knew his death would soon come. When finally his time was upon him the pain would be so unbearable that her screams would echo through her realm into his for all to hear.. only then would he ever know she was there.. And then she would roam the lands in wait for him to return to her again.


( im open to artist interpretation.. if want to change color/style of dress, cloak, whatever is fine )
Kittystavern 17 years ago
Name: Saffire
Eye color: bright blue
Hair color: dark blue and black, layered style
Body type: Overall pretty slender, but with a nice hourglass shape
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Preferably something sexy, but not up to NC17. Not that I have a problem with NC17… aw, heck, anything is fine.
Saffire began life as a birthstone fairy (at that time called Sapphire). She lived for a long time doing the normal happy things that fairies do… that is until she was kidnapped and taken into the underworld. She spent millennia being tortured and made a slave to the evil creatures there. Finally she escaped, but not without her share of scars, physical and emotional. She tried at first to return to her family and friends in the world of Fairy, but alas being under such dark circumstances for so long has left her irreversibly perverted. She now lives as an outcast, luring unwary travelers into her world to make them endure the same torture she withstood for so long. >>
Her hair is in uneven layers due to the many times that it was cut, burned, etc during the time of her torture. All over is more of medium length. >>
Her clothing is sexy, but primal. Being a slave for so long she no longer fancies the beautiful flowing fabrics from her fairy past and instead wears bits and scraps of fabrics that she fashions into clothing.
Lunna 17 years ago
Name: Gealach
Eye color: Shades of grey framed by thick black lashes.
Hair color: The color of a moonless night. A black so dark you’ll lose your way.
Body type: Curvy with pale moonlit skin.
Rating: Whatever ya want. *nod*
Gealach is a moon fairy. She lights a path for the wicked and deviant. >>
Her hair hangs in long waves down her back and her small silver wings are almost transparent.>>
When the night is done she slumbers in the rolled up petals of a moonflower.
Twilightfenix 17 years ago

Name: Suhaila

Eye color: Amber

Hair color: Strawberry blonde with streaks of purple, mid length, wavy to slight curls at the ends.

Body type: graceful cures, delicate frame

Rating: R - NC 17

Bio: Herald of the new day, bringer of rebirth and life. Suhaila is the messenger of the dawn, brightest star in the southern hemisphere. Traveling the land under assumes alias of many cultures. Sometimes a butterfly symbol of change, a snake shed their old skin, Humming bird who works diligently or their heart will burst, a fiery bird signifying the meaning of sacrifice and rebirth, all of them meaning the signs of new life. Romantic in nature and temptress by heart, she tends to lure mortals away from their direct path to embrace the understanding of life. Mostly known to be attracted to artist of any type, philosophers and sometimes the fool that opens their door to chaotic passions that would drive a simple person to crumble understand such temptations. She is the Fairy of rebirth.

She normally carries a feather of a phoenix with her that is hooked to her belt. Her clothing ranges based off the land and culture she is assigned to visit. Her only weapon of choice is her wit and a devilish smile that seems to melt even death’s judgment.

Darsa 17 years ago
Name: Isana Fidelias
Eye color: BLACK
Hair color:BLACK
Body type: Lightly tanned, light freckles across the nose bridge; short, lithe, "fairy-ish"
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Artist's choice!
Bio: Isana is a sweet, innocent, kindly looking faerie, with sparkling eyes and an adorable smile, cute lil'fairy outfit, if a little more "daring" than most... but she's been raised by those brownies who live in people's homes and do their darnedest to screw everything possible up. If something breaks, escapes, or does damage, you can bet she's the cause! You may think you spot her out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head to look, she's not there... hmmmm....
(Sorry, that's the best (worst?) I can do, heh heh)
Briare 17 years ago
Name: Faithia
Eye color: Silver
Hair color: Pale Blonde
Body type: Voluptuous
Rating: Artists Choice

Faithia is the fairy of justice and retribution in the realm of Discordia. Discordia was named for the Lord of Discord the evil tyrant Fairy Emperor. He slowly removed any sign of the past glory of the fairy realm and held it siege for 5000 years. So long did his evil reign last all the great history and city of their race was forgotten. Finally Faithia was born and inherited the gift of truth, justice and retribution. She had the ability to touch anyone and force them to speak the truth. Once they had been touched by her and found guilty she had the power to destroy their minds as punishment or allow them a second chance. Leading an army she stormed the Lord of Discords stronghold and liberated the fairy people. Elected their leader Faithia became know as the fairy of justice and retribution. She managed to piece back their ancient laws and traditions.

Faithia is a beautiful fairy with long flowing hair that swirled around her. Her wings were a fine translucent pale green. She is known for wearing gleaming tight fitting (Revealing) silver armor etched with pale green leaves. On her brow she wears a braided circlet representing the 3 factions of her power (Truth, Retribution and Justice). If you catch her on a rare moment away from her court she is often wearing flowing pale green garments of gauzy silk material.
Eve 17 years ago
Name: Mira Quicksilver
Eye color: Sparkling silver
Hair color: Hot Pink
Body type: Lithe and lean like most fae
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Doesn't matter
Bio: Mira is a rather precocious creature, even by fae standards. She likes to cause mayhem wherever her wings carry her. With such an innocent face, it's hard to believe she could be anything but sweet and pure. Those beliefs have caused many a mortal to lose his heart to her wicked ways, her tinkling laughter ringing out as she flits away to find a new toy with which to play, and eventually break.

Click for full size referance pic