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pharren 13 years ago
‘So alone. What is a person to do when they’re…so alone?’

Her nails were thick with her own skin and blood

‘Too bad for Mrs. Shapiro. Her worst fear, dying…all alone.’

She was the SK, imo. I don't see anything in her bio about being alone.

WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE RED HAIR? Is it significant that "Alex" was the redhead? Also, more twitching.
pharren 13 years ago
Also, the title of the lynch, referring to that song by The Police? Or whoever? Significant or no?
Wystro 13 years ago
The words "didn't see that one coming" were said in both the SK hit and the lynch -- I think that settles it for Merreck/Ruth being the SK.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Also, the title of the lynch, referring to that song by The Police? Or whoever? Significant or no?

By Phil Collins. Had the word 'air' in it - it seemed better than Jordan Sparks 'No Air' song. Blech.
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Good Lord, we got one right?
pharren 13 years ago
The words "didn't see that one coming" were said in both the SK hit and the lynch -- I think that settles it for Merreck/Ruth being the SK.

Also, Verileah pointed out to me that the suffocation (choking) could be a parallel to the SK hit, where Jeremy almost choked to death (twice).

And who is more alone than the SK?
Ksagag 13 years ago
Does anyone think that the monotone zombie officer from the lynch has anything to do with the monotone SWAT member from the mafia hit? I'm really focused on the officers coming back in the vault... what does it mean?! Or am I just being really dumb and it's supposed to be Luc and Alex? lol.

This game is eating my brain! :P


From the new voting thread:
Vote for:

Mafia victim: MashPotato/Mr. Smith
Serial Kill victim:

Does this mean there will still be a SK kill and it wasn't Ruth?! I was so convinced. Or is Roz just screwing with us??
pharren 13 years ago
It's supposed to be Luc and Alex, both times.
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Mafia Hit
Taking a finger, the person dipped it into the bag and brought it up to their mouth. ‘Oh that’s cocaine. Believe me, I’d know.’

Who knows their drugs?

She started smoking pot and cigarettes by age 13 and has been arrested for grand theft auto twice before 15

Kal Mando
He brings a foul stench into the room when he walks in, wearing tattered clothes stained with urine and grime from countless nights spent on the cold, dirty streets.

Living on the streets == drug knowledge? Bit of a stretch, possibly.

And there might be others with a more subtle link - unruly, party types for example. Will need to read through properly - those were the only two which popped out immediately.
pharren 13 years ago
Greywood knows his drugs, and Kilandra too.
Kilandra 13 years ago
hey! she knows xanax :P lol But yeah, when reading that, I did think of Greywind's character, since he is a/was a druggie, supposed to have gone to rehab kind of guy. But, There is a lot of weirdness in that mafia hit, so I need to read it a few more times before pulling it apart.
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Ah yes, crickey missed that. Bit of a cracker too:

Spencer "Spence" Fry
This evolved into the abuse into an array of substances ranging from paint thinner to heroin

Not seeing the drug references in Myraan Avers' bio. Skipped her the first time because I thought she was dead - got confused over that double lynch that ended up not happening in round 1
pharren 13 years ago

Mr. Smith stood stoically in the Lobby. -- Any Spartans out there? :\ Maybe one of the Armed Forces vets.

‘buyer’s remorse’ -- Not sure about this. Townies often get the blues after they kill somebody. We won't know for certain if we really lynched the SK or not until the time comes and passes for the SK kill.

while he was in deep thought -- This is the third? time someone has been "deep in thought". Again, I ask, any Philosophers?

it was the FBI agent’s gun -- This may or may not be significant. Half the people in the bank are carrying/familiar with guns, the other half are carrying knives. AND EVERYONES GOT RED FUCKING HAIR WTF

‘Oh that’s cocaine. Believe me, I’d know.’
‘Easy to get for you, I suppose.’

Duuno about this one. Who would have ready access to large amount of cocaine?

‘Well what do you all want?’
‘Us? Oh…’
‘Wine, women and song…yes, I get it,’ Mr. Smith said exasperated.
‘No, I don’t think you do.’

Divinity: Any priests/nuns/devout people? Or just a reference to them being on God's side?
Fame: ?
Wine, women and song: Unless there's a wino out there, this could refer to me! But it's John Smith saying it, so it may not be relevant (and I'm a Townie anyways)

Picking up a stapler from one of the loan officer desks -- I BELIEVE YOU HAVE MY STAPLER

Another of the group reached under the desk and yanked on the telephone cord, grabbing about six feet of it -- Six was also mentioned in the lynch - the vault walls were 6 times stronger than the turn-of-the-century vaults (or whatever the quote was, don't feel like opening another tab while I'm on a roll). Six mafia members? Is the 6 in the lynch relevant somehow? Seems to great a coincidence, but why would it be mentioned in the lynch, unless:

1.) There are six Mafia
2.) All six Mafia voted the same


‘This is so high school. Can you at least be a little more creative?’ -- Anyone a high school student? I doubt it. Maybe the creativity part is the relevant part, or maybe it's not a clue at all.

He was not surprised to feel the piercing of half a dozen bullets into his back, pulverizing his heart. -- Another reference to six.

With a sigh, the monotone officer replied, ‘Meh. No quote this time?' -- Did the other Luc and Alex appearances all feature quotes? I wasn't really paying attention, until whoever pointed out whoever quoting whoever in the lynch. Did they all have quotes? And, who were they quoting?

Going back through the stuff in a few minutes here to try and answer some of my own questions!
pharren 13 years ago
Also, no bible-versey quotes from the Mafia this time.
Verileah 13 years ago
I think the fame thing fits Nadiya, who dreams of being a musician. And while she's not in high school, she is a student.

Myraan is also a college student and wears a long black hooded coat, which could explain the disembodied voice.

I don't see anything beyond that that others haven't found.
Verileah 13 years ago
Oh, yeah, and yet another mention of the FBI agent's gun. Could point to Vudu OR it could indicate that none of the Mafia have guns of their own.
Verileah 13 years ago
Also, I don't have a lot of confidence that we got the serial killer if votes aren't due until Sunday .
Vulash 13 years ago
Ok I'm home, and I have an hour or so do nothing but ponder the slaughter of all the bad guys. Speaking of which - "Kill the bad guys!" is such a great slogan for this mafia - if you're mafia you're killing demons, and if you're a townie you're killing murdering mafia. I love it.
KaAnna 13 years ago
The person smoothed a hand over their head and then pounded on the door again with a fist.

This makes me believe one of them is bald. It didn't say 'The person smoothed a hand over their hair'.
Verileah 13 years ago
Brilliant, totally missed that.

Boris is bald
Reginald is balding
Bernie is balding
Earnest has but a wispy fringe and a shiny pate