Rikr's baby adventure!

We went to the doctor today. Got first set of pictures. Steph is 15 weeks, but we don't know what it is yet. I was bummed; I want to know. Steph said she didn't see a stem, but we'll know for sure next month.
Due date is Feb 5, 2008. I can't wait.

Lolanae 15 years ago
OHH She's sooo cute!

Alison has two of those face markings, one on her eye and one on her lip. They have already faded some, but if she gets pissed off they turn BRIGHT red. They are usually referred to as salmon marks or angel kisses.
Rikr 15 years ago
Yeah she's come a long way....what a journey it's been. I've heard the term Angel Kisses. She has one on the back of her neck too. I think I had one in the same spot when I was a wee lad.
Lolanae 15 years ago
The back of the neck is a stork bite. Alison's got one too thanks to her dad. hehe. Those are less likely to fade, but still can.
Rikr 15 years ago
Well if it doesn't fade, her hair will cover it up.
Beli 15 years ago
Aww, love those pictures!!

James had bright red marks on the back of his neck, too. They've faded a lot, but I can still see them if I look. He had a mark on the top of his head, too, but it wasn't as strong and I just realized I can't see it anymore, much less remember exactly where it was!

Because I'm a n00b, how long do you have to go with an adjusted age for her? At what point does it stop being applicable in terms of development?
Rikr 15 years ago
(I've been calling it adjusted, I think it's actually corrected age....heard my wife say that today to my dad...anyhoo...) Adjusted/Corrected age I think is what they use until I believe it is 2 yrs old? It may be 1..I don't actually remember. She should be caught up by 2 years, so I think it is 2.
Gilae 15 years ago
Isn't it amazing how fast she's grown!! In another year she'll be running around! It's crazy. She's a doll face!
Rikr 15 years ago
hehe Thx Gilae! I cannot wait for her to be running around. I know I should cherish this time, but I'm ready for her to be bigger. I think the 3 months in the hospital ruined all of the early time with her, and I just want to see her smiling and giggling and walking all clumsy and stuff.
Rikr 14 years ago
New Pics.....


In the Bumbo

Miss Thing

An Angry Crayon...well not really angry...
ROzbeans 14 years ago
HAHAHA cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Den 14 years ago
Awww, growing like a weed! Love the TAC outfit, and all the PINK!! lol I dressed my daughter in tons of pink too Sure wish we'd of had one of those foam pink sitting things though. They really do make so much more fun stuff for babies these days.
Laschae 14 years ago
She's so big! That one of her sleeping it too cute for words. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
FyreGarnett 14 years ago
i know i'm way behind - but i agree that the spitting up, difficulty sleeping, gassiness could be lactose intolerance or even a milk allergy. my youngest had those issues and i was seriously bummed to find out it was a milk allergy. thank god he had no problem with soy milk. we tried switching him to milk a few monthes ago, see if he had outgrown it - i've never seen a child as miserable in my life. between gas and the worst constipation i have ever seen in my life - i'm talking bowel movements the consisteny of granite. i am not joking. and they would take hours to work themselves out of his poor system.

so if you're still having issues - lactose-free or soy may be the way to go. also - she may be having problems with the iron content in the formula.

either way, she's gettnig so big!!! and even cuter!! I'm glad things are going well - and don't worry - you'll get a few years of sleep before she's a teenager and you have a whole different set of reasons for sleepless nights!!!
Rikr 14 years ago
My 2 new favorite pictures....

Kisses for everyone.....(ok, so she's making her funny "oooooooooooh" sound.

All Smiles

Den 14 years ago
LOL - OMG! Rikr!! She's gorgeous!! And SO BIG!!
You are SO going to have issues in another fourteen...fifteen years! Prepare yourself papa!!
Rikr 14 years ago
Thank you very much!..... and.....I'm so not looking forward to that. :- |
Lessa 14 years ago
ooh shes so adorable! IYou know she just loves bein the center of attention!

my little girl had those same red marks on her forehead and nose.. not sure what they were but they faded soon enough hehe.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
How cute is she?!?!?!?! She looks so healthy! Grats, Don!
Elfykins 14 years ago
awww she is SO cute!!! gimme gimme gimme...I loves the babies...

she is too cute
Darsa 14 years ago
*dies of teh cute*

Wow Rikr, she's GORGEOUS!! Lookit those bright eyes