ROUND 1 - Ethan goes potty (Mafia Hit) OOC DICUSSION

Question: are executive bathrooms generally unisex? Wondering whether that nervous laugh as he bumped into an individual might have be related to the surprise of seeing a woman there.

KaAnna 13 years ago
So, just for clarification (sorry, very new to this):

Townies: Sends Roz their vote for Lynching.
Doctor, Sheriff, etc: Sends Roz their vote for their role (SKID)
Mafia: I assume does nothing, right?

Vulash 13 years ago
So, just for clarification (sorry, very new to this):

Townies: Sends Roz their vote for Lynching.
Doctor, Sheriff, etc: Sends Roz their vote for their role (SKID)
Mafia: I assume does nothing, right?


Unless things have changed we vote publicly for a hanging each evening (or whatever time Roz wants). The mafia also sends in a skid on who they want murdered the next day.

So first vote is due by tomorrow night?

I'm at work now, and then a softball game so I'll be on to dig for clues later.
Merreck 13 years ago
Generally, there is a voting thread for the lynching (everyone votes openly for all to see). Those with title roles (Godfather, SK, Sheriff, Doc) are the ones to PM ROz with their SKIDs.

Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here hehe

Will have to try and dissect this first kill later on today.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Everything in by 9am tomorrow, so vote today on who you want to lynch (as a group). Mafia hit by 9am tomorrow so I can post the next kill after that. Other titles, PM by 9am tomorrow so I can kill, ID, save...whatever. There are too many people to drag this out that long.
Vudu 13 years ago
If a part of the SKID is not turned in... do we wait for that one part to be turned in or do we roll with the punches and who ever doesn't turn a skid in gets nothing out of that... like sheriff doesn't turn is an ID by tonight / 9am?
Gongaa 13 years ago
What the hell just happened? First we're locked in this stupid bank and now we're already killing each other? Forgive me for sounding cynical, but if that wasn't predictable I don't know what is.

I don't know what happened out there, but we deserved it.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
If a part of the SKID is not turned in... do we wait for that one part to be turned in or do we roll with the punches and who ever doesn't turn a skid in gets nothing out of that... like sheriff doesn't turn is an ID by tonight / 9am?

I'll wait a reasonable amount of time (not all day) but if I don't get something in like...say noon...I'm just going to go on with what I have - even if that means no kill, ID, save...whatever.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Per request...

Feel free to chit chat in this thread (there will be individual threads for each day) and keep the KILL thread in character.
pharren 13 years ago

That's one of those words where if you type it enough, it starts to look funny.

I'm just listing shit off the top of my head, and from the kill scene, right now. I'll go back and look through bios to match things up (unless I get lazy)

Mr. Green -- I'm not sure. Maybe the name means something. His fancy clothes with the "high polish on his expensive Italian leather shoes". Is there an Italian charcter? Also, his age. How many characters are 40-50? Does the smell of dollar bills mean anything? A bank manager wouldn't smell of cash; he wouldn't even deal with cash. He would sit behind a desk all day, and talk to "important" people.

‘Five thousand square feet.’ -- I took this to mean there are 5 mafia, since it's the first mention of a number (aside from Green's age). I know later on 6 is mentioned, but bear with me.

Ethan is impressed by the size of the bank, in fact, he can't believe it -- Why? And then immediately after disbelieving "he would've never guessed" it points out how bad he is at math. If that's the case, how would he even know what 5,000 sq. ft. looks like? He just hears a big number and thinks "WOW!"? No. Something is up.

Ethan is "great in psychology" -- Are there any psychologists? How about any nutjobs? Any math teachers? Why does Ethan hold up his hand and think deeply? What he announces next isn't very profound. Is he the worst FBI agent ever?

‘We should get away from the windows. Admin offices up stairs?’ -- Why get away from the windows? The bank guards weren't killed by sniper fire.

Four floors -- With a conference room on the 3rd. Is this significant? Usually mods don't just casually toss out random numbers for no reason. EDIT: Maybe this means there are 4 mafia. Duh.

Emergency stairs -- I don't think this is anything.


-- This place seems to be full of clues.

-- Shiny silver fixtures. Marble everythings.

-- 6 urinals, 6 stalls, and I'm assuming 6 sinks. THE MARK OF THE BEAST! DUN DUN DUNNNN which actually doesn't make much sense, but hey. I thought Lucifer was the good guy here. Maybe it means something else.

-- RED IS A BIG THEME HERE!@ WHY RED? It's mentioned 3 times.

-- CRYSTAL IS, TOO! It's also mentioned 3 times.

-- What's with the bidet? Just some filler?

-- ‘Christ, I’m sorry.’ is that irony? Or is there a reason why those words were chosen?

-- He side steps the person blocking his way; must be a big person.

-- ‘Crazy bathrooms, huh?’ so says the guy who is great at Psychology...

-- Oh snap! He blushes! More red.

From the actual kill scene, I don't really see much. They're speaking like bible-verse-language which is to be expected, especially if they're posessed or something. Same with the "force stronger than he thought possible of the individual’s hands". If it's the same person he stepped around, then they're either SUPER strong, or it's someone else doing the headbanging. The toilet is flushed with a foot, but maybe that's just good old common sense.

That's all for now. Going to post this and see what all has been posted in the meanwhile, maybe do my dailys, and then come back and comb through bios.
Verileah 13 years ago
Mash, I think that since there are urinals this is specifically a men's room. Unisex bathrooms wouldn't have those, neh?

I think the first person Ethan encountered was a man - he was startled, but once he got over his awkwardness he started making bathroom chatter. He only -blushed- when the rest of the mafia showed up, indicating that one or more of the little angels are women. The soft footsteps of someone entering the bathroom and going into a stall might be a woman, or that might imply something else.

There are a couple of motifs in this kill that might or might not mean something.

Luxury - The well dressed banker, the decadent bathroom. Marble and cherry.
Red - cherry, the swirling blood
The music - soft music is mentioned twice
Speaking - Ethan speaks with a firm voice, then raises his voice (reluctantly). The two verses (which I will try to hunt down citations for later) deal with speaking.

I feel like this is odd:

Another voice filtered in through his gurgling in the toilet bowl’s water. ‘It takes strength of character to kill something innocent and helpless...I believe that I have what it takes!’

But I'm not putting it together with anyone yet.

Sadly, I can't dig any deeper right now. Will bio-pick later this evening.
pharren 13 years ago
I thought that quote was strange, too. Out-of-character, considering everything else the killers say is all bible-versey, and they sound as if they believe they are doing GOOD. If you're doing good, you aren't killing the innocent. Weird.
Verileah 13 years ago
Pharren, I didn't notice the crystal theme. There it is, though.

I don't know about the numbers. I think all the different numbers are just Roz fucking with us . Nothing conclusive just yet.

Maybe the force stronger than Ethan would have thought possible means that it's someone people would usually underestimate.

Flushing the toilet with the foot sounds like something a girl would do, but since Pharren noticed that before I did, I guess guys do it too!

Totally didn't pick up on the psychology/crazy motif. I think you might be on to something there.
Verileah 13 years ago

You reckon that voice is the Serial Killer?
pharren 13 years ago
I thought about that, too. I'm not sure.

‘The catch?’ Lucifer was not stupid.

Tucking his hands into his slack pockets, Alex rolled on the balls of his feet with a glorious smile. ‘I’ll even let you make a couple special. What about…one that can save and one that can…talk to you? That fair?’

Lucifer watched with untrusting eyes. ‘The catch,’ he repeated.

‘Mine know who they are. Yours…don’t.’

‘I knew it.’

‘That’s fair and balanced…for the most part.’

If the Mafia knew who the SK was, and vice versa, wouldn't that be a little unfair? That would essentially give the Mafia two hits. I don't think it's the SK... though it would fit in with the crazy motif. AND it would fit in with the increasing numbers... 3, 4, 5, and 6. Weeeeeeell, that's a bit of a stretch. Maybe you're right and Roz is just fucking with us with the numbers.

I read an article about why you should flush the toilet with your feet, and why women should never EVER put their purse down on the bathroom floor. So, I doubt it's just women.
Wystro 13 years ago
I think that Ethan Hill saw a man first since he was so conversational, but then it gets jumbled as to who actually did the killing. If he wasn't expecting strength, it could have been someone who presents as deceptively weak.

The scenario mentioned Muzak, so maybe it's someone who has a bland or non-descript character!

((EDIT: Same thoughts, now with two scoops of accusations!))

ksagag might be mafia since her bio has "She is a petite girl, but you can't let her size fool you. She can really pack a punch and she has a temper on her that never quits." The culprit is deceptively strong!

...or it could also be CaptainBinky because of of the bland Muzak reference and his bio: "Bernie is medium height, balding, bespectacled, and sorely lacking in much of the way of charm or charisma." or MashPotato with the description "Name: 'John Smith' Character description: He's wearing a dark grey suit with a pinstripe shirt, and carrying a neat brown leather briefcase. A rather nondescript sort of man--neither tall nor short, young nor old, fair nor dark. The kind of man you would have trouble remembering, and that's the way he likes it. "

Let's hear some more blame, people! Let's get a nutty, mob mentality cooking here!
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
If you wanna get nutty, Wyst, I THINK IT WAS YOU! Finders keepers and all that. You just "happened" to go to that bathroom, and look into the right stall? (I don't recall if we were ever told which stall Mr. FBI was in)

On a side note:

Red - color of love, passion, hate, and sin
Luxury - Cardinal sin
Saying Christ is a bad thing for Christians to do. So is being in awe of greed and gluttony.
A lot of bidets have foot pedals for flushing

Question: How far away is this bathroom?! Bathrooms are echoy, even more so when they're made of material like marble with *crystals* which resonate sound. It's doubtful that the bathroom door would buffer all the sounds of struggling/crazy-ass angels. So... in a building that's already most empty, any of those sounds *should* echo, yet we weren't informed of hearing it. Which could be A) The bathroom is faaar away from the conference room, or even another level, or B) Angels have some way of making the sound not leave the area they want.
Dia 13 years ago
Totally reaching here but Kilandra/Myraan has a bussiness card for a psychiatrist. While not the same as a psychologist it's related.
Eve/Olivia could be the voice about killing something innocent. In her bio she's a good girl who's starting to go bad and thinks it feels good

Verileah/Dani - she's a tiny pixie like girl...that could match the "force stronger than he thought possible of the individual’s hands" description, and make soft footsteps

All the shoes described are loud types ie : pumps/ boots/flipflops, but Gongaa/Sammy has on sneakers they'd make soft footsteps

Im focusing on footsteps and I don't knwo why
pharren 13 years ago

Well, I did one of my dailys and combed through everyone's bio, looking for references to the stuff I had outlined as potential clues. Here's a jumbled mess of what I've got so far:

ShutUpSara (Ella)

- She has a Zune. (Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's music. IM JUST LISTING EVERYTHING OK)

SnowDragon (Nadiya Kostkov)

-"She stood 4'11with a dancers body which she hid"

- Multiple references to music

Kilandra (Myraan Avers)

- "She fidgets a great deal, her hands pulling from her pockets ocassionally, revealing even fingers that are tattooed, seeming like part of something much larger" (This stood out for some reason that I can't remember now that I've finished combing bios. Maybe it had something to do with the size thing.)

- a business card for a psychiatrist (OH, REEEEEEEALLY?)

- iPod (more music references)

- 3 packs of gum, 3 notebooks, 3 dollars, and 3 small pieces of paper

Eve (Olivia Parker)

- Red hair

- iPhone (IT PLAYS MUSIC! Okay, it's a bit of a stretch)

- "She was always the "good" girl, and never gave her parents any reason to distrust her. Two years away, her major still undecided, and Olivia has learned that being a lil bit "bad" can feel oh so good." (This, on the other hand, is not. That off-kilter quote by one of the killers? Was that you, Olivia?)

Well, the rest are all pretty weak after that, but I'll keep going!

Vulash (Reginald Fleischer)

- "5'6 160 lbs. Reginald is a small man in his mid 50s"

Quiarrah (Shahara Duncan)

- Red hair

Ksagag (Nichole)

- Already mentioned above by Wystro

Verileah (Danielle Martin)

- "Tiny, pixie-like girl"

- "Growing up the oldest of six siblings has made her both responsible and nurturing, firm and fair. She has a take-charge personality that unfortunately bleeds over beyond her responsibilities" (There's that number 6 again... who was it that pointed out that the numbers in this scene were probably meaningless? And a take charge personality that bleeds over LIKE POOR AGENT DEADGUYS BLOOD BLEEDS INTO THE TOILET?!?!??!)

lemmy101 (Jeremy Clarkson)

- "Jeremy is a British man in his early 50s"

Merreck (Ruth Shapiro)

- "Ruth is a petite women [sic] in her mid 40's" (Maybe she has Multiple Personality Disorder)

nicketstein (Professor V4)

- "The professor is an average sized middle aged man"

- "The 'Fwaffernagle quantum de-twizzler core' prototype model 6" (There's that number 6 again!)

- "regarded by some as a genius for his insights on genetics, and by many more as an utter lunatic for his insatiable interests in the paranormal and the occult" (lunatic - Psychology - okay not so great a clue)

Gongaa (Sammy Clarke)

- Red hair

Spirtis (Kal Mando)

- "A short man, he is in his mid 50s"

- "He soon became numb to the things he had to do, pushing the acts out of his mind, so he could do what had to be done to accomplish the mission." (This might also fit that weird quote by one of the killers, but Kal doesn't seem like he would be so upbeat about it)

KaAnna (Jayden Donovan)

- Petite, wearing red/black shirt and red/black pants... it's a stretch

Greywood (Spencer Fry)
- 3M, girlfriend of 3 years, "crashed his car through the front of a church at 3am" (That's a lot of references to the number 3)

Right now, I'm mainly looking at Kilandra and Eve, mainly because there's not much to go on, and partially because I am liking that weird killer quote fitting in with Eve's bio.

EDIT: Dia beat me to it! At least I know I'm not being paranoid.
EDIT2: I totally missed the shoes thing. Now I gotta re-read all these bios? UGH.
Verileah 13 years ago
Name: Olivia Parker
Character description: A tiny little package, topped by a curly mop of red curls. She has big, bright green eyes that seem to drink in the world around her. Today she's wearing a pair of faded black jeans and her favorite crazy paisley tank. (see picture for better description)

Dang, Eve, you've gotta be sweating bullets right about now, lol! 'Nuff said.

Kris Weston

Character description:
Kris is 6'0 tall. He is about 210 pounds on the muscle side. He is gentle when is comes to the smaller things in life but tends to forget the other smaller things that don't really tend to his nature.
He has gray hair and unique red eyes. He wears a jacket alot of times to hide the fact that hes carrying a holster on his back with 38 pistol

Now this is maybe a touch more subtle. Fits with the red motif, and the character is a little wacky, but what stuck out to me was the talk about the smaller things. I noticed this in the hit, but couldn't put together anything until I read Vudu's bio.

From the hit:
He tried to ignore the little details and pushed on with his conversation with the manager.

With a firm voice, he encouraged everyone to pick groups and accomplish the simple tasks.

At the time I read this, I thought it was a subtle hint to pay attention. Now I'm not so sure. The mention of Ethan's gun was another eyebrow raiser, but I'm not sure that means anything.
Verileah 13 years ago
God dammit, always too slow.