Rikr's baby adventure!

We went to the doctor today. Got first set of pictures. Steph is 15 weeks, but we don't know what it is yet. I was bummed; I want to know. Steph said she didn't see a stem, but we'll know for sure next month.
Due date is Feb 5, 2008. I can't wait.

Rikr 15 years ago
Got to love how peaceful they look!

How's life been with her at home? All is going well I hope!

The nights of no sleep have begun. We're all doing well....trying to figure out the cause of her non stop fussyness at night is. We are trying the rice in the formula thing. We think she still has reflux issues. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon. She is a night owl. We haven't slept in 3 days. Trying to slowly change her sleep schedule. She was on the NICU schedule, which meant she could be up at night and they didn't care....it's just a job to them. My day started at 3:30 this morning. Hopefully tonight is different and she gets some sleep. I'm actually worried, that she doesn't sleep as much as she should be, even during the day.
Lolanae 15 years ago
Not sure if you can do this with her being a premie, but when Alison's had the reflux/gas problems a few weeks back, we had her sleep in her swing and car seat. Her sitting up seemed to help.
Darsa 15 years ago
Oh, baby!! What a sweet lil' punkin, and why have I missed all these posts??!?!? I just adore that last picture you posted *sigh*
Beli 15 years ago
Wow, she looks very worth the sleepless nights. You're doing good!
Asha 15 years ago
Congratulations! I am so happy for the 3 of you. Such a beauty you have in your life.
Gilae 15 years ago
Busy month this January! Grats hun YAY BABIES!
Oh and by the way, they're ALL "night owls". They don't want to really and truly sleep through the night until they're several months old...and even after that they will wake up at the asscrack of dawn no matter what YOU did the night before. David wakes up at 6 am every morning like clockwork the bum. The good news is, you never need to set an alarm clock.
Rikr 15 years ago
Yeah, no alarm clocks needed anymore. Alexis starts her day at about 4AM. I'm going to buy stock in Visene and Monster Energy drinks.
Laschae 15 years ago
LOL I hope you got some extra rest the last few months because life will never be the same. I don't think I got a whole nights sleep until the girls went to school because they'd always be sneaking into the bed with me!

How are the feedings going?
ROzbeans 15 years ago
You'll get used to it, Don. Being pregnant prepared me for late night, early morning wake ups. Getting up at 3am with David is nothing now lol. /hug
Rikr 15 years ago
Actually I am starting to get used to it a little bit. I'm more worried about the fact she seems to have an upset stomach all day long and throughout the night. We're still tweaking her feedings. Trying to figure out what will work best with her stomach. I've asked her for her opinion, and I just get a look. It's the most beautiful look in the world, even though it seems to be a blank stare.
Lolanae 15 years ago
She gassy or just spitting up?

We've been dealing with gassiness and eating so fast we puke here. Good luck!
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Reflux is pretty common with babies - they're resilient little things but so prone to gassiness.
Rikr 15 years ago
She is very gassy and refluxy. Not just spitting up after feeding. It can be an hour or two later and blech, out it comes (it's a smaller amount the longer it's been since she's been fed, obviously but still.) but The problem is that she cannot sleep. She wakes up about every 10 minutes and just grunts and maybe sleeps a total of a couple hours throughout the day. Last night I think she was exhausted and slept from about midnight until about 5. Which is the longest that I know of that she's slept.
Lolanae 15 years ago
One thing we've found to help Alison when she is super gassy, is to sleep her sitting up. Does that help Alexis at all?
Rikr 15 years ago
When she is awake and being held she prefers to be held vertically. For example her butt might be on my leg, and I would have to hold her straight up and down. She seems to like that a lot. I don't know about sleeping that way. Haven't tried it yet.
Lessa 15 years ago
my son was gassy and would spit up alot, it took a few weeks before we realized he was lactose intolerant. His system just couldnt handle the lactose in milk, and forumla was so much worse than breastmilk.

soy wouldnt make him sick, but he didnt much care for it. It wasnt til he was a bout 6-9 months old or so before he was strong enough to tolerate milk ( formula) without being up for hours screaming ( gas pain)

now its one of his favorite beverages, oddly. And ive been lactose intolerant since just after I had my first son.
Rikr 15 years ago
Time for some new pictures...She is almost 4 months old (1 month adjusted) and she weighed in at 8 pounds 13 ounces at her last Dr.'s appt earlier last week. So almost 9 pounds. YAY! That little rash / mark thingy on her forehead is supposed to go away...they say. (I hope so).

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Aww, she looks so great! Yeah Catherine had a perpetual bruise on the same spot after she started walking...and falling lol. Baby skin is so sensitive - they get acne, little rashes, all types of deals but it all recycles and fades away =) She's looking healthy and chunky!! /hug
Laschae 15 years ago
OMG look at that double chin! Aww she's come so far. *sniffle*
Den 15 years ago
Woot!! Pinchable cheeks, and thighs!! She's really filling out well, and looking all smushykissy, and a lot less fragile. I'm with you Lachae...*sniff*