Combined Threads - Formerly Officially A BOY!! + Water Broke!

I'm sure Mike's going to realllly appreciate this. So he and I are officially trying for our kiddo #2. We had unprotected sex last night, which marks the only other time we've EVER had unprotected sex. We grew up freaking out about unplanned pregnancies so we feel good about being able to plan our two. Don't get me wrong, surprises are good too - but I kinda don't like being surprised hehe. Especially since I'm diabetic so I have to come off a lot of medication. So I'm checking my blood pressure everyday and sugar. Anyway - if it's anything like Catherine, I'll be pregnant by next week O_o

Cross your fingers!

SnowDragon 15 years ago
I am so glad you like the presents. Get some rest woman. You will need it.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Aww, the ladies at work here threw me a baby shower. It's so weird to see all the blue things lol. I'm really surprised at the generosity of the gifts too, such cute clothes!!!!!!!!!
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Almost 34 weeks now. I'm sick. Again. =/
Temprah 15 years ago
*hugs Roz* Just remember the end is in sight! Soon that little bean will sprout =)
ROzbeans 15 years ago
I am a firm believer of baby shoes. Walking or not - Catherine always had a pair of shoes on when we went out. I can barely stand seeing babies outside with just socks. Its unholy! So while in WalMart yesterday I went by the baby shoes and just about friggin squealed.

Those are David's shoes next to Mike's. IM TOTALLY DRESSING THEM THE SAME!
Sebastionleo 15 years ago
Gratz Mae and Veb!
Den 15 years ago
LOL - Adorable!
ROzbeans 15 years ago
OH MY GOD! I put in my request for maternity leave the other day and I got a call from the Quest benefits person. I thought it was just a simple 'oh I'll be gone for 6 weeks, I'm squirting my kid out'. When I had Catherine though, it wasn't paid at all.

'Call this number and they'll explain your benefits for maternity leave.'
'Benefits? What benefits, I thought it was just unpaid time off?'
'No, you get paid for your entire leave.'
Jaw drops.
'Wait, what?'
'You get paid for the entire time your doctor says you need to be out.'


Mike and I were saving money to cover day care for the 6 weeks I'd be out - I had no idea I'd actully get PAID for the time off. WHOO HOO!!!
Den 15 years ago
Yea gawds! Don't you just love those kinds of surprises!!! WOOT - GRATZ!
Rikr 15 years ago
How bout you buys me a XBOX360 with all that Xtra Lewt you got there Roz!
Beli 15 years ago
C'mon, Roz, have the kid already. Every time one of your pregnancy threads get bumped, I freak thinking that you've had it already!
ROzbeans 15 years ago
HAHA i know it - hey another bump!

I had my appointment at my new doctor's office today. I had a 3D ultrasound!!! I was thrilled to friggin bits - both Mike and Catherine were there for it, too. He is SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm gonna scan it in tonight with our new scanner and upload it. It was so wild to SEE him, all 3D and shit! My son is so beautiful!!! /CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also they want to do an amniocentesis which makes us a little nervous, but this is a perinatology specialist so they do them damn near everyday - still. If they do that at 37ish weeks, they can see if his lungs are fully developed and then I'll have him then. 2 weeks =x
Den 15 years ago
Oooh! Can't wait to see the new ultrasound!! Hurry! Hurry! lol
Do they want you to have him early for health reasons?
ROzbeans 15 years ago


I think he looks like Mike - that's him there at...cripes I don't know, 3-6 months or something. Look at those cheeks!
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Do they want you to have him early for health reasons?

Well he's already 6.41lbs or measuring at that, so he could potentially weigh 9+ pounds before I'm the full 40 weeks, so my diabetes pretty much dictates an early delivery. Personally I'm in no rush - I'm completely freaked out about giving birth again lol.
Den 15 years ago
Omg! He is too cute, but with that round face I think he looks more like you
In any event, by 37 weeks you'll probably be ready, and yea, after eight years, it may be like the first time all over again. But really doesn't last forever, even if it seems that way some times. And...just look at what you get to hold afterward!
Lolanae 15 years ago
Getting to hold Alison is what made the 9 months of pain and 12 hours of labor all worth it hehe.

And Roz...OMG...He is a cutie! I agree, he looks a LOT like Mike. Hope the amnio goes well. Seen those on TV. They look scary, but atleast they let you know your little one's lungs are a-okay.

And omg...6lbs already. You are 35 weeks...and kiddo's normally gain a lb a week at this point. Good luck and hope all goes well!

You realize 37 weeks is like in a week and a half? hehe /runs!
Laschae 15 years ago
He's so cute. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what he looks like! So like pop him out already =P

And I know what you mean about being nervous giving birth. I'm having more anxiety over this one than I did the other two. I guess that's what happens when we wait 8 years in between eh?
Viriu 15 years ago
Wow Roz he looks awesome in those 3d pics, totally like he's ready to come out and have a look at the real world. Good luck on the delivery and etc., you are a tough gal, and I know you'll get through it!

And congrats on a boy
Rikr 15 years ago
Wow that's totally awesome! (Woops I must have just stepped out of the Delorian). We wanted to do the 3D one sooooooo bad. She had other plans and we didn't get to. I'm so happy for you guys. Very handsome boy you have there! I can't wait to see the RL photos. hehe Don't worry to much about the test, you'll do great. Hang in there.