Combined Threads - Formerly Officially A BOY!! + Water Broke!

I'm sure Mike's going to realllly appreciate this. So he and I are officially trying for our kiddo #2. We had unprotected sex last night, which marks the only other time we've EVER had unprotected sex. We grew up freaking out about unplanned pregnancies so we feel good about being able to plan our two. Don't get me wrong, surprises are good too - but I kinda don't like being surprised hehe. Especially since I'm diabetic so I have to come off a lot of medication. So I'm checking my blood pressure everyday and sugar. Anyway - if it's anything like Catherine, I'll be pregnant by next week O_o

Cross your fingers!

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Ok - for sure Thursday 1/31 for inducement unless he plans on coming earlier than that - which is hopeful considering I'm already dilated to 2 centimeters =) I feel MUCH better now that I'm staying hydrated too. WHODDA THUNK?!
Lolanae 16 years ago

How bad is the time difference again with Alaska? hehe
Rikr 16 years ago
Already a 2?....I'm going to predict Monday the 28th at 2:31 AM.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Alaska time is -4 EST and omg Don he better not come in the middle of the friggin night!

Another 3d ultrasound done today. MY BABY IS SO FAT AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! le
Den 16 years ago
*bounce bounce bounce*

tamaelia 16 years ago
So??!!!! OMG news plskthx
Asha 16 years ago
Those 3d pics are so amazing, Roz!
Rikr 16 years ago
Those are so cool. I wish she had stayed in so I could have had a 3d Pic. I think we should start a pool on when you spring the bean Roz. heheheh (I have my prediction in already.)
Vex 16 years ago
I got a text @ 3:40 am that she was on the way to hospital.
Sergon 16 years ago

tamaelia 16 years ago
Nards 16 years ago
I hope she knows a good plumber. That shit is a pain in the ass.
tamaelia 16 years ago
Apt words.

I hope Roz took an icepack to sit on for after. Noone told me about that the first time.
Vex 16 years ago
its her 2nd kid so i guess she probably knows whats coming.

I believe I wont hear anything back unless they call me from a hospital phone, last time she was there she said it killed her cell, so we'll see.
Laschae 16 years ago
Lolanae 16 years ago
Laschae 16 years ago
I hope it's a smooth delivery! I can't wait to see the baby! Go Roz Go!!!
Lessa 16 years ago
woot, awesome
Beli 16 years ago
Go David! Go David!

Crossing my fingers for Roz!
Mileron 16 years ago
Go David!
It's yer birthday!
Get born!

Welcome to Earth!