ROUND 6 - OOC dicussion

Lynch - Myraan
Mafia hit - Nickenstien/Professor Vanderkrumpt

CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Well I'm a townie, so you can cross me off

But that's a bit scary. Over a third mafia? Ouch.
Wystro 13 years ago
I'll be unavailable for about four hours...please don't take my silence as a lack of comment for anything to come =)
Vulash 13 years ago
I guess there is also the slight possibly of Verileah, but I find that unlikely.

I'll go one step further. I'm either completely wrong, or completely right. Based on the clues I lean towards right. The only exceptions being the ones I've named.
Verileah 13 years ago
*raised eyebrow* Not Greywood?
Greywood 13 years ago
I somehow doubt Keriath....I have seen a few clues pointing his way but I suppose I am new enough I don't know how the clues are going to be tied to people from Roz. I still feel Gongaa is the most likely culprit, and I was doubting going for Myraan but was hoping. Now we have to get the next lynch right or we are all boned.

As for me: cocaine was never part of my bio, yes my character is a drug addict, I really feel like the stuff being tossed out there though is meant to intentionally fuck with us. Myraan had a ton of so called evidence against her and guess what...she's a townie afterall =(

The point being this....I have one reference that relates to my character throughout all the hits so many relate to yours?
Ksagag 13 years ago
I definitely think Gongaa and Shutupsara are mafia, as for the other 2 I'm not as sure yet... =\
Verileah 13 years ago
You're the only character left with drug ties, and we know that a mafia member knows his way around cocaine because they are specifically quoted as saying "I would know." You specify in your bio that your parents were wealthy and you were spoiled - you're telling me you weren't getting the good drugs? Spence tried everything from paint thinner to heroin, but somehow cocaine didn't make it on the list? You also wear a wifebeater and have some violence against women in your back story, which ties to things the mafia has actually said and done (talking smack about women, mutilating women's bodies). And that shit's off the top of my head. If we're basing our suspicions on things the mafia has actually said and done, I can't imagine not having you on the list.

Looking at your bio, here's another thing - Spence forced his girlfriend to drink a bottle of tequila omg where have we seen things being forced into people's mouths? Oh yeah the kills!
Ksagag 13 years ago
I'm going back through bios, combing for clues and trying to narrow this down a little more.

One interesting thing I found that hasn't been mentioned before (and maybe it means nothing): In Shutupsara's bio I wasn't sure what a BevMo card was so I googled it and it's wine and spirits.

That's right, Boris was the chef and owned some restaurants. Is there anyone else that has food or a reference to food possibly? I think there are a lot of clues pointing to mouths/swallowing/etc in the last hit (as I stated in my clues list a few posts back)

-Shutupsara has a half-eaten bagel
-Vulash has gum
-Wystro has a grocery list (this is probably stretching it)
-Pharren has Breath Savers
-Verileah has a meal bar, gum, mints, bottle of water, and obviously the meal she's bringing her dad
-Gongaa has the steel spatula (although a food ref, I'm not sure this fits as well but mentioned it anyway)
-Greywood mentions tequila

People left that DO NOT have food items/refs:
Vudu 13 years ago
the mafia says no guns this time... and since we killed off one of or two of the mafia the agents gun nor any other gun has been posted except roz saying no guns were used this round... the clues against me are not even up on the board anymore... yes im defending myself yes i am with the plan i would like to see the townies win one for once and seeing as this is the first time i've actually lived this long... half the time i get flushed down a toilet or lead to a whirpool and poof dead vudu...
Ksagag 13 years ago
I just wonder why the professor's experiment ending up being a dildo... Just Roz being funny, or does the damn dildo signify something?! lol.

It could point to a female, seeing as how they are generally used more by the female popualtion or it could be pointing towards a male because it's a phallic symbol. HMMMM....
Vudu 13 years ago
I think its just Roz making fun of the invention...
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
Oh. em. gee. I love this death xD (Sorry) Roz gets like +10 internets for making the mad inventor into a sex toy creator.

Oh, and I'm really not Mafia guys. And I am going to be here over the weekend. And I'm very convinced that Vulash is Mafia, since all he's done in the game is influence people to kill innocent Townies (for the most part) .. that's exactly what the Mafia's supposed to do. I don't know why no one else has an issue with this or isn't saying something about it.... which leads me to believe that you're ALL Mafia.

"Crazy? I'm not crazy - you're crazy!!"
Vudu 13 years ago
Well if thats the case of you accussing Vulash being mafia for the what ever time its been don't you think you be dead by now?
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Well actually, I would expect the opposite and the mafia instead trying to convince us to take her out with a lynch. If anything, Sara's continued survival incriminates Vulash - but then again, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't in this game
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
You guys are free to lynch me. It's not going to stop the actual members of the Mafia from wiping you all out, especially if Vulash IS what I think he is, and is behind all of it. He may or may not be the godfather, but gods know he's playing like one.

If I'm wrong, and Vulash is completely and totally innocent... he's still a shysty fuck. And I mean that as a compliment xD
Vudu 13 years ago
this is coming from the so called Sheriff accusing... you know as a sheriff i would be looking for more clues to accuse Vulash of being the GF granted i accused the same thing but being a townie i'd rather see the townies win this then not...
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
This voting for people with decent clues pointing at them is going no-where. Our success rate is barely higher (or perhaps no higher) than if we had just rolled dice and all voted accordingly. The Ender's Game mafia (I think it was) I got lynched on completely unarguably solid evidence and I was a townie. So despite the fact that I currently have only a little bit of evidence pointing at myself, I'm tempted to say, "balls to the evidence" and instead vote for the people behaving suspiciously.

Can't do any worse than we're currently doing, can we? I mean, okay, we got the serial killer - but getting them was in the mafia's interest too.
Vulash 13 years ago
I'm with you binky. I don't care if it incrimnates me - I say we lynch Sara.

If she was really sheriff she should have IDed me weeks ago - I even told her too and to post it, and she refused - "left the game".

I find it insulting that you tried a pathetic guilt trip on me by putting words in my mouth and yet here you are. Not only that, but you posted twice more before the last lynch was up after that guilt trip - proving that you didn't need to vote that early without evidence.

Furthermore, I know for a fact you are NOT the sheriff.

What is really incriminating is that you keep implying I'm the godfather - like you've IDed me, but when asked you answered you hadn't. You keep pointing at this "evidence" you're collecting. yet you've done NOTHING in 6 rounds to help the townies at all. That's either a lousy sheriff (which I know you aren't) or mafia, or a townie trying to screw us.

My thought this round is this. We lynch Sara because we have nothing to lose. Most likely she is mafia, but if she's a townie she's useless anyway - so we really don't lose. In fact she's hurting us by lying about her role and voting willy nilly to help the kids. The only reason I can see for that type of "I won't be on at all" and then the guilt trip when you're obviously still playing is to buy time as mafia. Even if we had PERFECT evidence that someone was mafia she'd vote for someone else - so how does it help us? In a game where we don't have many fuck ups left this seems to be the safest route to me.

Oh, and I still think the scars on her throat was the joker reference. There were other clues, but unless it's needed I don't feel like looking them up at the moment.

EDIT: useless to the townie cause - I hope that didn't come across as insulting outside of the game (though the guilt trip stuff I mean exactly what I say)
Vulash 13 years ago
And for the record - I pushed the vote on 2 people - one was mafia and one was probably townie (though it isn't completely clear from the lynch). I went with Boris because so many others I considered townies thought he was the way to go - and I honestly thought he was mafia, but he wasn't my first choice (granted, Myraan would ahve been so we'd still have been wrong lol)
Vudu 13 years ago
i don't know whether to say HEAR HEAR to this because Sara has annoyed me as well with the randomness and off voting or whether to be like holy crap i've never seen this side of Vulash before...