Laschae springs a bean!

Braxton Hicks ftl They started last night off and on and kept waking me up >< Not that they're terrible painful just annoying! I never had any of this with Kami or CeCe =\ I dunno if I can go 27 more weeks

Lessa 16 years ago
girl, wheres your "Laschae's baby adventure" post? Everyone else gets one, you need one too!
Laschae 16 years ago
More like "How much can Laschae take before she goes postal". I know every pregnancy is different but I was so hopeful that this one would be easy. I'd just like a little energy. That's all. I have a huge pile of laundry I can't bring myself to face. I want to do it but I look at it and I go ugh fuck it. I did manage to clean up around the tv yesterday. No one in this family sees the little things I do just the big piles of shit I can't manage to bring myself to do.

I think I need a spa day, or something where I just relax..maybe a nap day where I just sleep, ALONE, in peace. LOL whinewhinewhine woe is me. At least most of the nausea has passed for now! Small triumphs
Laschae 16 years ago
You guys are nuts, in the most awesome way lol.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
=D Sorry I forgot to make your thread hehe.
Laschae 16 years ago
lol Really at 12 weeks there's not a whole lot going on other than being tired :P I had a fun time about a week ago. I got into bed fluffed up the blankies and began to snuggle under them when I feel a hair in the back of my throat. Trying to cough, hack and otherwise dislodge the thing didn't work. I ended up throwing up twice trying to get the fucking thing out.

Erik laughed his ass off. Bastard.
Lessa 16 years ago
kick the dog out of your bed omg.. and yeah i mean the dog.. not erik.. yet
Laschae 16 years ago
I wake up at least 4 times a night yelling at the dog to get off the bed as soon as I fall asleep he gets back in the bed >< I did not want the dog ever in bed as soon as we bring him home Erik puts him in the bed since he was too little to get in it yet So now I'm not just squished but he sheds so damn much I can't breathe right lol.
Laschae 16 years ago
So we started talking about the stuff we need to get for the baby and how much money I can have for it. Now I have the pregnancy crazies. So I made a list of things that I need. Can you guys tell me if I have forgotten anything? I price checked everything I liked so I know how much of the tax return to steal =P

1. Bathtub
2. Crib/play yard
3. Swing
4. 14 onesies
5. 14 jammies
6. 14 pairs of socks
7. knit hat
8. 7 bibs
9. 8 receiving blankets
10. 1-2 large cotton blankets
11. Nursing pillow
12. 2 Nursing bras
13. baby washcloths
14. baby soap/shampoo
15. 2-3 waterproof changing pads
16. baby nail clippers
17. baby thermometer
18. carseat
19. diaper bag
20. newborn sized diapers
21. High chair
22. 2 Baby gates

Does that look about right?
Lolanae 16 years ago
Potentially another headsupport for the carseat. I know the one that came with ours was not enough to keep Alison's head positioned well.
Den 16 years ago
Nasal aspirator? I used that thing like crazy when my daughter was little.
Laschae 16 years ago
Yea I think I either had an extra one or I rolled up the receiving blanket around her to prop her up....err CeCe that is! I was thinking I should probably add a diaper pail to that. I don't know about these dogs but my old dog would take them out of the trash so we had to get a diaper pail.
Laschae 16 years ago
LOL Den you posted at the same time as me. I saw a gift set type thing that had all the baby care stuff in it like nail clippers, 2 kinds of thermometers, brush, nasal dealie, so I was going to pick that up and cover all my bases.

Waiting 8 years in between is weird I have forgotten most of this stuff! It was nice having CeCe and Kami back to back because I already had everything! I will probably have nightmares about shopping and forgetting things.
Lolanae 16 years ago
I'll go thru all of Alison's stuff and see if anything else sticks out to me and post. =)
Lessa 16 years ago
youneed boob pads ( nursing pads)
Lolanae 16 years ago
breast pump/ breast milk storage?
Laschae 16 years ago
tth By the truck load. Those things are awesome. I was looking on and the sell some but nothing in bulk.

I don't expect to be going out long enough to need to pump unless I get engorged or the baby has feeding problems. Kami did and my boobs got so heavy and hard that I busted the strap on my bra =\

I have 4 and a half ish months (depending on when the c-section is scheduled) but I like to be prepared lol.
Rikr 16 years ago
Pacifiers and butt paste.
Lolanae 16 years ago
Pacifier clips so they don't go flying!
Laschae 16 years ago
I never used a pacifier before. CeCe was a very calm baby and was easy to calm down on the rare occasion she got upset. Kami was a PITA but mostly due to being colicky and I found a few tricks that would help her. I hope this one will be calm too! Man just when I get in bed last night the baby starts rolling around...the kicking not so bad but the rolling kind of makes me feel sick lol.

I'm not sure about a pump. I had one with Kami because she would pass out as soon as the boob hit her mouth and I got insanely engorged. Since I stay at home the baby will pretty much feed on demand and if it goes well I shouldn't get engorged....i hope! Oh god that old pump it was a DOUBLE pump felt like some one was ripping my nipples off!
Lolanae 16 years ago
I saw your ticker on StudioMMO...20weeks...

Soooo you finding out what your bean is? =)